SS501 Kim Kyu Jong-less?

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On the December 11th episode of SBS Intimate Note, SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong revealed that he almost quit.

It was revealed that Kim Kyu Jong was the most meticulous and sensitive out of the entire DSP Family of 10 (including Kara).

Park Jung Min stated:
"I think he felt inferior to the other members of the team and almost quit, he even cried."

Kim Kyu Jong who is originally from Junrado stated:
"My mom didn't want me to fall behind the Seoul kids, so she bought me brand name clothes and sneakers. However, all of the other members didn't wear anything expensive. Even though I wore expensive clothes, it didn't look right on me, but the other kids who didn't even wear brand name clothes, seemed to still shine."

In addition, Kim Kyu Jong showed his gratitude to the other members and stated:
"I tried to drop out and join a different team, but the members grabbed me. However, as time went by, I became a Seoul (city) person as well."

[09/12] SS501 Golden Fishery - Radio Star

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Credits to shirbogurl3

[10/12] SS501 Hong Kong Press Conference

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Credits to (video) shirbogurl3 + photo as tagged

Videos at Hong Kong International Airport

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Kim HyunJoong “f(x) is the prettiest among girl groups”

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Credits to + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Kim HyunJoong made a surprise confession that he likes f(x) the most out of the recent girl groups.

Group SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong appeared in MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ on 9-Dec, was being asked by the MC “Recently, which girl group is the most eye-catching” and he replied “I like f(x) the most”.

He said “Every time I see them they would greet ‘Annyaseyo~ We are f(x)’ that they look very cute in. Because they have foreigner members, their pronunciation are special so it is cute. F(x) is a multi-national girl group with members such as China-born Victoria, American born Chinese, etc.

Kim KyuJong said he likes Kara’s Kang JiYoung. When being asked by the MC ‘Did you like her because she is from the same management company as you?’, he replied “The reason is because she (Kang JiYoung) is beautiful like an entertainer(?)”, making the rest burst into laughter.

Heo YoungSaeng attracted attention when he said he likes SNSD’s TaeYeon the most. Heo YoungSaeng was a trainee in SM before, where he left to debut as SS501.

Finally, the 3rd part of SS501 will be broadcasted on 16-Dec on top of the past 2 episodes. The viewership for ‘Golden Fishery’ on 9-Dec recorded 19.3% in TNS Media Korea.

[EngSubbed] Strong Heart - HyunJoong Cut

CR: iBreatheLifeMusic

SS501 “Company contract ends in 6 months time.. No offer coming”

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CR: + + ss501fighting.wordpress
English translation: xiaochu @

Group SS501 revealed frankly that their exclusive contract with their management company will end in 6 months time.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJoon, Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong appeared in MBC ‘Radio Star’ a section off ‘Golden Fishery’ on 9-Dec, and spoke about “only 6 months left of the contract for all members”

“If the management company is not going to dump me, I want to continue to stay. Actually, they have not contacted me yet.” Leader Kim HyunJoong said making the others laugh. MC Shin JungHwan then joked “The scary thing about the company president is that he is ex-Taekwondo athlete”, making the studio drown with sea of laughter.

In that case, debuting in 2005, in 4 years time SS501 rise to the top of Hallyu star dominating Asia, what would be their condition for re-contract? In this episode, Heo YoungSaeng who is the main vocal wants a ‘practice room’ as his re-contract condition. And Kim KyuJong said his wish “I like variety programs so I hope that there will be a variety program that all 5 members of SS501 can appear in”.

Kim HyunJoong said he hopes to hire professional bodyguards so that fans’ safely are more taken care of while Park JungMin wished for a better working environment for their managers.

Meanwhile, group’s magnae Kim HyungJoon said “I want to act in drama or go solo”, his surprising speech made the others burst out laughing.

SS501 Hyun Joong and Young Saeng focus @ Incheon Airport leaving for Hong Kong

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Click to see larger image.

SS501 HONG KONG Persona Asia Tour ~ Press Conference Info.

CR: HKTripleS + ss501fighting.wordpress

Hong Kong News have reported that the boys will have a Press Conference today after arriving the Hotel.

Press Conference Information:

Date: 2009/12/10
Time: 5:30pm
Place: Hong Kong Sky City Marriott Hotel
Address: Hong Kong International Airport, Sky city Road East No.1, Lautau, Hong Kong

SS501 DSP Official Site notice about Kim Hyun Joong HOTSUN chicken events (Wine Party)

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Credita to SS501 DSP website + (English translation) SS501fighting@wordpress

Original Message:

안녕하세요. DSP미디어 입니다.

김현중군이 모델로 활동중인 핫썬치킨 이벤트 관련 공지 입니다.

핫썬치킨에서 팬들과 함께하는 와인파트 이벤트를 기획하여 진행하는 중
특정카페(김현중 PERFECT)와 와인업체와 공동구매를 진행하였고,
ok와인측에서 현중군 초상을 무단으로 사용하는 등 저희쪽과 사전협의없이 진행되었던
공동구매로 인하여 이번 와인파트 장소가 변경되는 등 큰 피해를 입게 되었습니다.

프로모션을 진행하였던 OK와인은 무단초상사용 관련 법적 조치를 취할 예정이며,
김현중 PERFECT를 통해 이벤트에 당첨되신 분들께서는 행사 참석이 불가능하게
조치를 취했음을 말씀 드립니다.

이번기회를 통해 연예인 초상 사용 관련 내용을 말씀 드리고자 합니다.

카페측에서 아티스트 초상을 이용한 상품제작 및 판매 관련해서
저희측에서도 알고 있으나, 순수한 팬심에서 진행되었다고 판단되어
아무런 통제를 하지 않았습니다.

추후 이번건과 동일하거나 상업적인 목적의 판매제작이라 판단되어질 경우
카페측에도 강력한 대응을 할 예정입니다.
김현중군뿐 아니라 DSP소속 모든 아티스트의 초상을 사용하시는데
신중을 기해주시길 바라겠습니다.


[ DSP Media ]

English Translation:

Hello this is DSP Media

It is an event-related announcement of Kim Hyun Joong model as ”HOTSUN” chicken event.

The ongoing plan of the A wine with fans HOTSUN chicken event a café (김현중 PERFECT) and wine company co-buying was in progress. OK wine side unauthorized use of Hyun Joong portrait without prior consultation with our side was in progress. We have to suffer significant damage due to joint purchasing parts where the wine is changed.

Ongoing promotion of wine OK consequences associated with the unauthorized portrait is expected to take legal action, won the event passes through 김현 PERFECT will not be attending the events. Further action will be noticed.

I’ll take the opportunity to speak with the relevant information about Portrait of the Artists.

Cafe side using the artist portrait to create and selling related products should notice our side also, but Progress has been perceived purely you have not any control.

However, the same or a future commercial sale and production is to be called

Cafe channel is expected to make a strong response.

Kim Hyun Joong , as well as all the DSP members artist’s portrait used carefully by you was awesome.

Thank You

[ DSP Media ]

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SS501 Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min “Currently is gorgeous Jung Min”

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Chinese translation: LOVE小馬馬 +
English translation:

5 men team boy group SS501 member Park Jung Min’s conversation made Tuesday night’s temperature increase tremendously.

In the 8 December 10th episode’s SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Joon and participated together with them, Park Jung Min was crowned with the description “Sexy Charisma’.

At the same time, their 2 months cold war which both leader Kim Hyun Joong and him experienced was exposed.

In the program, Park Jung Min said: “When I introduced myself, I will add in ‘Sexy Charisma’ before my name.” He explained: “Usually you will hear ‘look very wild’ kind of words, so I fully show my ‘Sexy beauty’.

Brain who was also participated in the program said: “Even waiting quietly aside, Jung Min is very dazzling”, showing his heart felt praises to Jung Min.
When Jung Min was asked about what is the favourite expression, he said: “I think there is no other description which is more suitable than Sexy.” His humorous answer
made everybody laugh uncontrollable.

At the same time, Kim Hyung Joon exposed: “Park Jung Min & Kim Hyun Joong quarell before the Japan Concert, and do not even looked at each other.” Park Jung Min: “Kim Hyun Joong was always late for the schedule time.” Kim Hyung Joon: “Both of them only resolved after 2 months.” His explaination made everybody laughed again.

Related news:

Group SS501 member Park Jung Min mentioned that when he introduced himself, he will use ‘Sexy Charisma’ as the start, so he had heard ‘you are very wild” type of words and made the participants of Strong Heart very curious.

During the 8 December late night talk show ‘Strong Heart’, “Even waiting aside also can’t stop his dazzle” kind saying made other partners who came together to expressed they could not compare to him.

His special ‘personal sexy style self intro’, his greeting style which is filled with sexy moves, his powerful solo dance on stage create much attention in the studio.

When dancing the sexy dance, singer Brain also dance the sexy dance together. Both of them compete in the final round using 2 different types of sexiness.

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Kim Hyun Joong: "Because of new influenza even police also refuse to perform alcohol test"

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Credit: TVdaily + (Chinese translation) 妃茵 + (English translation)

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong revealed his humiliating encounter.

On the 8 November broadcast of SBS 'Strong Heart', Kim Hyun Joong who was the invited guest mentioned: "I am new influenza patient No. 1." while recalling his helpless days.

In the Japan hospital, the doctor that originally performing the examination for Kim Hyun Joong expressed: "My wife like 'Boys Over Flowers''s Kim Hyun Joong." However when Kim Hyun Joong was confirmed contracted with H1N1, he stood at least 10 meters away from Kim Hyun Joong and did not dare to go near to him.

Having to tolerate such humiliation's Kim Hyun Joong couldn't return to Korea during that time, he could only watch some boring TV program to pass his lonely time. He said: "That was my planning period. I planned to have 2 boys and 2 girls and to get marry before 30 years old." Such detail consideration created a lot of attention among the participated artists.

After recovering from H1N1 and returning to Korea, after a short while, Kim Hyun Joong encountered another humiliated incident.

During one of the days which he felt depressed, he decided to go for a drive, he was stopped for an alcohol test. However, the police officer on duty acted very strange. Kim Hyun Joong said: "I opened my car window and wanted to do the alcohol test blowing action, once the police saw me, he quickly used his hand to cover his mouth and asked me to drive away quickly." As he described, the police that knew that Kim Hyun Joong had contracted with H1N1 was so scared that he just waved his stick at me and said he refused to take the alcohol test. This was the incident that our national 'Ji Hoo Sunbae' Kim Hyun Joong felt so humiliated.

Therefore, in the program that day, Kim Hyun Joong and MC Lee Sheung Gi who both contracted H1N1 before, started to chat along this line. Following by that he also revealed a story during his student time in which he wrote in a composition titled "My Mother", which caused some misunderstandings to the teacher.

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Kim Hyun Joong's ‘ssukso’ photo revealed

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Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

‘Strong Heart’ key section ‘Special Gayo’ displays guests’ real image once again.

In the 10th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ broadcasted on 8-Dec, the release of humiliating photos of stars under the theme of ‘it was already the past’, made a round of laughter.

=unrelated omitted=

Next is Brian who is pouting his lips and SS501’s Kim HyunJoong who was doing the ‘SsukSo’ (smirk) with one side of his lips raised. Kim HyunJoong isn’t keen in hiding his photo unlike other singers and placed the photo beside his own face in satisfaction.

=unrelated omitted=

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Park Jung Min had a fight with Kim Hyun Joong

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Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 attended to SBS TV talk show ‘Strong Heart’ broadcasted on 8-Dec, and exposed each other without hesitation, giving eye candy and ear candy for viewers. Kim HyunJoong talked about his loneliness when he was infected with H1N1 influenza.

Kim HyunJoong said “I returned back when I had fully recovered, but my members went to the hospital to be examined as soon as I returned to Korea.” Kim HyungJoon responded by saying "However there is this one and only member who did not go for examination.”

When being asked who is that, Kim HyungJoon replied “Park JungMin” and explained briefly “Because he had a big fight with Kim HyunJoong before he was infected with H1N1 influenza in Japan that they didn’t even look at each other nor talk to each other, so there is no need for him to go for examination.”

Park JungMin felt ridiculous and confessed frankly “I had a cold war with him so as to avoid H1N1 influenza. Before we had our concert in Japan, I had some trouble with Kim HyunJoong. I was angry because Kim HyunJoong was always late for our schedules. My character is not generous noble (?). I get angry easily.”

Kim HyungJoon who heard Park JungMin said again “They didn’t talk nor speak to each other for about 2 months.” Highlighting on Park JungMin’s pettiness.

Meanwhile, actor Lee CheonHee, Yang MiRa, Shoo, group SS501, Cultwo, etc, attended to this day’s broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ and showed their eloquence.

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Kim HyunJoong “H1N1 entertainer no. 1?"

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Credits : + + ss501fighting.wordpress
English Translation: xiaochu @ + dkp

SS501 Kim HyunJoong talked his mind about being called H1N1 influenza entertainer number 1.
Kim HyunJoong said in SBS ‘Strong Heart’ broadcasted on 8-Dec, “When H1N1 influenza situation was serious, it is fine as long as you have white cloth and soap. White cloth is mask, wash hands with soap so as not to catch H1N1 influenza and you are able to go anywhere.”MC Lee SeungGi said “I feel sad looking at Kim HyunJoong, because it is not like it is someone else’s story” and asked Kim HyunJoong “You understand right? The pain?”, getting sympathy from the guests. Kim HyunJoong “I was being called entertainer number 1. It’s not even robot Taekwon V…” showing his displeasure.
Kim HyunJoong jokingly asked Lee SeungGi “SeungGi is number 5?” Lee SeungGi said “I am about number 10” ejecting a round of laughter.
Kim HyunJoong revealed that when he was confirmed with H1N1 influenza in Japan, even the attitude of the doctor changed. Kim HyunJoong said “The doctor in the hospital in Japan said he is a fan of mine and treated me very kindly. However after I finished the medical examinations, the doctor was 10metres away and used his hand to indicate to me that I got infected with H1N1 influenza and later put on a mask.”
Meanwhile in ‘Strong Heart’, SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyungJoon, ParkJungMin, Lee CheonHee, Ji SangRyul, Cultwo Jung ChanWoo & Kim TaeKyoon, Shoo, Yang MiRa, Yang EunJi, Jin BoRa, Kim SanHo, Danny An, Brian, Super Junior LeeTeuk EunHyuk ShinDong, Kim HyoJin, SolBi, Jung JuRi, Nancy Lang attended.

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon New Drama ~ Super Star: Black City Teaser behind the scene photos

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Credits to SS601 + ss501fighting.wordpress

Click to see larger image.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ KBS “Strong Heart” photo

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Credits to News + ss501fighting.wordpress

Click to see larger image.

Kim Hyun Joong Gets Pwned By Fans in Starcraft?

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Credits to rhyelee@allkpop

Yes, that's right. SS501's quirky leader Kim Hyun Joong got pwned by fans while he was playing a few rounds of Starcraft games against his fans on

For those of you people who haven't heard of Starcraft, it's an immensely popular science-fiction real time strategy video game developed by Bilzzard Entertainment. Players can choose to either play the single player version, which is a very extensive and well-written story mode, or the multi-player version, where the player can interact with and duke it out against other players by choosing one of three races (Zerg, Protoss or Terran) to play as on's Starcraft server.

Starcraft was huge in Korea and there were professional gaming leagues with some professional gamers making incomes in the 6 figures. Games are routinely televised on dedicated gaming stations and as many as 120,000 fans turned out to watch a finals game in one of the leagues in 2005. The Starcraft craze has died down somewhat, but it's still a popular game.

Anyway, back to Hyun Joong. A fan had previously written, "Oppa, please play Starcraft with us," on SS501's homepage. The chances of celebrities responding back to fans, especially to a request like this one, are very slim - so imagine the shock of that fan when Kim Hyun Joong responded on December 6th (around 3PM), saying, "Is there anyone who knows how to play Starcraft?"

He explained briefly that his own account for their blog had been hacked so he would be borrowing fellow SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong's ID . Hyun Joong then proceeded to inform his fans that he had created a channel called 'ss501' and created a room with a 2 vs 2 map:

[translation: Who knows how to play Starcraft?/I'll make an ID/Come in from the Asia Network, channel SS501]

Hyun Joong chose to play as the Zerg, and when a fan worried about not having much skill and experience in the game, he responded, "I'm not good either, don't worry."

Fans who had heard about this afterward were understandably jealous and said things like:

"I'm a 3rd year in high school (equivalent to a high school senior in America) and I stopped playing this game a while ago, but this makes me want to play again."

"I wonder how a fan who loves a certain celebrity feels when they're playing Starcraft against them?"

"Kim Hyun Joong is really like an older-oppa-living-next-door kind of figure."

"Aw, I'm good at Starcraft, what a pity."

After getting pwned by the fans, Kim Hyun Joong closed off the event by saying, "2009 was a really eventful year. I got to meet Boys Before Flowers' Jihoo-sunbae, performed in the Asia Tour, and released the Rebirth album among many other things. There are a few things I regret, but there's no point in being regretful now."

He also apologized to his fans: "I'm sorry that I make excuses and say that I'm too busy to update my blog even once a month - I update so little that it's up to the point that I almost forgot my password... I'm sorry. I'll show you a brand new side of me in 2010, so please look forward to it."

SS501 @ Golden Fishery - Radio Star (02/12)

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Credits to (raw videos) CodeMonmonSeason5 +  (with English subs) ltstraus

Here are the SS501 cuts from the Golden Fishery - Radio Star show. We will update this video when the English subs are up. They all look so handsome.

English subbed

Raw videos

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon "Super Star: Black City" Teaser

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Credits to yyy148

SS501 new “PERRYELLIS AMERICA” clothing sponsor photos

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Click to see larger image.

Park Jung Min to judge in Japan's 1st Bridal Competition

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Credits to SS501 Japan Site + (Chinese translation)Chiri@Tieba Baidu + (English translation) SS501UFO@blogspot

SS501 member Park Jung Min will become judge for the 'Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan - Cutest Bride Championship Competition ' held at 2 February 2010.

Guest judges has been finalized! They are Japan First Lady, Hatoyama Yuki; Actor Mr Mikihisa Azuma; comedian group Un-Jash's Watanabe Ken and popular in Japan, korean idol group SS501's Park Jung Min and Bridal designer Katsura Yumi.

Final Qualifying Round Detail

'Pretty Bride 2010 in Japan - Cutest Bride Championship Competition'

Date: 2 February 2010
Venue: The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
Final Qualifying Contestant: 30

Selection criteria:
1. Self-examination PR
2. Examination of Wedding Dresses

Contents of examination may change.

Judges: Hatoyama Yuki, Katsura Yumi
Hatoyama Yuji, Mikihisa Azuma, Watanabe Ken, Park Jung Min (SS501), Katsura Yumi

[ENGSUBBED] SS501 at Power Time Radio (10/Nov)

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Credits to SBS + shirbogurl3

SS501 visited SBS Power Time Radio show last 10th of November for the promotion of their new mini-album Rebirth. A webcast was simultaneously aired and here are the videos with English subs. This post will be updated each time parts are up.

Han Chae Young eliminated Kim Hyun Joong

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Credits to Mydaily Korea + (Chinese translation) + (English translation) SS501UFO@blogspot

'Barbie doll' Han Chae Young choose Son Ho Young as ideal type in Champagne.

In the 5 November broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Champagne', Han Chae Young participated in the excited '39 Ideal Type World Cup Competition'. In this episode's '36 Ideal Type World Cup Competition', the nominees include Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hun, G Dragon and other strong competitors. Han Chae Young was very frank and do not hesitate to eliminate quite a few contestants.

Only when Han Chae Young's management company's manager Lee Byung Hun appeared, she had slight hesitation and said: "My contract still left quite some time oh..."

Kim Hyun Joong had once eliminated Han Chae Young quite early in the '36 Ideal Type World Cup Competition', however for this time, Han Chae Young allowed Kim Hyun Joong to go up till the final round, but at the final moment eliminated Kim Hyun Joong. The production team joked that this was the most cruel revenge to him.

Hyun Joong shares ghost encounter

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Credits to KBites

SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong, commonly known for his 4D (fourth dimensional) personality revealed that he had a confrontation with a ghost very casually.

Wondering how? Read on to find out!

Kim HyunJoong revealed in the filming for ‘Strong Heart’ that he had a confrontation with a ghost suprising many of the guests present there. He explained that in the house he lived in, there always was one ghost that visited his house. He also added, “I told it to leave, but tit didn’t and we eventually lived together,” shocking many of the guests and the two MCs.

He also added a story about his awkward and random high school story with honesty making the 4D image stick with him longer. These stories could be seen through the ‘Strong Heart’ this week.

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[06/12] Kim Hyun Joong at Hunters

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Credits to shirbogirl

We will update this post once the English subs are up.

Hyun Joong chats at the message board with TripleS

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Credits to + + (English Translation) xiaochu@Quainte501

Notes for the translator: "Please note that some sentence may not make sense since i did not check on the whole conversation. And some of it I really dont understand what he's talking about, so some blanks here and there...and the red words means I'm totally not sure if it's correct..."

Hyun Joong left a message at DSP site

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Credits to DSP Official Site + (Chinese translation) + (English translation) SS501UFO@blogspot & xiaochu@Quainte501

Finally a message from Leader but he used Kyu Jong's ID because like Jung Min, he forgot his password.

Original Message:
[현중]………….. 2009-12-06 오후 3:00:57

오래간만의 글이야^^ 다들잘지냈지?
잘지냈으니까 이글을 보는거겟지?아무튼 나는 아이디비밀번호를 까먹어서
규종이한테 전화해서 아이디를빌렸어 …기억이안나네 ..
분명이 횰중 이었는데 말이야………ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
이제 2009년 마지막 방송을하고 하고싶었던 애기들하려고
2009년 나에게는정말 값지고 바쁘고 그만큼 많은사람과 헤어지고
만나고정말 거짓말많이보태면 눈코뜰세없이숨도안쉬고 달려왔던것같아..
이번년도 …지후선배를만나게해준 꽃남 아시아투어 리버스앨범 그리고각종
일들…을 격고난뒤 지금뒤를돌아보니까 일년이란시간을 나름은?
알차게보냈다고 생각해 분명이 아쉬웠던것들도 있지만 후회한들
이미지난 이야긴걸…후회해봤자 뭐 어쩌겠나.ㅡㅡ;;
우선은 미안하다는말을좀하고싶어
한달에한번씩은 글써준다는게 너무 바쁘다는핑계거리로
비밀번호도 까먹을정도로 신경못써줬다는거…
예전에 몇년전에 내가그런약속했지 꼭 김현중이란..ss501란 사람과
사람들의 팬으로써 자부심느끼고 자랑스럽고 후회없이
나름 독하게 그때부터 열심히하고지금까지도 악작같이 살아왔어
뭐지금도 그리………..뭐………………한참을
지금까지 팬생활 요즘은 팬질이라고 다들하더라고..^^;;;아닌가?
팬생활들은 재미나세요???
가수로써 연기자로써 예능인으로써 더노력해서 재미나게해줄께요
내가할수있는게 어런것밖에없어서..
뭐.지금까지는 압으로 점점 없어지는건아닌지….
재미없고 실증나게되면 어떨지 솔직히 그런생각들도 해봤어 ㅋㅋ
나도그러거든 한식당꽂히면 거기만가다가 금세 질려버리고ㅋㅋㅋ
나는 그니까 메뉴가많은 식당이될꺼야 ㅋㅋㅋ
질리다 이거먹고저거 먹고할수있는그런거???????
너무 어려운애기만하나 나?
압으로 보여주고싶은것들이 너무많아 기대하고 2010년에 더새로운거
보여줄께 좋은노래 멋진춤 재미있는이야기 좋은작품
행복해졌으면 좋겠다 내가이런것들을해서
더지켜주고 더잘해볼께 더응원해줘 ~~
2009년 얼마남지않았지만…마무리잘들하고 2010년을맞이해^^
2010년이면25이다 ㅡㅡ 이런x
수염이밤에또나서 아이돌힘들어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
그래도 내년에도 팔팔하고 샤방하게관리잘할께
자금까지 읽어줘서고마워이런뒤서없는글 …..
그러는의미에서 고맙다 띄어드리겠습니다

English Translation:
2009-12-06 3:00:57pm

Haven’t written for a long time^^ Everybody is doing fine right?
You’re reading this message because you have been doing fine right? Because I forgot my ID and password
I made a call to KyuJong and borrowed his ID... I really can't remember..
I definitely remembered it was HyolJoong.........kekekekekekekekeke
Now, we completed the last broadcast for 2009, and just want to speak my thoughts
Year 2009 to me is very precious and busy, I parted and met with many people
I was so busy that I don’t even have time to breathe but kept on running..
This year too... I have 'Boy over Flowers' which I met with 'JiHoo Sunbae', Asia Tour, Rebirth album and
Other various stuffs... After all these things and now looking back, the reasons for the one year is?
I think I lived it well-filled but even though there are definitely some things that I felt regretful on,
But regretting over an already past thing... What's the point of regretting. - -;;
First of all, I would like to say sorry
I said I will leave a message once a month but using busy as a reason
I didn’t care about it to the extent that I even forget the password...
Last time, few years ago I made a promise that I will let Kim HyunJoong.. SS501 and their fans feel proud about themselves and not regret..
So from then on, I worked very hard to live with making music even until now
Well even now in that way........... well..................even though
The road that we must go is long
Until now the life of a supporter, recently seems like it is called act of fan right... ^^;;; is that right?
Is it meaningful being a fan???
As a singer, as an actor, as an entertainer, I will work even harder to make it more meaningful for you
There is nothing else I can do beside this..
Well. It is not like it will slowly die off....
But frankly speaking, I had thought about what would I do if you find that it has become not meaningful anymore keke
I am also like that, when I get stuck to one restaurant, by only going there, I will get sick of it in a moment kekeke
So for me, I will become a restaurant with a lot of (variety in) menus kekeke
Getting sick of it, but you can still eat this or that, who about that???????
Am I saying something too difficult?
I have a lot that I want to show it to you in the future, please look forward and in year 2010, I will show you something newer
Good songs, cool dances, interesting stories, good products/works
I wish you be happier. Because I did this
Please watch over me more, I will try to do better, please support me more~~
Even though there is not many days left for year 2009...end it off well and welcome year 2010 ^^
I will be 25 in year 2010 - - this is x
My mustache grows out again at night, it is tough for idol kekekekekeke
Even so, I will properly manage myself to be sharp and gorgeous for next year too
Thank you for reading until here. I have nothing to write after this…..
To express my gratitude, I will play 'Thank You'
You believed it? kekeke

Scans from Photo501 - Photos by Kyu Jong (part 2)

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Credits to Yen&HersheyTripleS@blogspot

It is cutie Kyu's turn! Some of the captions were not scanned properly as the book is so thick. I will include the complete caption for those that were cut-off. You'll notice that Kyu likes to take photos of people.

Shy Guy Kyu Jong's Eyes

Kyu Jong says
"Since I got the camera, I became curious about new spaces, something unfamiliar, even intimate people. Therefore, I had no time to be bored, and I started taking with everything around me. I would like to share the world beyond the camera, and real feature of KIM KYU JONG which is unaffected and natural."

'Lucky Days' the third single album in Japan, Young Saeng's silly posture in front of the poster.

Such a sweet son. His sister is really cute.

Okay, we know you love your left eye... we do, too.

This is Rain, muscular handsome man. We could get his autography when we were doing DJ at radio. Do you envy me?

Here's another sign which has really captured the fancy of the boys.

No wonder fans are following them everywhere.

I love the idea of Jung Min sneaking out for food.

This photo is just too cute not to post.