[29/06] Notice from DSP Thailand to TripleS

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  1. Triple S should read this is you doubt why leader made his decision
    Today at 4:25am
    reposted from HK TS’ blog
    translated into english: happiebb / LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com
    Words that Mal had Personally Told TWTS
    2010.06.29 23:04
    Mal and Baby had first signed with DSP.
    It was only at the 5th anniversary
    that the five learnt that DSP didn’t want to sign Kyu.
    There’s no way SS501 could continue.
    Hyun Joong requested that DSP sign with Kyu first before his signing the contract.
    DSP refused.
    Hyun Joong recommended that Kyu goes to YG.
    So turned out everyone had to sign with different companies
    and come next year,
    the various companies to collaborate for them to release an album.
    YS and Kyu are currently in Japan.
    YS is negotiating the OST of some drama,
    Kyu is in discussion with YG.
    Mal had said this (same thing) to TS on the plane three times
    that the five of them will release an album next year,
    The reason why Hyun Joong signs with another company…
    Coz DSP refused to sign with Kyu…
    so Hyun Joong’s helping Kyu to sign with YG,
    and Hyun Joong wanted DSP to sign with Kyu by threatening to sign with another agency.
    Mal and Baby had initially thought everyone would be renewing their contracts,
    so they had gone on ahead and signed first.
    Mal further said…. they would be separated for this year…
    but next year, they will continue to work together through different companies
    YS also said something like that….
    that the five of them will continue on like this year after year…
    the interpretation is that they would be working together again next year.
    Coz so long as they’re missing just one member, that signifies the splitting up of SS501…
    so Hyun Joong surfaced first to face everything
    (blogger’s personal notes… omitted)