[16/02] SS501 Asia Tour Persona Concert

CR: SS601 + translation: OdeDS@SS501ODE.blogspot.com

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This is with regards to the upcoming encore concert, on the last day of encore - 28 February.

All fans are asked to cooperate in this coalition project and give your utmost support by following the steps in the enclosed box as below:

number 1, the song for this coalition event shall be SS501 REBIRTH's 5th track, "Green Peas" (Wan.Du.Kong).

number 2, beginning from "Three, Two, One, Go!" (sett, dool, hana, go!) will mark the start of this event. Before that moment, please appreciate the members' song silently. (^^)

number 3, as soon as "Three, Two, One, Go!" (sett, dool, hana, go!) begins, the all-singalong will begin too. ("sett, dool, hana" = don't sing yet, until "go!" then sing along)
at the same time, turn off your light sticks, and switch on your handphones' power source/lighting and then appreciate and listen.
(*it doesn't just stop after 1 clause! Please keep your enthusiasm all the way until "Wan Du Kong" ends its song, no matter how hard it is) (^^)

number 4, throughout this entire event, taking of pictures, recording of videos is strictly prohibited.

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