[28/08] Hyun Joong sighting at his residence

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Yes, these two handsome young men have been staying together and I find it very cute that the security guard do take note of some cute little things to share with fans.

Credits to 卡哇依瑶瑶 @hyunbar66 + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

On the night of 27th, after shopping, we stroll leisurely to "someone's" place...
We went to the convenience store nearby and bought a big bag of tidbits and started our endless wait~~
Waiting has always been long and boring... We fighted with the mosquitoes and the sleeping good for a long time..

Just when it was almost 4am, we looked over together at the street, Oh My God.. the front lights of his car appeared~~
Both of us were pretty cool standing at the gate like 2 guards seeing him in ... (We do not want to disturb Hyun Joong, we only want to see him for a while only~~)
Hyun Joong seems surprised and suspicious with our appearance...
Thereafter, about 4hrs later..(coughs... Hyun Joong only slept just a little while... feeling heartache for him, I told my friend, couldn't the car come later to fetch him, so that he could sleep a while more...)

While the both is us were pacing around, at around 8:30, the car appeared behind us and entered the area~
Have to mentioned this, surprisngly the guard rushed out and talked to us.
Asking if we are fans of Jae Joong? Or are we fans of Hyun Joong?
We said we are fans of Hyun Joong and he continue asking if we from Japan?
We replied saying we are from China~
He again continued saying Hyun Joong fans rarely come here, mostly are Jae Joong fans...
We expressed that we understand what he had said... the guard was dancing with joy... making both of us laughing non stop..

The incident that happened later....we felt that we are in bliss and could have just died!!!
First we saw Hyun Joong taking the elevator, he was in all black, wearing a black tank top and a black cropped pants with his black slippers... head looking down and walked lazily into the elevator~~~
After entering the elevator, he was facing the mirror and fiddling with his hair~~
Hyun Joong's hair looks as if he had just washed it and it's still not dry yet.
The ends of the hair on the left side of his neck are still a little damp.
He was ruffling his hair gorgeously with swift moves~~
The elevator stopped at the car park level and Hyun Joong again strolled out lazily and boarded the car.
We quickly stared at where he's seated and seeing him off~~
Thereafter, unintentionally, we saw his new car...
We were stunned, just as expected it's the type of car Hyun Joong likes... magnificent and grand...
The guard told us Hyun Joong's head is always looking down when he's in the elevator.... always...
Although we didn't have direct interactions with Hyun Joong... but we felt satisfied enough that we could have died now...

【【【【【Due to Hyun Joong's privacy, please do not ask me any questions about it~ Please understand that it would be hard for me to answer...】】】】】


  1. For some strange reason, my heart hurts right now...

    The guard told us Hyun Joong's head is always looking down when he's in the elevator.... always...

  2. Lizzy:

    what does it means?? huhuhu

  3. i wanna know what he drives~~~ is that too hard to answer???? :(

  4. I think a commended Triple S fans for keeping distance and respecting SS501 privacy for they know they don't like that unlike other groups fans although understandable for their devotedness but to the point of stalking their every move and even posting their house, cars and pictures taken in a most private moment like eating, walking their dogs, etc. That is why the guard knows how respecful the Triple S fans are and he accomodated them.