[04/09] HnB company opens

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Okay, my hints on the previous post were right on the money. I can't wait!

Credits to KiBum@Twitter

Hello everyone~
It's the d-day, Sep 4th, 2010.
We finally opened our website HnBcompany.com. HnBcompany (standing for Hyungjun and Kibum) will focus on Character Development and Entertainment Business in Korea. Not only focusing on Piro Piro, the character business, the HnBcompany will also act as the global agency for the singers and entertainers.

We promise you that we will provide you pleasure and happiness with lots of upcoming events.

HnBcompany.com on Sep 4th! The opening of PiroPiro.com on Sep 5th!

Furthermore, you will get the chance to experience characterized fancy goods at the end of September. You won't be disappointed!

Thank you.

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Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum's company

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KiBum has posted in his Cyworld a photo of him and his hyung and something to look forward to on 04 September with regards to their company: HnBcompany.com

Don't you ever wonder what kind of business they are venturing in? But isn't it curious that it is one of the companies that brought Hyung Jung to Singapore and the fact that they use it whenever they do songs? Yes, the logo is all over the FanMeet in Singapore. And look at the printed signature in the poster! See the cute little sticker below. And yes, he signed with SS501.

Credits to KiBum's Cyworld + SS601

Kim Hyun Joong in BASIC HOUSE 2010 FALL Making Video

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Ready, Action! KHJ in Spain Collector's Edition

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Details on First Love Story Making DVD

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Credits to kim-hyunjoong.com + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.comm

Price: 3,990yen (tax inclusive) + Delivery Fee 600yen
1) 1 DVD Making Story (around 60mins)
2) 12 Original Postcards
※Full of treasured footages, NG scenes at Bali and Lake Hamana.

Payment Method: Bank Transfer
Application Period: First Pre-order 4th September 2010 (Saturday) 18:00~ 30th September 2010 18:00
Application via form online
First Pre-order Premium: 1 Live Photo as present!!
※Login code will also be given to those who purchased the Making DVD to access to the members page.

Things to Note
※No cancellation after transfer of money.
※Not available to send overseas.
※Multiple quantity purchase is available for one application.

Delivery: In regards to the delivery of the item, it is sent out by the sales management company in Korea .

Scheduled Sales Date: End December 2010

KJ-net URL : http://www.kj-net.jp
Email: info@kj-net.jp

DVD & PhotoBook Photography/Editing: TWO & PARTNERS
Sponsors: Magna Resort / Sen No Hana / FLOWERS & SWEETS Kilfy
Production Year/Company: 2010 Japan

[03/09] Kim HyunJoong Official Homepage Being Hacked... “Seems to leak overseas”

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Credits to mydaily SPN + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Actor Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage was being hacked prior to its opening.

Kim HyunJoong’s agency Key East revealed on 3-Sep, “Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage was hacked this morning, we discovered that the materials that we were preparing were leaked out.”

Kim HyunJoong’s homepage was planned to be opened in mid-September, but with this hacking incident, the undisclosed videos, photos, etc were leaked out to overseas and local video steaming sites and other websites.

Agency representative said “Kim HyunJoong’s teaser homepage was created but we cannot confirm that the hacking was done through this teaser homepage. The materials were first being released in overseas youtube website, so it seems like the hacking was done by overseas people.”

He added “Homepage was scheduled to open in mid-September. It is a pity that the edited videos, newly shot photos that was supposed to be released with the official opening has been leaked out, but the homepage will still include some other additional stuffs.

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong is currently shooting for MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’.

Here's the video taken out during the hack.

Credits to 김현중Perfect + WWloveHJL3

[03/09] Articles on Naughty Kiss Episode 2 Ratings

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Credits to (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Credits to star.mk.co.kr
MBC new Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss recorded drama ratings of 3.5% on first episode, 3.6% on second episode respectively as according to TNmS ratings association, though it is the lowest amongst all other drama at the same timing slot, Kim Hyun Joong has been receiving praises for his slowly improving acting.

On 3rd September, on Playful Kiss noticeboard, after Episode 2 was broadcasted, about 5000 comments were left, amongst which many left encouraging and supportive messages about Kim Hyun Joong's acting.

Some netizens, "Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have really borne as Baek Seung Jo", "Really portrayed Baek Seung Jo the character very well", "HyunJoong gun is just as handsome as the manga protagonist", leaving praises for Kim Hyun Joong who stars as role Baek Seung Jo.

After which, "As compared to Episode 1, Episode 2 was more attractive", "As compared to Boys over Flowers time, his lines seem now more natural, and his acting has improved more", "In terms of visual, I cannot not follow after Kim Hyun Joong. His acting has also improved bit by bit, I'm anticipating", leaving supportive entries throwing aside critics for his acting.

Others include, "Episode 1 was a little boring, but Episode 2 is more interesting. For dramas like that, there are obvious people who find it good and not good, for those people who likes it, they really like it", "Kinda sad that there wasn't some deep introduction to the characters", "If Baek Seung Jo is a little tougher more it'll be better", showing diverse comments.

Some others commented, "Before the drama started, as compared to those heated topic of discussions, I don't seem to have gone crazy over it despite my huge anticipation", "For the sake of ratings, why not make them appear in CFs and go on variety programmes consistently", "Pay more attention to their codi and makeup", leaving suggestions for more room of improvement as well.

On the other hand, group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong has been receiving much love from public with his flower boy syndrome inducement with his pervious KBS drama Boys over Floewrs as Yoon Jihoo of F4.

Credits to reviewstar.net
SS501 Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have verified talks of whether or not his MBC drama Playful Kiss would be like a bubble as his drama's ratings recorded low results in just 2 episodes.

2nd September aired Playful Kiss episode 2. In episode 2, plain girl Oh Hani happened to move into the chic guy who is Number 1 across entire school Baek Seung jo's house as it illustrated the start of their home-mate story.

In this day's episode, Oh Hani doesn't know whether to feel happy or sad that she is now living under the same roof as Baek seung Jo whom she has always seen in her dreams, and in this episode also delivered many of her lively and quirky scenes as she attracted the eyeballs of male audiences.

Also, although Baek Seung Jo displays his cynical side all the time, he appeared to go to Oh Hani's rescue as she was in distress with a pervert and struck himself across as the prince who goes to save one in trouble, and with that it shook Oh Hani's heart once again.

However even if with acting from these two like this, it was not easy to captivate the hearts of audiences. On this day's episode 2, it recorded tv ratings of 3.6% and did not seem to have much difference from its ratings of 3.5% for Episode 1.

It seems like many fans are disappointed and finds it pitiable that Kim Hyun Joong's majesty could not be found in Playful Kiss ever since his last KBS Boys over Flowers as Yoon Jihoo from F4.

This drama that is led by Kim Hyun Joong and consists of newbie Jung Somin, Lee Taesung, Hong Yoonhwa, Yoon Seungah, Jang Ah Young, Jung Hyeyoung etc was made in hope of MBC Wed-Thurs drama's resurrection. However, with its low ratings, it did not seem like it was able to disregard the 5% ratings that previous MBC work 'Road number one' had achieved.

Also, Playful Kiss does not seem to be able to be put side by side against dramas of its same timing slot SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' and 'Baker king Kim Tak Goo' as it staggers itself.

Credits to wangnam.co.kr
MBC drama Playful kiss recorded ratings of 3.7% as it increases slightly.

On the 3rd, according to AGB Nilson Media Research, Playful Kiss that aired itself 2nd September, nationwide ratings was 3.7%, and this was higher by 0.2% than Episode 1's 3.5% on 1st September.

-3rd and 4th paragraph omit, summarizes Ep.2-

On the other hand, dramas in same timing slot like KBS 'Baker king Kim Tak goo' had 45% of ratings, while SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' had ratings of 12%.

Credits to bntnews.hankyung.com
Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have left deep impressions in audiences in Episode 2 of Playful Kiss as he captivated the attention of the television screen.

Kim Hyun Joong who aroused a bout of syndrome with Jihoo sunbae in Boys over Flowers is now challenging the role of a perfect eom-chin-a 'Baek Seungjo' who possesses wealth, looks, talent, and he is expected to excite yet another 'Baek seung jo syndrome' with that.

-3rd and 4th paragraph omit, summarizes episode 2-

Netizens whom after watching the day's episode left comments, "Looks so much more like Seungjo as compared to in Episode 1", "Looks like Hyunjoong oppa has perfectly transformed into Baek Seungjo", "Kim Hyun Joong is totally attractive even while he reads! Synchronization 200%", "Feeling happy because behind his arrogance, I see that hidden delicateness in him. Anticipating next episode", showing their anticipation for future episodes and praises to his acting.

Tour of Baek Seung Jo's house

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Thanks to iamsom for the tip. I think Hansol Home Deco is one of the sponsors.

Credits to www.hansolhomedeco.co.kr + aving

[28/08] Hyun Joong sighting at his residence

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Yes, these two handsome young men have been staying together and I find it very cute that the security guard do take note of some cute little things to share with fans.

Credits to 卡哇依瑶瑶 @hyunbar66 + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

On the night of 27th, after shopping, we stroll leisurely to "someone's" place...
We went to the convenience store nearby and bought a big bag of tidbits and started our endless wait~~
Waiting has always been long and boring... We fighted with the mosquitoes and the sleeping good for a long time..

Just when it was almost 4am, we looked over together at the street, Oh My God.. the front lights of his car appeared~~
Both of us were pretty cool standing at the gate like 2 guards seeing him in ... (We do not want to disturb Hyun Joong, we only want to see him for a while only~~)
Hyun Joong seems surprised and suspicious with our appearance...
Thereafter, about 4hrs later..(coughs... Hyun Joong only slept just a little while... feeling heartache for him, I told my friend, couldn't the car come later to fetch him, so that he could sleep a while more...)

While the both is us were pacing around, at around 8:30, the car appeared behind us and entered the area~
Have to mentioned this, surprisngly the guard rushed out and talked to us.
Asking if we are fans of Jae Joong? Or are we fans of Hyun Joong?
We said we are fans of Hyun Joong and he continue asking if we from Japan?
We replied saying we are from China~
He again continued saying Hyun Joong fans rarely come here, mostly are Jae Joong fans...
We expressed that we understand what he had said... the guard was dancing with joy... making both of us laughing non stop..

The incident that happened later....we felt that we are in bliss and could have just died!!!
First we saw Hyun Joong taking the elevator, he was in all black, wearing a black tank top and a black cropped pants with his black slippers... head looking down and walked lazily into the elevator~~~
After entering the elevator, he was facing the mirror and fiddling with his hair~~
Hyun Joong's hair looks as if he had just washed it and it's still not dry yet.
The ends of the hair on the left side of his neck are still a little damp.
He was ruffling his hair gorgeously with swift moves~~
The elevator stopped at the car park level and Hyun Joong again strolled out lazily and boarded the car.
We quickly stared at where he's seated and seeing him off~~
Thereafter, unintentionally, we saw his new car...
We were stunned, just as expected it's the type of car Hyun Joong likes... magnificent and grand...
The guard told us Hyun Joong's head is always looking down when he's in the elevator.... always...
Although we didn't have direct interactions with Hyun Joong... but we felt satisfied enough that we could have died now...

【【【【【Due to Hyun Joong's privacy, please do not ask me any questions about it~ Please understand that it would be hard for me to answer...】】】】】

[02/09] Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Somin's expression acting as the highlight

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Credits to gwangnam.co.kr + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Somin's expression acting was the highlight of it all.

On 2nd September at 9.55pm, MBC Playful Kiss which aired its 2nd episode managed to deliver its feeling into the hearts of audiences with their facial expressions.

Because the original was a manga, overly exaggerated action scenes have to be added on to give some 'flavor'. However if you are to understand it as a work that will stick as sincerely as possible to the original version, only then you would find its fun having been doubled.

Kim Hyun Joong's role in the drama as Baek Seung Jo is arrogant and tough and is also man of fewer words, as he consistently poprtrayed it as.

While on the other hand, Oh Hani is bright and cheerful, talkative, and is mostly overly exaggerated yet the best. Her facial expressions delivered seem to be able to aptly portray joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, which will instantly make you confused if you are reading from a manga.

Because its original was a manga, fantasy and parodies appeared here and there in drama.

-next two paragraphs ommitted, summarized some scenes in Episode 2-

After the broadcast, netizens left comments on the board like, "Until now I still can't find myself melting for this drama nor if the actors have seriously dwelved into the drama or not", expressing their sadness. While some others, "Because the original was a manga, it seems like the acting of the casts have managed to stick sincerely to the original. Though there are some pitiable parts if you compare to Taiwan and Japanese version, they have did well nonetheless", showing praises.

The one that attracted about attention is the role of Annyong Bada. Interchanging between scene A and scene B, Annyong Bada's performed music managed to interchange it appropriately. They are an indie band who has achieved recognition through 'Im Legend'.

[03/09] Kyu Jong's new message for his pretties

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Credits to ss501.dspenter.com + (English translation) ss501fighting.wordpress.com

Is… Long time no see..It’s been a long time. (2010-09-03 AM 2:20:51)

Wow I left a post..

Actually my laptop… hmm ..( I ) went to LA with Young Saeng to play..ㅜ

(This is) My my reason without notebook … I’ve been trying hard.. so!! Tried to pull out the thing which wrote before

Seems be!! Wow.. although a little slow, but ^ ^ is really good ~

Really!! Beauties … hmmhmm…

Do you subsist the typhoon well?…?? ㅜ Last night the wind blew too so I am not sleeping..ㅜ

Worries about the window… hukhuk..

Therefore spreads all day long to sleep today…^^

What’s up with everybody ..?!!

ㅎㅎ We are all doing well!!!

I am knowing well what you are worried ..^^ But do not worry, we get it!

We are always good ㅎㅎ ^^ Remember?! Our spirit ㅎㅎ!!

We’re always gone through with flying colors with confidence!

Elder brother is age and beard grew up a lot ..ㅎㅎ However to try to be pretty ㅎㅎ

Maybe the heart still in high school! ㅎㅎ but.. Already going on in mid 20′s !

Seemed like yesterday wearing school uniform when practicing a song ..^^

Anyway!! Recently school is started?!! Holiday’s over ~ ~ Everybody aja aja let’s fighting!!!

Always smiling aja aja !!! ^^

Everybody knows it’s a busy time but we have each other to live happily?!!

Fate touches us all ..! Let’s always enjoy joyfully and go to sleep ^^

Remember we will to get old together?! I’ll add one more thing ! Laugh and age together

We together ^^ hehe… bye bye ~

I know that the night must end..
And that the sun will rise..
And that the sun will rise ..
I know that the clouds must clear..
And that the sun will shine..
And that the sun will shine ..♡^^

Trip to the United States .. I saw the musical Lion King .. (This) was a phrase which reached to mind. ^^

As we all laugh together .. ^ ^

He went to the TOKTOK room as well.

잘자요요용 [규종]

Sleeps well [Kyu Jong]

행복한 웃음 가득한곳..만들 수 있죠..^^ [규종]

A happy place filled with laughter .. Can you make ..[Kyu Jong]

Here's another translation.

Credits to SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Eeyah...It’s been a long time.. Really long time..^^
2010-09-03 2:20:51am

Woah leaving a message..
Actually, my notebook.. hmm hmm.. I went on vacation to LA with YoungSaeng.. T
Without any reasons, my my notebook.. Hard disk spoilt.. that’s why!! I I took out the old one I had used before and try to use
It works!! Woah.. It’s a little slow but ^^ well, it’s good~~
Well!! Pretties... hmm hmm
Did you put up with the typhoon well?...?? T Because the wind was blowing so strong last night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep... T
I was worrying over the windows and doors.. heuk heuk...
Thanks to that, I was able to sleep the whole day today...^^
Is everyone doing good..?!!
Hee hee All of us are doing well !!!
I know that everyone is worrying about us..^^ But it’s really fine that you don’t have to worry!! 
We have always been good hee hee ^^ Don’t you remember?! Our groundless confidence (*a phrase they used when they had their debut stage, shown in m!pick) hee hee!!
We will always bravely and confidently go on!!
Because we are getting older, hyungs grew more moustaches.. hee hee nevertheless, please continue to like us hee hee
Maybe my mind is still a high school student!! Hee hee But.. I’m already mid-twenties! 
It seems like yesterday that we wore uniform and practiced singing together...^^
Anyways!! School reopened recently right?!! Because holiday ended~~ Everyone let’s aja aja Fighting!!!
Always aja aja (work hard) while smiling!!! ^^
Everyone knows that even if each of us live enjoyably, there are busy times right?!!
All of us are connected with affinity like this..!! Always live your life enjoyably and happy ^^ 
Remember that we said to grow old together?! I will add one more! Grow old while smiling together
Us, together^^ Hehe Annyoung Annyoung~

I know that the night must end.. 
And that the sun will rise.. 
And that the sun will rise ..
I know that the clouds must clear.. 
And that the sun will shine..
And that the sun will shine ..¢½^^

During my trip to America.. I watched the Lion King musical.. this part touched my heart..^^
We smile together. Everyone together..^^

HQ Scans from AstaTV Sept 2010 Issue

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Credits to Investigation KHJ

[03/09] ‘Naughty Kiss’ has high download rates despite low ratings

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Credits to Supermar@allkpop

MBC drama Playful Kiss had a rocky start, receiving only a 3.5% viewer rating for the first episode. However, Playful Kiss is excelling in other areas.

A representative in charge of iMBC homepages revealed, ‘The homepage for Playful Kiss received the sharpest increase of visitors compared to the other MBC programs. Aside from Korea, visitors from Japan, China, Malaysia, and South America also graced the homepage.‘

CINE21, who is in charge of online downloads, expressed, ‘After the broadcast of the first episode, the number of downloads for Playful Kiss was larger than the average downloads for Iris, which had 30% ratings. It looks like the online response is very hot.’

Playful Kiss is more popular than I thought! I hope its ratings will increase soon.

Official MV for G.NA "Kiss Me"

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Credits as tagged + 3kimheopark501

Preview for Naughty Kiss Episode 3

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Credits to 히히@egloos.com + 3kimheopark501

Ready, Action! in Spain Photobook Korean Version for Release

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Aigoo, I want this. Click on the link below.

Credits to crazyidol.co.kr + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Release date: September 15

Advanced Pre-ordering period: 2010 September 1 ~ September 7 (After Sept 7 it will be normal preordering)

[02/09] Hyun Joong's Photos from the 2011 Calendar Photoshoot surfaced

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Credits as tagged + Baidu

[02/09] Effect of actor-idols: awkwardness

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Credits to star.mt.co.kr + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

'Actor Idols' Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun are both receiving attention inside and out with their poor drama ratings for the latter half year that couldn't manage to drive people crazy with their initial anticipation.

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong who had successfully advanced as an actor through last year's KBS Boys over Flowers has returned to the local TV scene on 1st September with MBC new Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss.

DBSG member Micky Yoochun has also begun developing his performance in his first KBS 2TV drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' last August 30.

Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun have both been receiving attention before their local TV drama battle began its first broadcast. Both of them belong to idol groups and receives love from not just domestic fans but also international wide. It is a fact that both of them created buzz and anticipation for their TV drama battle this time round.

Both Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun who began as idol group members and are now challenging a new status as an actor star in pure dramas that target towards the teenage males and females of the 10s generation, and it is expected that these two will contribute to the power of this 'actor-idol' syndrome that's heating itself up slowly.

According to AGB Nilson Media Research, 'Playful Kiss' recorded ratings for its first episode as 3.5%, while Yoon Siyun and Lee Young Ah's KBS 2TV 'Baker king Kim Tak Goo' recorded ratings as 44.0%; Shin Minah and Lee Seunggi's 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' with 11.9% ratings.

'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' 1st episode's drama ratings was 6.3%. While on that same day (30 August) at the same time slot, MBC's 'Dongi' recorded ratings of 27.3%, while SBS 'Giant' recorded ratings of 20.9%.

Of course, because Playful Kiss and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are targeting towards the female audiences of the 10s generation, it has been receiving hot concern. That's for sure since it stars male idols. Both Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun managed to pass the passing mark with their natural side shown in terms of acting. But in terms of ratings, they are going through an ordeal with both their dramas taking the lead in the same timeslot as they set forth their first bitter-sour step.

Though he is no 'actor idol', Lee Seung Gi who is currently active as the singer and variety programme MC of the new generation, he records drama ratings of 10% and around for his drama 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' as he also receives praises for his acting. In terms of results shown, he indeed is on the side of advantage as compared to 'actor idols' Kim Hyun Joong and Micky Yoochun.

In this period of time where idol group members are feverishly transforming into 'actor idols', the concern of showbiz personnels could be seen. Because these idol stars did not yet receive verification for their acting as they are casted in dramas only for their fame and popularity which reveals skepticism from people.

A related drama company PD, "In the case of actor-idols, because of their star quality, in terms of buzz and topic, it's a fact that it creates a huge bout of attraction. And exactly because of that, it has already recorded itself in a high position up there due to casting buzz".

However this PD also further expressed on, "In terms of actor-idols who are unable to get recognition for their acting, if they want to achieve landslide victory, even their huge star factor would not be able to add on more power. Though this is commonly felt so too by all showbiz personnels, in this generation where star casting is a on-the-go, it is expected that actor-idols would continue to flourish ahead in showbiz".

Last but not least, "Should actor-idols possess both the star factor AND acting skills, the highest synergy effect would then be achieved by itself. And that's when actor-idols' hard work gets truly paid off".

[02/09] Hyung Jun tweets as Choco

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Credits to HyungJun@Twitter + (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Hello, I'm Choco who is the aegyo with 100 marks and always lovable. I'm very tired today, so I have uploaded just a single shot of mine when I was sharing a conversation with Hyung Jun oppa, heh heh . Meong meong~ I'm pretty right? Don't be jealous of me, ke kek

[02/09] Official Photos for Naughty Kiss Episode 2

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Credits to imbc.com