[03/07] SS501 Park JungMin signs with Taiwan Sony Music, for his Chinese activities

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Since I'm quite busy today, thanks to Rosalyn for tipping me on this.

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SS501 Park JungMin is said to have signed up with Taiwan Sony Music.

An official revealed, “Park JungMin has signed an exclusive contract with Taiwan Sony Music. This was done before Kim HyunJoong moved to Bae YongJoon’s agency Key East.”

It seems that currently Park JungMin is looking at activities in the Chinese entertainment market with the move to sign with Taiwan Sony Music. With news that Park JungMin and Kim HyunJoong will be doing their solo activities, there are great interests as to the future plans for the rest of the members Heo YongSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJoon.

Meanwhile, on SBS Music High radio show, Kim HyungJoon who is the DJ on the show said, “In the future, I will continue DJ-ing”.

Behind the Scene Photos from the Destination Cover Shoot

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[02/07] Kim Hyung Jun finally bids Park Yong Ha Goodbye

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Our Hyung Jun is really taking his sunbae's passing too hard. His body is taking the toll. He's been at the wake everyday and on the last day (02 Jul) he too was around to pay Park Yong Ha his final respects. Maknae looked so totally heartbroken. I believe that Hyung Jun is entitled to some privacy too at this time of his grief, so I decided not to post unflattering photos. If you want to see the entire collection, go here.

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[13/006] SS501 at TVN Newton X-Concert in Full (80 mins)

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KeyEast gives support to a future SS501

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This isn't really groundbreaking news but something to lift the spirits of TripleS up. No matter what the outcome may be, I do hope we will respect the decisions our boys will make. Let us support then in their future undertakings be it their solo or group activities.

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As many of you know by now, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong officially left DSP Entertainment to join KeyEast Entertainment, leaving some doubt into the future of SS501. However, it seems KeyEast would like to see SS501 continue as the company stated that they would support any plans for the group’s future activities, whatever they may be.

Currently, the other SS501 members are free agents as their contracts with DSP Entertainment have expired. There’s rumors that the group members are actively seeking to sign with a new management company. However, it’s in the groups best interest to continue as SS501. If the members were to sign to different agencies, they could still continue to operate their album activities as SS501. Legendary K-pop group Shinhwa have done just this with the individual members signed with different companies for their solo activities but coming together as Shinhwa as one for all group activities.

Hopefully SS501 continues to be together for a long time.

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Sponsored photos of Hyun Joong by accessories brand H.R.

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I really don't like posting sponsored photos, but wuri Leader looks cute in the first photo (kekeke). These were taken during an interview and I think pretty much the same time the official photos used by Keyeast for the announcement of his contract signing.

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Hyung Jung with his Eye Doctor

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[01/07] Hyung Jun shed more tears for Yong Ha

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UPDATE: Here's the English subbed version.

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Our maknae really sound so heartbroken. I wish we can have the english subbed version soon.

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[01/07] Photos of Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun at Park Yong Ha's Wake

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UPDATE: Mianhe, I thought they went on 30th June, but it seemed that they went only today (01/Jul). Yesterday, Maknae went with his brother and today with Kyu and Saengie. I went through the photos again and compared. I mistook it as same day 'cause Hyung Jun wore the same suit; it was the undershirt that differs. Thanks for the tip at the comments. 

There were tips that actually Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong also went to Park Yong Ha's wake yesterday. The Kyu Jong tips was disputed as they said it was just another person who looks like Kyu. And tonight I saw a tip that Kyu and Saengie went. So I did a search in the news sites. Lookie here! Kyu Jong, Saengie and Hyung Jun actually went at the same time! As for Hyun Joong, they said he came right after Bae Yong Joon but no photos can be seen floating around.

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UPDATE: I added some more.
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Updates on Hyun Joong's activities at KE

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Here's an update from my Unnie regarding wuri Hyun Joong and his current situation at Keyeast. I told somebody the other day what could be the main point that Leader chose Keyeast is the possibility that he is given more freedom. This is the brightest, happiest news we could ever hear at this point in time. So TripleS, remember what Leader said at that X-Concert? No matter what rumours you hear, you just have to believe in them. Believe that there will be a 50th anniversary for SS501. They may get to keep their band's name or have a rebirth under another but they will be 5 forever as 1.

Credits to HappieBB@lovekimhyunjoong.com.

the pink princess has tried to contact keyeast, and her 'cute new friend' from keyeast has shared that they've got lots of calls from that day and are still getting lots of calls now.
But he said they really can't explain everything about KHJ and related isues.
truth is most of the staff don't really know the details anyway.

he did mention that there's some 'trouble' with some fans
coz they're really worried and anxious as they really want the five to stay as SS501.
then he also told me it's undecided and unconfirmed now,
various parties are involved, and it's up to these parties to choose and decide.
he mentioned that the keyeast team will respect wuri hyun joong's choice.

he also said to check the keyeast homepage often
as wuri hyun joong's schedule and new (work) direction will be updated there.

hee, he also said the weather's so so hot in Seoul today ^^

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29/06 Ystar news featuring Hyun Joong

CR: kimhyunjoongth @ youtube

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun @ Park Yong Ha funeral

CR: SS501ode

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박용하 선배님, 하늘나라에서 주님과 함께 늘 행복하게 주무하십시오.

On the 30th June, singer and talent Park Yong Ha breathed his last breath.

Park Yong Ha was found dead in his home in Seoul Nonhyun-dong at 5.30am in the morning where he was found to have hanged himself to death using the cable of his mobile phone charger. And it was discovered that he felt truly sorry towards his ill parents who are down with cancer due to long-term leaving their sides that he finally couldn't take it anymore and went to commit suicide. His filial piety truly got the better of him. On the 30th afternoon, police also further discovered that he died due to brash impulse moves, he hung himself in a moment of rash after drinking beer, and thus died of suffocation.

On the afternoon of 30th June where his temporary funeral wake was held at Seoul Kangnam's SungMo Hospital, talents So JiSub, Bae Yong Joon, Song SeungHeon, Kim Hyun Joo, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Jun, Kyu Jong, UKISS Kim KiBum, Kim Bum, Park HyoShin, Yoon EunHye, UKnow YunHo etc some other stars attended to this.

In particular, Kim HyungJun whose relationship with Park YongHa isn't shallow got a chance to express himself in a phone interview with some media presses couldn't stop crying as he found it truly unbelievable and unexpected. He revealed that he was supposed to meet Park Yong Ha yesterday on the 29th June, but in the end they did not meet up, who knows the following day where he heard something about him again was about this. The reason why Kim HyungJun and Park Yong Ha is so close where he even treats Park YongHa like his akin brother is because during SS501's activities in Japan, Park YongHa happened to be doing his singer activities there too, even when they returned in Korea, they never stopped contacting close with each other. To the extend where Park YongHa who has almost no record in radio appearances showed Kim HyungJun pleasant face by appearing in his SBS radio Music High at 3 am in the wee morning.
Kim HyungJun was truly upset that his wonderful brother has now gone to heaven and left their sides.

*added HJ's sole description*
On the 30th night at around 11.55pm, Kim Hyun Joong was seen at Seoul SungMo Hospital attending Park YongHa's funeral with a grieved expression along wearing with black suit, and wasn't seen to say a single word but just entered the venue speedily. He was seen to have followed behind Bae Yong Joon who, too, attended to the funeral session.

Further procedures for Park Yong Ha's body will be conducted on July 2nd beginning 8am and will be said to carry out the Buddhist method of 'preserving the body for 3 days under 20 degree celsius'.

ASTA TV Magazine covers Hyun Joong and SS501 for July Issue

CR: SS501ode

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you can check DVDheaven.com if they have this Magazine ^^


SS501's surprise 5th anniversary celebration party 12P

Kim Hyun Joong's philipine visit 18P

Kim Hyun Joong's Samsung card CF 2P

Kim Hyun Joong, Yunho U-Know, YoonA, Rain at Cartier Love exhibition 18P

Kim Hyun Joong 36P total

UKiss in Singapore 10P

Star Inside - Nickhun, Beast, SNSD, f(x)

UKnow Yunho at Goong musical press conference

Lee MinHo's birthday fanmeeting venue

MBC drama "Road no.1"

Unrevealed “Destination” album photos

CR: Andante@http://blog.naver.com/dpvm77 + ss501fighting

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Conversation between KeyEast Receptionist and Korean TS

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Here is a transcription of a telephone exchange between a Korean fan and the receptionist from Keyeast. Did this ever happen? We don't know. But a good point was raised by the Chinese fans on how come a receptionist knows so much. Again, read this with pinches of salt and I'd throw in some dashes of vinegar, yah?

No one can truly very whether this happened or not or it was just wishful thinking of somebody who posted it in SS601. Let me just remind you: DON'T BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THE INTERNET. Unless, you went to your bank's IB site and it says you owe them $$$ or it suddenly displayed that you have a million dollars on your savings account. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

For now, anything you read regarding the contract,take them in with grains of salt. Unless, it's an official release from an Agency (DSP, Keyeast or any another agency).

Credits to SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska @金贤重中文网 HYUNJOONGCHINA + (English translation) happiebb@LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com

Recep: Hello, how are you?

Fan: Err... Heard that Hyun Joong oppa has strongly requested for SS501 activities,
in that case, how long will the period of his solo activity be?

Recep: Ah... although that has not yet been decided,
but Hyun oong has been talking about SS501 matters
right from the start from the time he's signed the contract....

Fan: Ahhh... So (would Keyeast) be signing the remaining four members too?

Recep: Hyun Joong seems to be thinking along this line,
and they're now discussing about this matter.
The four members are now on vacation resting,
so cannot really confirm the schedule for the coming days.
Although we too cannot be sure,
but once the discussion has been concluded,
it's possible that we will sign the remaining four members.

Fan: Even if (Keyeast) didn't sign with the other four,
would Hyun Joong be able to continue with SS501 activities?

Recep: Our contract (with him) clearly states that
we will actively complement and work with SS501.
When there are SS501 activities, we will also let Hyun Joong participate.

Fan: Ahhh, thank you.
Please do not give wuri Hyun Joong oppa too much work; his body is weak.

Recep: Oh, alright~ Thank you.

[30/06] DSP Japan's Notice Regarding Leader Kim Hyun Joong’s contract

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Credits to DSP Japan + (English Translation) miyo@lovekimhyunjoong.com

At the end of May, after the sales of NEW album 『DESTINATION』, title song “LOVE YA” activities, the contract for SS501 and DSPmedia has expired. Though the future has not be decided, KEYEAST which has artiste such as Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Yong, Choi Gang Hee and Lee Bo Young, has officially announced that Leader Kim Hyun Joong has signed up with them.

Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon (Maknae) are still in the midst of negotiating. Kim Hyung Joon (Maknae) will still continue his activity as DJ at SBS radio Music High. Regarding Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min activities, if possible will be announced via this homepage.

We would greatly appreciate your warm support for SS501 in future.

[30/06] Announcement from “Triple S Japan” regarding Membership

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We all know there are only three official Triple S Fans Club: Korean, Japanese and Thai. This bit of notice irked some Japanese Triple S members. This sound like DSP is trying to stop TripleS from growing and it's on the verge of being dissolved. For me, it was such an insensitive notice.   

Credits to DSP Japan + (English Translation) miyo@lovekimhyunjoong.com

On 29th June 2010, KEYEAST has announced that Kim Hyun Joong (Leader) has signed on with them.
In regards to SS501’s activities. Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Joon (Maknae) activities are still in the midst of negotiation. Before the release of official announcement, we think the Official Fanclub “Triple S Japan” will not be enough to support properly so we have plans indicated below for those who are renewing their membership or applying for membership.

【30th June For valid membership members (Membership validity from 30th June 2010 onwards)】
Till the official announcement for SS501’s future activties, we will extend 1 month free for all members, those currently with ID (membership no.) will still be able to login with their registered password. There is no need to make any payments during this period.
We will do this extension within a few days and will inform when we have done, please wait patiently.
Please login to the members page after the extension has been completed to check on the exipry date of your membership.
Membership Validity Period : 30th June 2010 → 31st July 2010

【Application of New Membership】
Till the official announcement of SS501’s future activities, we will stop accepting new membership applications.
For those who have made payment for the new application at this point of time, we will extend the validity period accordingly.

【For those membership expiring on 30th April and 31st May (Dormant Period) 】
Till the official announcements of SS501’s future activities, during this dormant period we will stop accepting any payments for renewal.
At the point if the renewal opens, new extension period will be given and if renewal is done during that period, members can continue use their current membership number. (More details will be given once the renewal opens).

Here's another related notice for official TripleS Japan.

Credits to DSP Japan + (English Translation) Hiromi@Twitter

SS501 OFFICIAL FC Triple S Japan, sent newsletter vol.3

We sent SS501 OFFICIAL FC “Triple S Japan” newsletter vol.3 on 30th June.
Newsletter will arrive to following people.

Members: 30th June For valid membership members
New Members: people who paid entrance fee till 20th June
* Didn't sent to who paid after 21th June.

If u won't receive after 16th July, inquire to us 12th-16th July with mail form on Triple S Japan with [member no, name, address]
If u'll inquire after inquire period, we won't send u because stock of the newspaper, so please make sure to inquire while inquire period.

Hyung Joon and KiBum burst into tears at Park Yong Ha funeral

CR: dailykpop + photos: newsen + tvdaily

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SS501's Hyung Joon and U-Kiss KiBum were spotted at the funeral to pay their condolences to Yong Ha's family members.Hyung Joon burst into tears at the funeral.Condolences go to Park Yong Ha's family