SS501 Kim Hyung Jun @ Music High sings Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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Another Baby's version

SS501 Park Jung Min OnStyle Magazine What Women Want - Episode 11

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SS501 Jung Min's photo for the new album?

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The final episode of Jung Min's 'What Women Want' just wrap up and Jung Min's new photo for SS501's new album was shown while it was airing.

He wrote a message for his employees on his image that says,
"I'm watching you. Do it right~!!!"

Hyung Joon with Kim Chang Ryul & Park So Hyun

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100507 10:30 PM KST Hyung Joon is filming SBS program

[06/05] On Contract Renewals and such

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This is kinda tiring really reading speculations from different media corners. It has actually become so irritating that I simply have to post this compendium of related news on Hyun Joong and the fate of SS501. Please note that everything is on hearsay and speculations, nothing is set in stone.

People do change: remember that. Here's what all I can say for now. Whatever is Hyun Joong's decision will be, I will support him. What I want to know is what is his goal? What is his vision for himself 10 or 15 years from now? Does he want to be a distinguished singer or an accomplished actor? Any other way, I truly believe that he has a long, long way to go. Sorry ardent Hyun Joong fans, but that is the real truth. I am a huge, huge Kim Hyun Joong fan - he is my no. 1 SS501 boy man. But from the looks of things, yes looks that's where he gets his leverage. He's not a natural-born actor nor an exceptional singer. What he's got is the x-factor and the perseverance to excel.

I think his popularity now outside of Korea is thanks to both BOF and SS501 activities. He got into the overseas fans psyche because of BOF, but if SS501 did not concentrate on overseas activities, he'd just be another cute actor in some k-drama. SS501 activities/concerts sealed the deal. Fans suddenly realized that there's more to this guy that just being a jilted great looking guy. It's the same thing that's happening to that guy from C.N.Blue Jung Yong Hwa.

I bet you that there's no other person more annoyed with all things thrown in the table than Kim Hyun Joong. So let's all wait.

Credits to various news press (naver,daum,newsen,yonhap,star mt etc) + (English translation)

Popular group SS501's leader KimHyunJoong's contract with company DSP Entertainment will expire on next month, which aroused the interest of everyone in the entertainment circle about his future moves.

Besides doing singer activities under group SS501, KimHyunJoong also starred in drama Boys over Flowers which boosted his popularity and arose to an A-lister in the FA markets. Entertainment circle related personnel said, KimHyunJoong's moves have been the focus of attention in chinese speaking countries as well as in Asia, and because SS501 is a hugely popular group whose activities have been influential enough, their future activities have also been under scrutiny.

On the 6th, according to DSPEnt personnel and a close acquaintance of the members, up until now, KimHyunJoong has not had renewed his contract with DSP yet, many various agencies are now offering him huge amount of renewal fee with them to join in their agency company.

Right after the japan concert in Saitama Arena Japan ended, SS501 members have been gathering together to discuss about their future plans.

A related personnel and representative of a particular agency has expressed, KimHyunJoong might be joining forces with the three members of DBSG (JaeJoong, Junsu, Yoochun) who has left SM company in their new company, there's a possibility", and, "DBSG's 3 members (who has left SM) is the center of focus asian-wide, and since they have been carrying out many various activities everywhere, they had been directing towards the right direction. Especially since KimHyunJoong has been living in the same house as JaeJoong, they have been having many talks about their career like this already".

Also, recently KimHyunJoong met up with BaeYongJoon, their secret meeting caused about many speculations in the ent world.

Though with such a situation, there's still also a possibility that KimHyunJoong may continue to stay in his present agency.

A related personnel said, "SS501 will be making comeback with their new album in this month, and since so, they have been discussing with the agency company about their temporary stay in the company for another 1 more month", mentioning such a point like that. With regards to KimHyunJoong's leave or stay, there are many speculations circulating around, and it seems like these talks will not be dismissed in the month to come about SS501's decision.

On the other hand, if KimHyunJoong ends up in another company, though he would also be continuing his actor activities, he would also be continuing with SS501's singer activities separately. Just like the current Shinhwa members, though in different agency companies, they have still been holding activities under the name of Shinhwa. Another one is group G.O.D, members have still been carrying out activities in unison at times though belonging to two separate agencies. To this, just what choice will KimHyunJoong make has really been arousing the interest of every party.

To sum it up, whether or not the following 3 choices, KimHyunJoong will continue to remain in his present agency company, KimHyunJoong will be an actor with his solo status but yet still carry out singer activities as SS501, or to move to a new agency company with SS501 members, these 3 choices are indeed the time of domineering talks in the entertainment world right this period of time.

Of course on the side of company DSP who's expressed, though HyunJoong will remain in SS501, they will still render utmost support to HyunJoong with his activities carried out as an actor, so whether or not the final decision, they are still in midst of discussion presently.


Because the contract expiry date is drawing nearer, SS501's future moves have aroused the huge concern of fans. Right now, members are preparing for new album. The album is set to be released in mid-may and onwards, and thereafter, there's only about 2~3 weeks of comeback promotion until the contract expiry date.

There are many news and articles revolving around the members' renewal as well as unrelated talks. Moreover, right now DSP media's CEO Lee Ho-yeon-nim is still receiving treatment in the hospital, until he recovers and gets discharged, they will need quite some time in order to decide on a proper decision.


KimHyunJoong who is both a singer and an actor isn't just a top star in Korea, but also in asian regions. Whether he will move to a new agency, or continue with DSP media to renew contract, his future moves after contract expires is now the focus of all.

To this, DSP media still has not expressed their firm stand on this. They simply expressed their views to all with "Now is not the right timing to discuss about this", such a standpoint.

DSP media personnel said, "Right now, the CEO is still sick on his bed (CEO Lee Hoyeon-nim), that's why KimHyunJoong's contract renewal direction is still unclear. When the CEO recovers, after that then it's possible for us to discuss this together", and also with, "KimHyunJoong too doesn't find it reasonable to decide on a right decision now before the CEO recovers. He's now fully focused on preparations for upcoming new album to be released in this month".

To this he also added, "Of course by right, what the agency wishes for is that KimHyunJoong and SS501 will remain with them together", "For the sake of this, though we want to but yet unable to come up with firm and detailed discussions, those rumours revolving around KimHyunJoong's future moves from the outside world has been getting kind of annoying because there are just too many talks to this and to that".

On the other hand, though SS501 will be releasing their album soon, but their title track and licensing issues have not even be settled, which asked for the need of a little more time, but they will still push the album out in this month.

Photo's of Jung Min at Shim Shim Tapa radio show

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Kim Hyun Joong SS501 Singing After School - Ah

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hahah i kept on pressing the replay button! hahah
i so love leader. his so random!
singing After School song Ah to keep him awake... kekek

Gummy talks about SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

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i wonder why she also mentioned jaejoong....

The host asked about the reason why Hyun Joong was chosen to act in this MV.
"Is it because of friendship(loyalty)?"
Mostly, she said that it is very difficult to find a suitable male actor to star in the MV
She and Hyun Joong are very best friends longtime ago
So she ask him if he can help her and of course, Hyun Joong accepted the offer right away.
Also, before filming the MV, SS501 had another filming schedule to attend.
Hyun Joong just rush to the filming site at midnight after filming SS501 schedule
He also need to continue filming for 2 over night before going to Japan for concert

The host asks why they'd become good friends.
Gummy said Hyun Joong was introduced by TVXQ Hero Jae Joong to her
"Because both of us are very passionate about music"
and their compatible personality so this made them very closed

Then, the host ask, Does Hyun Joong really loves to drink?
Gummy said Hyun Joong drank more before but recently is more control on his diet and exerise a lot
But Hyun Joong will drink more with his friend because they love drink
They will drink even not in a party…

[ENGSUBBED] SS501 on Sukira Kiss the Radio Show

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Will update this post when the the rest of the parts are uploaded. It looked like it was done a very long time ago but this was only recorded during their promotion period for Rebirth on Nov 2009.

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[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Park Jung Min OnStyle Magazine What Women Want - Episode 10

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[04/05] CEO Park left a message for Royal Avenue patrons

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Credits to Royal Avenue + (English translation) + (photo) marine blue + 501baidu bar

English Translation:

title: This is Royal Avenue HR representative
name: Representative Park Jung Min

This is HR representatives
‘Royal Avenue’ finally being assembled to reopen newly ~~
Wa ~!!!!
How about the new changes of ’Royal Avenue’ ? ^ ^
Everybody How do you love it? ^ ^
You better comment ~ If you want to leave do with the QnA bulletin board
Make your way along with ‘Royal Avenue’ ~

“Lapin Carrot’ in French, they called Rabbit=Lapin ~! Carrots is carrots … hahaha
You know what roughly means? ^^ we made too many products I’ll show you in the future
Do not miss~!

And the brands, designers, etc. ~!! more more will made out pretty nicely ~
The mall will come to have a wide range of many beautiful things to choose from
Styling Your Life NOW from Royal Avenue!! ^0^*

Because many daily postings of the Royal Avenue, Routing information, etc.
often and often I’m coming out to play ~! haha

Very carefully to ‘Royal Avenue’
Come join hands with your friends!! haha
(Dreaming of Bureaus pyramid ..keke)
Representative Park Jung Min

[04/05] Hyun Joong attends another wedding

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Hyun Joong attended yet another wedding but doesn't his clothes the same as in that previous wedding he attended? So wuri Leader wears the same clothes for weddings? (kekeke) Well, it's not the first time I've seen him wore the same clothes more than once.

This time it is Kim Bum's manager's wedding celebration. And what is Kim Joon thinking with that hair?

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[04/05] Hyun Joong played football with Kim Junsu

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Wuri Leader up and about playing football again and here's a fan account

Credits to TVZONEBBS + (Chinese translation) 米修 @ BAIDU KHJ THREAD 百度金贤重吧 + (English translation) happiebb @

Kim Junsu (*bb: Xiah, DBSK) appeared at Gae-PO Dong (*bb: name of an area)
Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Junsu came to play soccer yesterday (03 May)
Saw them on the way back home from the exam
They were playing happily and their skill level were seemingly not bad too, hah

Hyun joong's new set of photos for Basic House

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SS501 TV Program Schedule for the month of MAY and JUNE @ Japan TBS channel

English Translation:

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May 2010:


SS501 Back to SEOUL’08 ~ ~ exclusive interviews and documents

5/9 (Sun) Midnight 0:10~1:10

SS501 Korean super idol group through their activities in Japan and resumed entertainment activities in South Korea for the first time in about 18 months. TBS channel in response to the request of the Japanese fans and hot, exclusive dared contact them! Patterns of activity and entertainment scenery and music video shot in Seoul in South Korea, TBS Channel SS501 only seen the TV Exclusive First Trailer broadcast. We hope to provide an even more exclusive interviews, the fans must see!


Exclusive special adhesion ’09 ~ SS501 in USA

[First] 5 / 09 (Sunday) at midnight – 1:10 ~ 2:10

June 2010:



Date have not yet been confirmed but will be air sometime in June.

Channel TBS, starting in August 2009, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taiwan and the Asian tour lasted seven months as “SS501 THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA”, and exclusive concert at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on the air!

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong for HOTSUN chicken world cup "KOREA REDS"

English Translation:

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[HOTSUN Chicken] Republic of Korea origin of the round of 16! KOREA Reds 400 people will be screened.

Hotsun chicken May 1, “the origin of 16 Republic of Korea!! KOREA Reds 400 people selected,” the event is in progress.

The event World Cup 16, Hotsun Chicken customers with ready to celebrate with emotion and joy as the origin of the 2002 World Cup final round of 4.

The event is in progress from May 1 to May 31, and offered to buy the chicken, application volume is provided. Will draw 400 people to participate in the event of Republic of Korea VS Greece on June 12 with a win at the 63 IMAX theater building and tried to cheer the origin.

T-shirts for those who cheer you become a winning two-in, support tool, you can watch the show I mentioned last batter Fantastic.

Kim Hyun Joong, 'Star whom you wish to cohabit with as roommate like in Personal Taste'

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Okay, I think this was initially done because of Personal Taste's popularity but then Gummy's "As A Man" MV which features Hyun Joong was released last 30th April. Yes, he played in the MV as an unexpected housemate who turned lover then husband. Who wouldn't want to have this handsome young man for a roomie?

Credits to osen kr + (English translation)

Professional music site Monkey3 carried out (yet) another survey targeting towards its 1,217 number of site members from April 23 until April 29 with a survey title of, "Star whom you wish to live together with as roommate like that in Personal Taste (drama)?".

SS501 KimHyunJoong got a total of 483 votes (40%) standing high on top at Number 1 position. Participants have responded with "He looks like someone who could brighten up the mood with that interesting humor of his", "If we were roommates, think I'd be really happy", "If I were to consult him for solutions to my troubles, it seems like he'd be able to give really unexpected solutions with his peculiar ridiculousness", thus revealing the reasons for their choices.

Park Jaebum who starred in movie 'Hype Nation' got Number 2 position with 269votes (22%), Shin SeGyung who starred in 'High Kick Through the Roof' and who has collated high popularity got the 3rd position (142votes, 12%), whilst Sandara Park of 2NE1 who's currently preparing for their new album got the 4th position with 131 votes, 11%.

KBS Wed-Thurs drama 'Cinderella Sister' 's Chun JungMyung and new drama 'BuddyBuddy's newly recruited role-player UEE of AfterSchool each hooked up the 5th and 6th position with 112votes (9%) and 80votes (7%) respectively.

Royal Party for Royal Avenue

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We have reported that Royal Avenue had its official opening last Saturday on 501Day. Well, here are the photos from the said event. CEO Park knows how to throw in a mean party.

Credits to Cloud Nine + Baidu
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