[30/10] SS501 Tweet treats

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[29/10] SS501 twitter updates

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[28/10] SS501 tweet treats

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Apps from iTunes for TripleS to download

This is something for TripleS iPhone/iPad/iTouch users. There are two apps you can download for free which are related to wuri boys.

SBS Radio : if you want to listen to Hyung Jun's Music High live. Just search SBS Radio on iTunes store.

Basic House : Photos and videos of Hyun Joong from the latest Basic House collection. Search using the brand's Korean name 베이직하우스 on iTunes store.

Thanks to cll_slam10@Twitter for the tip on the SBS Radio and miyo@lovekimhyunjoong.com for the tip on Basic House. Big, big hugs to wonderrrgirl for typing the Korean brand on my iPhone so that I can download.


[30/10] Jung Min at the Autumn Mountain Climbing Event ‘2010 Beautiful Company – Green Hands’

Saw this photo shared over at Twitter. Remember this news bit? Jung Min was out this morning for the mount climbing event. We hope to see more photos later. I do hope he has already fully recovered.

Credits to yangyang0402@Twitter

Jung Min to MC the Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010

It's happening at Saitama Super Arena on 03 Nov at 4PM.

Credits to freegear.jp + rainaftershine.wordpress.com

The First Love Story CUT

I already have my copy of the First Love Story! Okay I was a bit surprised and disappointed at what got into my hands. I thought there's a photobook but what I have is just a thing the size of the usual DVD box set. I was actually expecting the phonebook to be the same size at the Ready! Action! Nevermind, it's wuri Hyung Joong anyway. Now, all I need is the time to spare to open and watch it.

As for sharing cuts from the DVD, eh... let me learn first okay? This old hag really know nothing about videos and stuff. (kekeke)

Credits to MurdererQbackup

[ENGSUBBED] Kim Hyung Jun Channel V Love JK Interview (20101029)

Credits to (english subs) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net) + OnlyJun87

[30/10] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun at Music High singing Miss A's Breathe

Credits to poohmuhigh

[27/10] Kim Hyung Jun, “Troubled Heart BBeong”

Credits to Sports Khan + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun who is attempting to develop his solo career, upon seeing the reporter, greeted the reporter cheerfully with “Hey, Brother.” The reason why there was no nervousness even though it is their first encounter became obvious during the interview.

△Has a cheerful deposition? = People around me all said that I have a powerful affinity with people. If it is due to character differences that lead to awkwardness with people whom I work with, or simply because there are problems in getting along well, then I should try harder to be even friendlier. Although previously I’m also like this, but recently I’m really blessed with happiness, so the more I should do it.

△Isn’t it stressful to go solo?= Actually to be honest, there are frustrations during group activities too. Because of the way things are said or because of delicate situations such as “who can first grab the opportunity”, then one would have to make compromises or to give in, although each of us having our own agenda. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike group activities, but it’s just that now I have the opportunity to do the things I want to do, so naturally become even more excited.

△What will happen to SS501 activity?=We are absolutely not disbanded. It is just that members now want to develop their own capabilities in various areas. Although belonging to different agencies, we will still help each other and show our greatest support for one another. The various agencies have already promised their understanding and support if SS501 reunites again. Before we reach 30 years old, we will definitely reach our goal of getting a Daesung Award. Members’ plan to release album next year are not empty words. We will use actions to prove to everyone, and not disappoint all our fans.

△Preparing well for musical ‘Café In’? = Have already watched around 5 public performances. It would be a lie if I say I’m not worried about being 1 man with 2 roles. I’m used to holding soju glass so now feels awkward to have to hold wine glass because of my sommelier role in the story plot. As a singer, have to balance and coordinate between the stage and the musical, as well as singing and acting skills, but there are many differences between them too. I have also learned a lot from (Kang) Ji Hwan hyung who belongs to the same agency and would be starring in the Japanese performances of “Café In”. Not only did he coach me in acting, but also gave a lot of help in everyday life.

△Idols’ acting skills are increasingly being challenged? = I’m well aware of the prejudice against actors who first debuted as singers. This is especially the case for musicals. However I am no longer hurt by such biasness. Because I have been well trained during group activities, so no matter what I will not be affected. But truly understand the harsh yet factual statement of “Cannot do without having acting abilities.” It is similar to the saying of, “If it is unavoidable, then try enjoying it”, will definitely not shy away when good opportunities are presented in front of me. Although I might not be acknowledged right away, but I will continue to work hard until I get everybody’s recognition. Because I’m a very greedy “Ambitious Idol”.

[29/10] Hyung Jun off to Japan to watch Cafe In Musical

Credits to Pretty Boy + Baidu

[26/10] Revealing Kim Hyung Jun Taiwan Fanmeeting video, “Touched by Passionate Love”

Credits to TV Daily + (English translation) Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

Group SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun first Taiwan Fan Meeting actual scenes will be revealed.

Kim Hyung Jun held his [I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! Taipei International Fan Meeting] on the 24th at the Taiwan NUS Sports Center.

On that day, thousands of SS501 and Kim Hyung Jun fans arrived at the venue and attended the event. Taiwanese fans gave their enthusaistic cheers to Hyung Jun who was performing on stage, and also showed good response by laughed merrily at the Korean jokes Hyung Jun prepared, demonstrating the great power of Hallyu wave.

Kim Hyung Jun also performed a sexy performance with a beautiful woman, showing another charming side that is different from the usual image of Kim Hyung Jun. Fans who were in awe of Hyung Jun’s brilliant performance also chanted Kim Hyung Jun’s name in unison loudly, thereby heating up the whole atmosphere.

Taiwanese fans also prepared a gift for Kim Hyung Jun, and Kim Hyung Jun was touched to tears and was lost for words upon receiving the unexpected gift. He expressed his gratitude by saying “I’m very thankful for the continuous love you are showering upon me despite the fact that SS501 is on a long activity break.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has been chosen to be the male lead in the musical ‘Café In’, on the 24th next month, he will rise as an actor on stage at Seoul Samseong-dong Baekam Art Hall.

Credits to TVDaily.co.kr + 3kimheopark4Jangki

[29/10] Oh Bam Ah Episode 5

Credits to lhlhjb

Details of Park Jung Min's 1st Fanmeeting in Japan 2010

Credits to ticket.pia.jp + (Chinese translation) 曹治愈@No. 43 Park + (English translation) rainaftershine.wordpress.com

SS501 Park Jung Min will hold his first fanmeeting on Christmas!

Since this autumn, he had began his solo activities in Japan. Firstly he will be an actor who will perform the musical ‘絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け’ on the 18th November (Thursday) at the New National Theater. In addition, the release of the the solo album is as planned, therefore his activity in the future will let one dizzying.

Performance date: 22nd December 2010 (Wednesday)
Venue: Osaka NHK Hall
Things to note: Tickets will be needed for 3 years and above.
Contact No.:06-7732-8888


Sales type: Pre-selected, still accepting
Deadline – 1st November (Monday) 11:00

Sales info: Park Jung Min Japan Osaka 1st Fanmeeting (Wednesday)

Performance Date: 22nd December 2010

Venue: Osaka NHK Hall


Sales type: Normal sales
Date: 20th November 2o1o (Saturday) 10:00 start

Sales info: Normal sales/Park Jung Min Japan Osaka 1st Fanmeeting (Wednesday)

Performance Date: 22nd December 2010

Venue: Osaka NHK Hall

Park Jung Min 1st Photobook Sales Detail

Credits to parkjungmin.jp + (Chinese translation) 피오나@PJMIFC + (English translation) rainaftershine.wordpress.com

SS501 member Park Jung Min will be releasing his photobook. The details are not announced yet, but during his press conference in Japan in September, he had already secretly began shooting. The photobook will contain photos of Jung Min in ordinary office worker outfit, and photos which he personally said ‘detestable’, and will be releasing in both normal and special version. Jung Min made some comment on the photobook in the video posted in the official fanclub, please remember to watch it.

In addition, Park Jung Min will be participating in the musical ‘絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け’ at New National Theatre on the 18th of November. He will also hold a fanmeeting in Osaka and Tokyo in December, please keep a look out of his activities at the end of the year.

Park Jung Min 1st Photo book (includes DVD) 「Present (Tentative)」

Releasing both first press limited edition/normal edition
Releasing date: 18th December 2010 (Tentative)

● First press limited edition
B4 specially designed box
▪ B4 poster 12 pieces
▪ B5 coloured 64 pages photobook
▪ B6 coloured 80 pages Fan book (Interview, outdoor shooting, casual, etc)
▪ 1 30 minutes DVD (Music Video, Behind the Scene) + 15 minute special bonus video(Tentative)

● Normal edition
B4 specially designed box
▪ B4 poster 6 pieces
▪ B5 coloured 64 pages photobook
▪ B6 coloured 80 pages Fan book (Interview, outdoor shooting, casual, etc)
▪ 1 30 minutes DVD (Music Video, Behind the Scene) + 5 minute special secret video(Tentative)

※ First press limited edition and normal edition will a have different box design.
※ First press limited edition and normal edition will have different poster content.
※ Price not available, will confirm in November.

◆ Content of merchandise is actual as state. If there are any changes, we will not put up extra notice, please understand.
Issue company: YAMAHA Music

Royal Avenue Opening Event on 26th November

Credits to royalave.com + (Chinese translation) 피오나@PJM IFC + No. 43 Park + (English translation) rainaftershine.wordpress.com

From now till 25th November, the first 500 customers will receive Park Jung Min’s autographed solo album.

[28/10] Fancams from The Face Shop Fan Sign

Credits to blog.daum.net/hj12260606 (Sarah& Blue) + leenongkan1

Credits to tvpot.daum.net + leenongkan1

New Photos from First Love Story Site

Credits to www.kim-hyunjoong.com + yenhersheytriples.blogspot.com

I can't remember if I have posted these two before, but here they are.

[28/10] Kim Hyun Joong has the absolute face that can enchant women

Credits to Newsen + (Chinese translation) julieann@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

THE FACE SHOP recently launched it's autumn series products, and for the launch of this new line, has specially organized a grand event, during the event endorsor Kim Hyun Joong was invited and with some lucky fans/friends to have face to face interaction for the fansigning session, it was held today 28th(October) 2pm at central of Seoul's Myeongdong The Face Shop.

For this event, lucky winners must purchase above 30,000won in the shop today, and 100 customers will have the chance to spend happy moment together with Kim Hyun Joong.

Also, since this September Kim Hyun Joong has officialy took over as the endorsor for THE FACE SHOP, and this new autumn product line's endorsing and CF was taken up by Kim Hyun Joong, everyone who wants to see his new look please focus on THE FACE SHOP.