Fanmade Dance Video for SS501's Wasteland

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Do you love the song Wasteland from the Rebirth mini-album? Did you ever wished that they have promoted this song and see them dance to the wonderful beat? Haiz! Well, promotions were ended for the Rebirth album with just one single released. And we don't even get to hear or watch them perform this at their concerts. 

Be delighted, for someone did try to choreograph a dance for this lovely song and here's the video. The creator apologizes that some of the dance might not synch with the music but I really don't care (kekeke). I could actually imagine the boys dancing to these steps.

Thanks to stalking_hj for the link. 

Credits to nickzkuso

Hyun Joong's Samsung Credit Card CF screencaps & GIFs

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Hyung Joon's MBC Game Episode 5 previews

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[19/02] SS501 CEO Park's Royal Avenue Special Events to customer

Credit: LOVE小马马 @ + ss501ufo.blogspot

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1. First customer after opening, CEO Park will personally send the goods + special delivery service

2. From 20-25th, join as a member and there will be chance to win encore concert ticket

3. After purchase, write your product review. 30 pieces of member self autograph photographs to be won.

4. If purchase more than 30,000 won, free gift: a small wallet/shopping bag

5. If purchase more than 100,000 won, free gift: SS501 '5 Men 5 Year' album

[19/02] SS501 Hyun Joong @ Samsung Credit Card CF Behind the Scene

CR: SS501MiniUFO @ youtube

[19/02] SS501 members left short messages on RoyalAve

CR: violet + liezle.blogspot

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Members of SS501 left message/reply on FreeTalk ^^ on Jung Min's short message

Royal Avenue, be a big hit!!!!!!
Korean to English translation by violet / liezle' blog

Park Jung Min DATE ( 2010-02-20 13:38:07 ) │ HIT 11

Royal Avenue, be a big hit!!!!!!

Kim Hyun Joong.......Hit the jackpot, Jungmina 2010/02/20 13:39

Kim Hyung Joon.........Eu heu heu heu heu(baby's unique laughter)Park Jung Min, Hi? kk 2010/02/20 13:39

Kim Kyu Jong......... I will buy a lot. Hee Hee^^ 2010/02/20 13:41

Heo Young Saeng......... Work hard!! 2010/02/20 13:41


Below is the original message

지금 로얄 애비뉴에 오빠들이 정민오빠 글아래 댓글 달아요~!!!

NAME 박정민 DATE ( 2010-02-20 13:38:07 ) │ HIT 11


김현중 대박나라정민아 2010/02/20 13:39 [kim hyun joong]

김형준 으흐흐흐흐박정민안녕?ㅋㅋ 2010/02/20 13:39 [kim hyung joon]

김규종 내가많이사줄께 히히^^ 2010/02/20 13:41 [kim kyu jong]

허영생 열심히!! 2010/02/20 13:41 [heo young saeng]

[18/02] The reason behind Kim Hyun Joong's more gleaming love for fans

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Credits to + nate news + SS601 + (English translation)

Recently the incidents in the entertainment circle, is none other than the violence of managers towards fans as well as Kim Hyun Joong's beaming love for fans.

The reasons behind the manager's assault towards fans who thought most preciously for stars hasn't yet been justified, with regards to such incidents, the special affection Kim Hyun Joong has for fans has been thus exposed.

Recently, Kim Hyun Joong has specially directly written a letter and chose a present for a sick female Thai fan. In addition, he has also got to know about the place which the Thai fan stays in through a phone call.

Kim Hyun Joong has known about the situation of the Thai fan in Bangkok where he arrived at for a Bangkok concert, after hearing that to be able to see his face even just for once could become a great strength to the Thai fan, the present that was delivered through the help of a phone call gave strength to her battle with her illness.

This love for fans that Kim Hyun Joong has had turned into a stark contrast with that against the manager's assault.

Kim Hyun Joong's love for fans has long been well-known in the entertainment circle. He knows fans who love him feels grateful about loving him, so whenever it is, he would give his gratified heart to fans, to this, Kim Hyun Joong's love for fans just seemed even more gleaming.

Jung Min featured at On Style Magazine

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So that is why Jung Min holds a camera in Bangkok and stayed behind.

Credits to 3kimheoparkss501

Short message from CEO Park

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All his 4 sentences are in exclamations, like my previous entry. kekeke I think he's talking about the royal avenue website, which just opened. I'm pretty sure here's freaking out and nervous about it. 

CEO Park, I love it and the clothes are so nice. Shoes and bags section isn't ready yet and I want to see what they have to offer. I saw one nice clutch in the model's hand and it's skully! 

Credits to +

Original message:

[정민]지금~!! 2010-02-20 오전 12:11:05

로얄에비뉴 오픈했습니당~!!

아 떨려떨려~!!


여러가지 이벤트도 있어요~~!!♡

English translation:
Credits to (Chinese translation)LOVE小马马@ NO.43Park + (English translation)

Now~!! (20-February-2010, 12:11:05 AM)

Royal Ave has already opened~!!

Ahh nervous nervous~!!

Come to play ne~~!!!

There's also many activities o~!!

His own responses to the message:

Credits to violet @ Liezle's blog
- It's told that there is a terrible lag. Are there pictures?
- Why aren't~~~TT They have to turn out.
- There seems to be problems, will install more quickly.
- Everyone, order please~ I'm still here...kk
- Please join~ Weoi Weoi(Go Go)~~^^ There are many clothes that were not uploaded, will upload everyday
- Being updated because of a lag.
- Being updated because of a lag.
- Available abroad too~^^

CEO Park's Online Shopping Site is Now Open!

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Wow! It's open! And boy! it does look good. I love the products. I wanna buy some! But I can't understand a thing! Somebody help! Okay... calm down I've been writing everything in exclamation points.

Gotta go, I still have to look around.

Credits to

Got this info from

1.)if you shop more than 100,000 won you would be given the personally autographed "5 Men 5 Years" DVD

2.) Jungmin does the shipping himself okay. You just have to transfer the money into his designated bank account will do

3.) They have international shipping.

SS501 Asia Tour Persona Encore Concert - Fandom Association Event Info

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This notice may look familiar to you. We have actually posted the original piece in Korean and with an additional english translation. This time, they have released the actual notice in English. I don't want to brag but I really have to learn the Green Pea song now and make sure my iPhone has enough battery on the 28th. (kekeke)

Credits to

[18/02] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong hope to buy royalty of japan manga 'Berserk'

Credit: + xinhn @ + (English translation)

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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong has a new wish.

After acted in KBS 2TV 'Boys over Flowers', Kim Hyun Joong started to have a double role of a singer cum actor. After acting, now Kim Hyun Joong has a new wish to produce his own production. Kim Hyun Joong said: "Just like 'Boys over Flowers' also wish to buy the royalty to buy Japan Drama '
Berserk' and make it into a movie. I will be in charged of the production and also acting in it. However, of course have to wait until I have earned enough money to do this."

Kim Hyun Joong will write some script during the free time of his busy schedule. In 2007, he wrote a 4 part article 'That Man, That Woman', and was once posted in SS501 official website. "The screw of the plane was loosen so could only depart late.". "I will shift out, Jung Min's room is only 19 seconds size' and a lot of Kim Hyun Joong 4th dimension character could be seen in those article. His fans even gave Kim Hyun Joong the nickname of 'Author Kim'.

Kim Hyun Joong related company personal said: "Kim Hyun Joong is multi talented. When he was writing the 4 part article, he wrote it very seriously. This time, due to his acting work, he seems to be interested in production work too."

[18/02] Double Joongs sighting @ SNSD Jessica's 'Legally Blonde Musical' [fan account]

CR: JI_AMO + Baidu Tieba DBSK + 妃茵 @ + (English translation)

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i just loooove jaejoong's sports car. pretty sleek!

On 15th, the day after Valentine Day, according to Korean fan, Hero Jae Jong drove his cool R8 sports car, together with Mickey Yoo Chun and Hyun Joong, attended SNSD Jessica's musical.

I guess normally he also will drive his sports car and go home together with Hyun Joong (^_^)
In this musical, Lee Honey who was selected by Hyun Joong in Champagne as his ideal girl was also one of the actress. XDD

Two of the person who was circled in the picture, the person in front who was wearing a hat was Hero Jae Joong, and the person behind, who was looking at his handphone was Mickey Yoo Chun, and...... the person standing beside Jae Joong wearing a gray hoodie was wuri wangja Hyun Joong (look at the flat high school hairstyle, haha~ )
Why Saengie was not together with them, hmmm..... the conclusion is: Jessica was not Saengie's cup of tea, his ideal is..... you know who.... XDD

It was freezing and yet he was still wearing low cut tee, Jae Joong really was not scared of cold!
Previously in Vancouver he was also wearing sleeveless tee = =
But it is alright, the black woolen hat on your head is warm enough~
Because that's the 'couple hat' which you and Hyun Joong shared... Haha!
Look at that photo of Hyun Joong return to Seoul from Bangkok, he was also wearing a black woolen hat then when Saengie was beside him. (^_~)

Some corrections on this post from Liezle's blog:

Hyun Joong was not at those photos of four men at all. He did watched the show with his pals Jae Joong and Yoo Chun but left  separately.

[18/02] SS501 Hyun Joong headphone & pendant @ Persona Thailand

CR: (Originally posted by) / elley0606 + (photo) As tagged + (Reposted by) + (Product by) + ss501ufo.blogpsot

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Description of pendant: Mini double heart tag pendant in sterling silver. On a 16” chain.
More info:
Price: US$100

CR: Credit: (Photo) + (Reposted by) + (Product photo)

Studio Headphone ~ Beats by Dr. Dre Studio by Monster
Studio High Definition Headphones with Powered Noise Cancellation
Artists and producers spend countless hours fine-tuning and mixing music to get it exactly how they want their fans to hear it. But the vast majority of headphones can’t accurately reproduce the intricacies produced in the studio. Studios, simply put, can. With precision-engineered, advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and powered noise cancellation, you hear music the way today’s top artists and producers want you to hear.

Selling Price: US$349.95
More information: Here

i was really shock when i saw the fans photos of leader wearing those headphones!
coz thats the headphones that i was saving for a while now... T.T

well i dunno i think im collecting headphones/headsets.. lol
keeping music to myself.... wakekek

[18/02] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, “Become a Progamer” ratings reach the national record of 1.092%!

Credit: Pretty Boy + Chinese Translation: 維尼@withjun + English translation:

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MBC GAME channel recently popular hit live entertainment “SS501 Hyung Jun, Become a Progamer”, Hero Kim Hyung-jun’s “infinite affinity” not only captured the hearts of the audience but also shows the ratings over Cable TV’s DABAK ratings ceiling.

As noted above GAME television since its inception, except live game show PRO LEG, MSL programs, the highest ratings of non-live games show’s benchmark is around 1% and this program has recorded over the good results of this benchmark. This is equivalent to a counter-attack for the saying that GAME television programs other live games are difficult to evaluate the success. Internal relevant personnel also evaluate this as a re-lighting of the possibility of live entertainment and also a result of the further escalation of the GAME program.

According to the professional ratings investigation of TNS survey, This program broadcasted by MBC GAME on the 17th (Wed) reached a national average rate of 1.029 percent viewership (share of 4.18%), The viewership of Male average 13-25 years old’s benchmark rate was 2.208% (share 30.48%), on behalf of the country 10th male generation as the benchmark, then the ratings was 2.445% (share 29.08%), Compared to the national 10th male and female generation, they reach for the benchmark 1.380 percent (share 15.02%), including the ground-wave (KBS MBC SBS, etc.) ratings at the same time is at the first place.

In episode 4 which aired on the 17th, Kim Hyung-jun continue to use the super-affinity throughout the entire program. In the SK TELECOM dormitory, he is like the Happy viruses, which made teammate Yao Ren, coach Lee Woon-Jae and all players are very happy. He broadcasted with Seo Gyeong Jong in radio show. He also have made a rice cake soup for MBCGAME HERO team players. Hyung Jun’s unlimited affinity with the program forward, has been continuing to get stronger.

Especially at 16:30, the moment he and players Seo Gyeong Jong in the open broadcast of SBS program as the benchmark in a national men 13-25 reached the highest rating 3.299% and the instantaneous maximum share of 62.01%, including the ground-wave reached the first to voice the arrogance.

The story of IDOL singer’s challenges for professional gamers as the main content of this program, people are now beginning to look forward toKim Hyung-jun’s Super affinity and his don’t know “what is bad break,” in next time.

[18/02] SS501 Kim Hyung Joon dancing together with contestant Im Yo Hwan

CR: + + (English translation)

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Idol group SS501's maknae Kim Hyung Jun dance together with 'Terran emporor' Im Yo Hwan (SK Telecommunication).

MBC Game reveal on 16th, through 'SS501 Hyung Jun, Become a progamer' turned into progamer trainee, singer Kim Hyung Jun and contestant Im Yo Hwan, Jye Jak Jin show his exceptional skill in dancing.

The production team explained, this incident was because Kim Hyung Jun in order to meet with Im Yo Hwan, went to SK Communication T1 practice room. When fulfilling production team's task 'To teach SS501 dance choreograph to Im Yo Hwan contestant.'

Kim Hyung Jun who has started teaching show the 2:2 group dance to Super Game Contestant Im Yo Hwan, Choi Yeon Sung, Kim Teak Yong.

Also, to welcome New Year turned into a chef, preparing new year Tteokguk soup for MBC Game Hero contestants, Ha Tae Ki directer and Lee Weon Jae instructor.

Kim Hyung Jun special visit to SK communication T1 room and cooking for Hero contestant is shown on 17 afternoon, 4pm at MBC Game's 'SS501 Hyung Jun, become a progamer' Episode 4.

[18/02] SS501 @ Channel V interview photos

CR: Channel V Tweeter + + ss501ufo.blogspot

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