[24/10] Kim Hyung Jun revenging for his pants being pulled. Talking bad about Kim Hyun Joong

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Korea idol group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun will be holding his fanmeeting today at Taiwan NUS Sports Hall, he revealed that SS501 will come together next year to release album, and jokingly said: “Taking this opportunity that I’m here in Taiwan alone, I have to quickly talk bad about Leader Kim Hyun Joong, who ask him to keep bullying me.”

Maknae have to accepts everything, being the messenger for members.

SS501 members are currently signed under different entertainment company, Kim Hyung Jun revealed that individual companies are continuing the communication, earliest by next year, they will be able to release new work. He also jokingly said that he’s the youngest in SS501, thus he have to accepts everything. He even said: “Kim Hyun Joong likes to bully me most, once he even pull down my pants on stage, that moment I really have the urge to punch him.” When other members have fallen out, he’s responsible is to be the messenger.

Brother KiBum debut as singer,

Kim Hyung Jun’s younger brother Kim KiBum following his brother footstep, also debuted as a singer, now he is a member of U-Kiss, Kim Hyung Jun: “My brother do very well in his studies, so when I heard that he wants to debut, I wanted to stop him.” With the rising popularity of U-Kiss, Kim Hyung Jun felt relieved and also said: “Although he is quite popular, but if he were to be compared with me, he’s still far below me!” Kim Hyung Jun’s pet, toy poodle recently also becomes a hot topic among his fans, this made him comment jealously: “Now fans are only giving me dog food.”

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Kim Hyung Jun Takes Revenge on Pants Pulling, Speaks Ill of Kim Hyun Joong

Korean Idol Group SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun would be holding his solo fan meeting at Taiwan NUS Sports Center. He revealed that SS501 would be coming together for an album next year, and smiling expressed, “While I’m here in Taiwan alone, I have to quickly take the opportunity to speak ill of Leader Kim Hyun Joong, since he always bullies me.”

Magnae is submissive, messenger for the members
SS501 members currently are all signed under different management companies, Kim Hyung Jun revealed that the various companies are still in the midst of discussions and would be releasing a new production earliest next year. He also jokingly stated that he is the Magnae in SS501, so always has to be submissive. He exposed that “Kim Hyun Joong is always bullying me, and once he even pulled my pants down on the stage, infuriating me so much that I thought of throwing punches at him.” When other members bicker, he also has to act as the messenger.

Younger Brother Kim Ki Bum Entered Entertainment Industry, Gaining Popularity
Kim Hyung Jun’s younger brother Kim Ki Bum followed his brother’s footsteps and entered the entertainment industry, and is currently a member of the Idol Group U-KISS. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “Younger Brother graduated with fairly good grades, so upon hearing his wish of debuting, I thought of stopping him.” With U-KISS popularity on the rise, Kim Hyun Jun while feeling comforted, he also smiling said, “Although he is quite popular, but he still pales in comparison to me!” As Kim Hyung Jun’s pet dog, Choco, has also become a hot topic among fans, he jealously said that “Fans now only send me dog food as gifts.”

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