Where to buy order your DESTINATION albums

CR: 501wangja

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting.

501wangja is recommending http://ss501albums.yuku.com/ to buy your pre-order DESTINATION albums.

Its been said that YesAsia doesn't send their albums sales to Hanteo Chart. and considering them overpricing the albums. You can ask other fan clubs such as VIP's and Elf's.

Go to http://ss501albums.yuku.com and read the instructions under "Public Forum". Sign up as a forum member and you can start pre-ordering!

SS601 approached 501wangja for help, they asked if anyone is interested in donating their album copies to charity. This means paying for an extra copies of the album and SS601 will donate these albums to charities in Korea. This is a win-win-win situation whereby more people get to listen to the boys' music, the boys' album sales increase, and you too, is doing a good deed! If you are interested, I can help you pass on the message to them~

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