[17/02] SS501 Interview By Channel 3 @ Bangkok

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Host: SS501, let's talk to them.

SS501: Hello, we are SS501.

[SS501 introduce themselves in Thai]

Host: What special show will you have for the concert?

Hyun Joong: Because it is close to the Valentine's Day, we want to give this concert as a special gift for Thai fans.

Host: In the series F4 that Hyun Joong was in as Ji Hoo Sunbae, many Thais are in love with that character. How does Hyun Joong feel about this?

Hyun Joong: I'm very proud. Ji Hoo changed my life. In Korea, this series finished almost a year already, but there are people who still love Ji Hoo. And soon I will have a new drama, please support.

Host: What is your charm to attract women?

Kyu Jong: My attractions are my bright clear eyes and shiny hair.

Young Saeng: My attraction is normally I don't talk much, but when I'm on the stage, I change to a totally different person. Beside that I can dance very well.

Hyung Jun: My attraction is the way I talk. Also, I have very good skin.

Jung Min: I have lots of attractions. First is my sexy eyes. If a girl gazes into my eyes, she could fall in love with me. Another attraction is I am a well-manner and an eloquent speaker.

Hyun Joong: Many people said I have very beautiful eyes. Before I used to wear contact lens, but recently I just had a Lasik surgery. I'm hoping that after the Lasik, my eyes will be even more sparkle.

Host: SS501 is well known by fan clubs for a long time now. Right now there are so many new Korean boy bands. We want to know, what method do you have to keep your fans?

Jung Min: When we worked, we worked like friends and real brothers. When the fan clubs saw our sincere friendship and love for each other, they support our work until today.

Host: Besides music, what other work do you have?

Hyung Jun: For Hyun Joong, everyone already know him well from F4 series. Kyu Jong and Jung Min have acted in dramas. Jung Min is also a CEO of an Internet shopping mall. For me, I am a DJ of a radio station. I also think I want to be a pro gamer. As for Young Saeng, he wants to study more art.

Host: It's two more days till Valentine's Day. We would like SS501 to leave something for the fans.

Kyu Jong: We would like to use this opportunity of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day to have a concert in Thailand, which we want to give this concert as a gift for Thai fans. For those who will miss this concert, they will have another opportunity to see us again in out next concert. Nevertheless, for this concert we will perform our best for Thai fans.

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