[26/10] Playful Kiss Is Not Over Yet

Credits to Nate News + (Chinese translation) YOYO@百度金贤重吧 HYUNBAR + (English translation) bb @LoveKimHyunJoong.com

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min, male and female leadsfrom the Wed/Thu MBC drama Playful Kiss which ended its run on 21st, will be working together again.

The two will be filming for the spin-off story from Playful Kiss from 26th Oct to 10th Nov. This spin-off will be an exclusive online special, and will revolve around the married lives of Baek Seung Jo (KHJ) and Oh Ha Ni (JSM). It will be aired via YouTube from mid November.

The person-in-charge of the drama's production team said, "The spin-off story is about the couple's lives. Unfortunately, only Jung So Min was shooting on the first day of filming. Kim Hyun Joong was absent due to a CF shooting which was held back as he was busy with the drama filming. They will reunite for filming in the afternoon of 27th."

Further, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are expected to carry out promotional activities overseas for the drama in the first half of next year. Playful Kiss, which has been sold to 12 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Philippines and others, will launch large-scale promotional activities overseas from December.

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