SS501 Interview & Concert Cuts by Ch 3 Thailand

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Reporter: We are continuing on to another concert that Thai fans have been waiting for; SS501, five young men from the land of ginseng. The fans were wearing green color shirts and calling themselves Triple S to join the concert, causing Impact Arena to shake with all the scream. For the SS501, this is their first full concert here. They were showing their songs from their first album to the most recent album, altogether more than 21 songs, including Warning and … and … and… other hit songs. Other than that there was also another song to surprise Thai fans, but the press were not allowed to tape that song. That song is RakTher from Tor. The 5 boys were actually singing in Thai (Y: He made a mistake here, since it was only Jung Min who sang that song)

Another reporter: Was their accent pretty clear?

Reporter: It was Ok. But we have something special for the fans of our show. We got a chance to interview them live, close and exclusive. They were also speaking in Thai. Let's listen to their Thai.

[showing SS501]

Reporter: This is the atmosphere before the interview, cute in Korean style. This is the leader of the group, Kim Hyun Joong.

[SS501 introduce themselves in Thai]

Reporter: He said for this concert, it happens close to the Valentine's day. They don't have any gift for the thai fans except for their determination for this concert. They are also confident that they will be back in Thailand for another concert.

Other reporters: The color of this group is light green. But no one was wearing green, just the light sticks that were green. (Y: I was there. There were lots of people wearing green at the concert.)

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