SS501 MBC Collection Five Men's Five Years

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I got this DVD weeks ago but only got the chance to open it on Christmas day. So I took some photos and scanned through the photobook. The photobook is made of a different material and quite hard to spread widely to scan. I wonder how the other fans get to scan those pages. Remove the binding? Que horror! For someone who love books, that's like blasphemous to me.

Anyway, here are some photos of the DVD box and its contents. As for the poster, please wait awhile as I need to take some time for that. kekeke

Click at the images.

Scans from Photo501 - Photos by Young Saeng (part 2)

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Since it is slow news in the SS501 front and the Year-end countdown concert in China is a bit confusing, I occupied myself by going back to the Photo501 project. Here's the bad boy's second set of photos. He is really good at taking selfcams - guess I have to take lessons from this guy.

I love that Baby gets so excited over gifts from fans; the photo below was actually the second one from the same scene, Kyu took the first one. I gotta say, these boys have a thing with shoes (me loves it).

Young Saeng's Never Ending Story

Young Saeng says
"I would like to thank to the places where I took the pictures, and the people, foods that I had on that day, fans, those who are always with us, and the nature. Moreover, I am so happy that I can memorize all of these forever. I even became little philosophical. Ha-Ha. I'll show you all about me that I did not have a chance to show you before. Be Quiet! Concentrate please!"

Hyun Joong Cut @ Sunday Sunday Night - 'Hunter'

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This is the first and last episode Hyun Joong did for this show because it was cancelled due some protests from animal rights activists.

SS501 won the MartZzang “Best Idol group Battle” and Next to battle with Girls’ Generation

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SS501 has won over Big Bang for the Blue Corner.

Next battle game will be Red team of Girls’ Generation the Second Mini Album ‘Give me a wish(Genie)’ and blue team of SS501 mini album “REBIRTH” included title track “Love Like This” to compete against one another.

This battle will be lasting from 12/31/2009 9:00am to 1/1/2010 8:50am

As of today 31/Dec 6:43pm (SG time), our boys are beating the girls by a huge difference.

SS501 Jung Min MC @ SBS TV show “Intimate Note 3″ New Year Special

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Jung Min co-hosted this New Year special for Intimate Note 3. The show will be broadcasted on 1 Jan 2010, 9.55pm (Seoul time).

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ranked 1st in Male Idol Star Shining in Costume

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Popular idol group SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is selected as 1st place on the survey of the “Male Idol Star Shining in Costume” (Representative: Han Gu hyeon),, and research institute, jointly conducted the survey of “Shining Male Idol Star in Korean” in December. In the survery Kim Hyun Joong by his great appearance and showmanship gain internationally popular across Asian countries such as Japan, China and Southeast Asia is on No. 1 (46.8%). Daesung Big Bang, followed (21.1%) and 2PM 닉쿤 (17.7%), respectively ranked 2 above 3.

Kim Hyun Joong is ranked number 1 (42.4%) in the survey “Male Idol Star will fit the costume well”

Male Idol Star will fit the costume well (Result)
Top 1 SS501 Ki Hyun Joong 42.20%
Top 2 Big Bang Daesung 26.4%
Top 3 2PM 닉쿤 17.9%
Top 4 2PM Taek Yeon 16.9%
Top 5 god Kim Tae Woo 14.2%
Top 6 TVXQ U-Know Yunho 13.8%
Top 7 2PM(Former) Jaebeom 11.4%
Top 8 god Son Ho Young 11%
Top 9 2AM Jo Kwon 11%
Top 10 Shinhwa Andy 11%

Male Idol Star Shining in Costume (Result)
Top 1: SS501 Kim Hyun Joong 46.8%
Top 2 Big Bang Daesung 21.1%
Top 3 2PM 닉쿤 17.7%
Top 4 TVXQ U-Know Yunho 17.4%
Top 5 2PM Taek Yeon 14.7%
Top 6 god Kim Tae Woo 12.4%
Top 7 TVXQ Xiah 11.7%
Top 8 TVXQ Hero 11%
Top 9 TVXQ Max10.4%
Top 10 TVXQ Micky Yoochun 10%

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ Japan “Start” Interview

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong articles ~ Start personal interviews

Q: Thanks for accepting our personal interview
HJL: (Speaking in Japanese) I should be the thankful one. I will try my best to answer in Japanese.

Q: Thanks a lot. Let’s starting by talking about you childhood.
HJL: You won’t believe it. I had been a very quiet child.

Q: How’s that?
HJL: I was very shy and didn’t talk to other child much. If I knew that person or seen that person before, I would talk a little. If not, I almost wouldn’t speak at all. Even though I am still shy now, it is fine because we all know each other.

Q: What are you talking about at home?
HJL: I won’t speak at home very much. That’s why my parents totally don’t believe I am the one on TV. (laugh) If parents said “Dinner is ready”, I will just reply “Oh”, that’s it. I only speaks like 10 single word a day. Even though I don’t talk much, I still believe my parents trust me alot. My parent is like, they won’t say “Don’t do that” to me but “Let’s try it first” kind of parents. Especially in music, they give me lots of trust. I quitted school during my high school year to pursuit my interest in music. Even though my parents were not very happy, they still said to me “If that’s what you really want to do, then go for it.”

Q: They really understand and support you
HJL: However my parents said “If you decide not to go to school anymore, you need to learn and earn your own money.” and won’t give me any allowance anymore. That’s why I need to earn money by myself. However, I began to understand at that time, even music is very important to me, study is also very important to me. So, after quitting for one time, I went back to school until graduation.

Q: So parents let you understand what is mot important to you
HJL: yes. Different parents have different education methods. My parents are using this method. You need to enter the society and earn money by yourself.

Q: You want to be a Scientists as a child?
HJL: Used to be think like that before primary school year six. Even though it seems very naive, I want to make robot. I change my ambition to musician in High school year 1.

Q: What make you change that?
HJL: There was a legend band called “SEOTAIJI and the boys”. I really like them. They disband when I was in High school year 1. However, Seo Taiji is still in the music industry. He is the one who let me into the Rock music world.

Q: Then what make you so deep into the charm of Rock?
HJL: (laugh) Actually I still love to study in primary school time. However, the interest disappeared when I entered High school. At that time, I had the chance to learn Guitar. if need to talk about that chance, the story is like this. I went to church. They had a music department. I just thought “Let me give it a try”. That’s the whole story. Since then, I am totally in love with music instrument. I have lots of audio facilities at home, even 5-6 guitars alone. In order to facilitate play, I also have piano, drums, as well as composer equipment complete system. Although they are covered with cloth all the time until recently begun to write songs. I also brought two guitars to Japan.

Q: I’m Looking forward to hear the song created by Hyun Joong one day.
HJL: (In Japanese) so stay tuned.

Q: OK. Hyun Joong also could play bass, right?
HJL: Guitars and bass are really studying. Now also practicing acoustic guitar.

Q: Sorry to change the subject, when was your first love ?
HJL: Secondary grade 2 (smile shyly)

Q: What kind of memories is it?
HJL: First, she has the same birthday as me. Last name is the same also. In South Korea can not be married with the same last name. Although the law has been changed, it is a former banned marriage. While now may be married, older people have a lot of opposition, I also have been against it.

Q: Is the kind of love can not be achieved
HJL: Yes … it is very good memories.

Q: Do you have a student band group?
HJL: Yes. I had several group. Also had a band at the church has just said. Also starred at the Cultural Festival of the General Assembly.

Q: Do you feel the interest of Live performance at that time?
HJL: (In Japanese) yes, while preparing is very tired, is very interesting

Q: Any little interesting things to share?
HJL: During travel in freetime, there is a live band show I will never forget. At that time, we don’t have much money so can only lease the drum and amplifier. Teacher also give out some money for us (laugh). that’s why we need to do our best. We ask the help from teacher, very sincerely ask for help. Teacher gave us lots of money.

Q: Was that live show success?
HJL: I did not cry (laughs)

Q: What kind of efforts Hyun Joong made in order to become musicians?
HJL: I feel that I am putting a lot of efforts. Particular in intonation. Although I don’t practice a lot, but I think emotion is important in a song. Just like recording, I will love the song more and more while singing. Because the most important thing is you love the song, not using technique only.

Q: So you think using your heart to sing is important
HJL: Yes. Recently, I would try to consider what’s I should do next. If there is a concert coming, it need to be concentrated on it.

Q: Where do you begin to dance?
HJL: I think I dance about 2-3 years, after I become a singer. Actually, I wanted to learn guitar more than dancing in the beginning. Luckily, fans in South Korea, Japan, Asia like our dance, that’s make me more confident. Seems like, if you don’t have the heart to do it, you won’t do good in anything.

Q: What music are you listening lately?
HJL: The new album of Maroon5

Q: Hyun Joong had starred as a MC, also has done some personal activities. What do you want to do in future solo activites?
HJL: I still want to concentrate in my music. In the future, I would like to create my own songs, also like to have my own band.

Q: Previously you are very shy, now is able to communicate well, what is the reason of that?
HJL: I think it is because of music. Through music, I can meet people, as well as the most self-confidence I have come from music too.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Asia Recognized Hallyu Star!...Star Awards in HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, etc

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SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has gained recognition as Hallyu star throughout Southeast Asia.

In ‘2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards’ held on 14-Dec in HongKong, he received his solo awards such as Asia Best Male Star award, Taiwan Netizen Choice Best Korean Star award, Korea Netizen Choice Best Male Star award, etc. Recently, he attended a variety show by Japan Fuji TV to be broadcasted as a New Year’s Special.

Out of the well-known Hallyu Stars in Japan, Kim HyunJoong is the only one who got invited by Fuji TV. Japan programs usually invites their own local artistes so it is exceptional that they invited an artiste from another country, i.e Kim HyunJoong. This also shows that Kim HyunJoong’s popularity in Japan is significant.

Not only that, in a recent survey done by Japan’s Hallyu Magazine shows Kim HyunJoong getting first place in drama actor and Hallyu star of next generation sections. Defeating stars who entered into the Japan scene earlier than Kim HyunJoong, such as Lee ByungHun, Ryu ShiWon, Kim Bum, Lee MinHo, etc. making the victory even more meaningful.

Kim HyunJoong’s popularity continues to spread to other Asia countries. He received invitations from Asia countries such as China, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc, furthermore ‘Boys Over Flowers’ had been exported to over 10 Asia countries, leading the Hallyu wave. In the new year, SS501 will visit Thailand as part of their Asia Tour stop in January.

Even though Kim HyunJoong acted in romantic scenes with his unique sensitive acting which captured many females’ heart, he displays powerful masculine attractiveness and quintessence metro-sexual in SS501 performances.

Kim HyunJoong also generated the first syndrome this year in Korea with ‘Boys Over Flowers’, receiving the name of ‘Nation’s Sunbae’ and recognition rises rapidly, constantly involved in various fashion shows, dinner shows as well as large-scale and small-scale events.

As the new Asia’s Hallyu leader, there is a lot of attention on Kim HyunJoong to suppress Yon-sama.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is hallyu king?

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Idol group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong's hallyu star position is being recognized. Kim Hyun Joong recently participated in Japan Fuji TV New Year Special variety show which the recording lasted for 3 hours. This program also invited senior stars in Japan, Kim Hyun Joong was the only invited Korean Star. Kim Hyun Joong successfully completed the program recording, showing his fluent Japanese which he learned during his Japan promotion period.

The program's person-in-charged said: "SS501 has very high popularity in Japan, the popularity of drama 'Boys over Flowers' which Kim Hyun Joong acted in continue to increase. Kim Hyun Joong received exclusive invitation by Japan renown tv station's to participate in their program filming.

Kim Hyun Joong started his promotion activity in Japan as a singer, KBS 'Boys over Flowers' role 'Yoon Ji Hoo' gained rather high popularity and strengthen his position in Japan as the Hallyu star. Having an external look of a charming boy, great charisma on stage, these has increase his ladies fan base. Kim Hyun Joong as the member of SS501, not only gaining popularity in Japan only but in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other Asia countries.

'Boys over Flower' received good responses in more than 10 countries, leading the hallyu hot wave. Kim Hyun Joong's unique acting skill portray a romantic lover who touches the female's heart. In 14 December , Hong Kong 2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award, Kim Hyun Joong won 3 awards, Asia Buzz Male Star, Taiwan Netizen selection Best Korea Male Star, and Korea Netizen selection Best Male Star Award. Kim Hyun Joong has already received his recognition as a star.

Kim Hyun Joong together with SS501 will be holding their concert in Thai in January*. (Note: The concert date has changed to 13 February 2010)

[30/12] SS501 in Shenzhen

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We have reported previously that SS501 has been invited to attend Hunan Broadcasting network's New Year countdown concert. This appearance has never been confirmed by DSP, thus a lot of uncertainties among TripleS in China on whether to get the tickets for the show or not. However, the boys were not in the line-ups of the year-end musical extravaganzas in homeland Korea, thus a bit of dilemma for the fans - wondering if the boys are taking their needed break or preparing for the New Year's show.

Normally, DSP will release the flight schedules of the boys but this time around everything is hush-hush. Thus everyone was caught by surprised when Korean TripleS has mentioned that they had sent off the boys and that they'll be arriving Shenzhen at 12:50pm today. China TripleS had then have to rush off to the airport to welcome them. According to China TripleS the boys will be flying back to Seoul on 1 Jan 2010 at 2.35pm.

It was reported that the boys are staying at the Swiss-Belhotel Suites and Residences. It is a standard five-star international hotel. Conveniently located at the central business district of Futian, Shenzhen and 20 minutes from Shenzhen International Airport.

Hunan TV is China’s top provincial broadcaster and has been staging big countdown concerts for the past four years. The concert will start at 7:35pm and will be held at Window of the World.  You can watch the show live through streaming through the links below shared by the miniUFO.


Link/Method to watch 湖南卫视 LIVE Online

1. Via PPLive
ღ Install PPLive
ღ1.1 Install the PPlive Plugin available on this Web to watch the Streaming on the below web
ღ搞清版=HD, 标清版=Standard

ღ1.2 Open your PPLive Player Search for 湖南卫视 (sorry currently still figuring it)
ღUnder 正在直播-〉全国电视台
ღDrop Down Menu: ღ湖南卫视 = Standard Version
ღ湖南卫视[高清] = HD Version

2. Via TvAntz
ღ Install TvAntz
ღ Open TVAntz Program, Search for 湖南卫视

3. Via TvchannelsFree (no software required)

4. Via Renlinyan (no software required)
ღRight Panel Click the follow: ღ 全国卫星频道(3rd Row from left & 3rd column)
ღ =卫星频道=
ღ Choose either 湖南卫视(8th from Top) or
ღ 信号2(alternative link2) or
ღ 信号3(alternative link3)

5. Via 蚂蚁(no software required)

6. Via 卫星网络电视(no software required)

7. Via iwatchtvfree (no software required)

8. Via Hunan Official Website
Notes from mini UFO: i did not try this method, as i had too much rubbish in my PC, i do not want to install another program which i will use it for once/shorten my pc life
ღ On the left Panel Select (i believe is this 2 options) 卫视高清版(HD) or 卫视国际频道(International)
ღ Click on the Screen or MANGO TV Program to install the MANGO TV Program to View

Below is a cut from the last year's show with Super Junior - M as their guest.

Kim Hyun Joong for Tony Moly

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Since the opening of Tony Moly in Thailand fans had trooped to checkout the products and, of course, ogle at the photos of its main endorser SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong. Tony Moly is giving out free posters as premiums for the purchasers. And for big spenders, they get to have more - a concert ticket for Persona Bangkok!

I can't wait for this brand to finally arrive in Singapore. I'd surely buy lots to just get the freebies. I even went to Etude House and to think I'm not even a huge fan of Lee Min Ho.

I have added the other Tony Moly posters for this year's Hukubukuro or lucky bag and the limited edition photo card.

Japanese TS blog talked about SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Japanese TV program “gourmet’s table” recording

CR: mi-tan@Japanese blog+cagalikira@TSTW + Chinese Translation: 妃茵@TSTW +English Translation:

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On the 26th, Leader recording Japanese TV program “gourmet’s table” dinner date

(Will be broadcast on January 5, 2010 as a New Year’s special program on Fuji Television)

Japanese TS mi-tan is one of the lucky person to be the audience of this show.
妃茵 sharing the key part of her blog as follow:
(*Japanese TS called Hyun Joong as Leader)

12/26 Japanese TV show ”Gourmet’s Table”

14:30 Lucky fans are waiting for admission outside the TV station
16:00 Fans enter the TV station control room,listening to the details of the show

Program Description:

4 Guests (Mr. Katsumata,Yuko Ogura,Ai Haruna,Mr. Jinnai) will give out the questions to fans who want to eat leader’s cooking dishes. The guests will stand on different position for different answers. Fans will need to go to the guests’ position to vote according to their preference using a small ball. Then, the questions about Kim Hyun Joong’s cooking dishes is revealed. One of the guests who is representing the correct answer and fan who have guessed the correct answer can the dishes cooked by leader.

16:30 Begin to record leader’s part

Fans wearing number entering the recording studio. Then, guests and MC Mr. Tian Cun and Miss Kato entering.
Guest Mr. Jinnai “Now I see him personally,really is very manly.”
Guest Yuko Ogura “he is very handsome,how old is he?” Very surprise after knowing leader’s age!
Guest Ai Haruna “I already become his fan ” There are laugher over the studio,full of love feeling scene.
Then, After MC introduce leader, screen start to play leader’s VCR. Leader finally enters with fans cheering.
There is a translator with him. Even though leader’s Japanese is not so good, his mature attitude show off his serious side even more.

First dish: Fried rice cake

Wearing simple skull apron, leader entering again. Seeing him cooking fried rice cake, make me think of the variety show “Thanks for waking me up” I have seen before. This time he seems to bring his own Korea sweet chili sauce. Leader is standing on the left side of the stage cooking. While he is cooking, he is also explain the detail, feeling very serious.

Second dish: Ginseng Chicken Soup

This dish seems to be done two days before, put in the warm pot and brought to the scene
During guessing game, no matter which side of the dish fans choose, leader would bring the dishes to their hand by himself. Sometimes put the foods on the dish. Sometimes need to bring the dishes to fans. He really is very gentleman. Bring out his natural boy’s temperament.
MC Mr. Tian Cun gave me a deep impression. He talked with fans very often. Also, he was afraid we would be cold so he asked the staff to lower the air condition. After recording of the show is finished, he even asked the fans who could eat leader’s cooking “You still want to eat, right?” Then, he asked the staff to give him a container, filled it with leader’s dishes and gave it to the fans “Bring it home to eat will taste even better.” Because I had not been drawn to eat the dishes, I didn’t know how good it is. However, both dishes seem very delicious.

18:30 Recording End

Fans exit the TV station and saw the black model car going to pick up leader coming from the ground parking lot. Leader waved to us and left with the car.
Because there are another two guests in the starting part of the show, leader’s part had only like around 15 minutes. Really hope the official broadcast can be a little bit longer.
PS: All the guests and MC name is just Transliteration

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ Korea Magazine “ASTA TV” 2010 January issue

CR: Pentacle + ss501fighting.wordpress

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