Hyung Jun to Model for Song Zio Homme on next Fashion Week

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Hyung Jun will participate in the [2011 Spring/Summer Seoul Fashion Week Fall] for Song Zio Homme.

Date: 22 Oct 2010
Time: 8:00 PM

Ticket Reservation: http://ticket.yes24.com/Home/Perf/PerfDetailInfo.aspx?IdPerf=8344

[07/10] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun Starring in Musical, Ticket Sales Open on 8th

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SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s Romantic Comedy Musical will start advanced ticket sales on the 8th for local fans to purchase directly.

Recently, in a short span of time, Kim Hyung Jun has been busily participating in various activities such as holding Fanmeeting in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan etc, work as a DJ at SBS , work as MBC Every1 “Midnight Idol” MC, as well as recorded the school song for SBS Hope TV Yoona School.

Kim Hyung Jun will be performing as the male lead in the Made-in- Japan Musical , through the 100 minutes long passionate musical stage, one would be able to appreciate Kim Hyung Jun’s acting and singing skills. Not only local fans are looking forward to this, overseas fans have also made many enquiries about ticket sales.

Originally, tickets will only be on sale 1 month before the performance, however, because of such immense concern, ticket sales will be brought forward by 2 weeks.

Tickets would now have to be purchased directly from the official musical website and not from the performance venue. Beginning on the 8th, tickets can be reserved through Musical Korean website.

Musical has received good response during its premiere from the audience in terms of the work’s completeness, and entertainment value, among others, hence now encore performances will follow.

This time it will be performed by SS501 Kim Hyung Jun in Korea during the end of year period, hence becoming greatly anticipated among the musical lovers, and has also become the Christmas Period’s Musical Date.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed that, “It is the first time being able to spend Christmas and Year End with Musical and the audience, I’m very anxious and I’m looking forward to it. In order not to disappoint, I will return in great shape to repay everyone.”

Kim Hyung Jun has become Asian Representative multi-entertainer through various activities such as songs, movies, dramas, CFs and others. While looking forward to his activities, his sweet romantic comedy musical will begin on November 24 at Samseong-dong Baekam Arts Hall.

[08/10] Choi Sung Gook talks about Hyun Joong in Taxi show

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[ENGSUBBED] Midnight Idols Episode 1


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[09/10] Hyun Joong filming for Playful kiss


[08/10] Hyung Joong filming a date scene with with HaeRa for Playful Kiss


Kim Hyun Joong The Face Shop CF Making Film

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[08/10] Kim Hyung Jun Cafe In Poster Shooting Interview

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[07/10] SS501 featured on Pops in Seoul

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[09/10] Hyung Jun at Music High

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SS501 Star Collection Card Merchandize at GMarket

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Jung Min's Photo at Royal Avenue Website

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[08/10] SS501 Tweet Treats

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[08/10] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun giving another treat to fans with 'Special Package'

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After being selected as the male protagonist for romantic comedy musical [Cafein] as he steps forth as a musical actor, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will be giving another treat to his Korean fans.

This time's goody treat is from Kim Hyung Jun's recent promotion trip to Singapore that includes the real footage of his feverish stage as well as never before revealed videos, and of course a mini photobooklet that makes up the 'Secret Package' as it will go on sale in limited edition. The moment this news was released, SS501 Kim Hyung Jun's fans from international and domestic have begun to be on the loose and create buzzes for this DVD.

After preordering for tickets of Kim Hyung Jun's first stage schedule in the upcoming November 24 for his romantic comedy musical [Cafein], he will be presenting again this new treat to the first 1,000 members of his official Korean homepage in first come first serve basis.

Kim Hyung Jun's agency S-Plus Entertainment has said, "In order to prepare for this special gift to the korean fans who joins as a member of Kim Hyung Jun's official korean homepage that opened last 4th, we've been preparing alot, for this 'Secret Package' DVD that is first opened for sale towards international fans will also be shared with the korean fans in such a manner now as well. This idea actually came from himself".

"Since this is the first series of a special event on his official homepage, he wants to give his fans a meaningful and special gift. It will be presented to 1,000 members of his homepage specially".

Up until now, Kim Hyung Jun's official korean homepage that opened last 4th (September) and till 7th (October), there have already been 4 times of reformation of the server, with the immense amount of traffic coming in on its first day of opening as the server went down.

As though this is an acknowledgement of his popularity, musical [Cafein]'s homepage has had been receiving enormous demand from fans as it begins its ticket purchasing today (8th Oct) night onwards - which is 2 weeks earlier than usual cases. It seems like the amount of bursting traffic influx still repeats itself as it was.

The personnel in charge of the homepage system mentions, the amount of traffic influx right now is so much more unexpected that what they had estimated, for about every 1 hour, if they do not take modulations for the website for even just a while, it could possibly go down in server.

[Cafein] that depicts the sweet and sour romantic comedy story between a guy and a girl stars Kim Hyung Jun who will transform into a charismatic sommelier. He's expressed through his agency that he "will give it all his best in order to repay his fans' anticipation". He is also currently going for singing practices at the rehearsal room near a university, and also goes for drama practices as he puts full concentration in the preparations for his musical [Cafein] to be shown in 2010 Christmas at the end of the year.

This special gift event that will be presented to the korean fans of Kim Hyung Jun who have had preordered for his musical [Cafein] could be further known with more details through Kim Hyung Jun's Korean Homepage and [Cafein] 's homepage, and more notice regarding this event's participation will also be carried out on www.hyungjun.co.kr.

[08/10] Hyung Jun at Oh Bam Ah Episode 2

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[08/10] BTS video of Hyun Joong doing a scene in Playful Kiss

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[06/10] MoreFancams of Young Saeng playing baseball

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Playful Kiss Making Video of the Beach Outing

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[08/10] The loveliness between SeungJo and Hani

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'Playful Kiss' that had been promoting much about the sweet and soft love-line between Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min still seems to be facing a negative growth despite already the 12th episode.

On the episode broadcasted on 7th October, in the 12th episode of Playful Kiss, Baek Seungjo who has declared independency and Oh Hani who's shown her ambition could be seen in the episode, but yet still, the loveline between both of them could not be seen at all as this collates about the unhappiness of the audiences.

During the end of its 11th episode on 6th October, there as a scene portraying Seungjo stealing a secret kiss from Hani's lips, and with that, audiences were anticipating alot on the loveline between both of these two, but yet in its 12th episode broadcasted the following day, Seungjo as usual continued to show his arrogant side towards Hani.

This day's episode showed Hani revealing her honest feelings about her dream revolving around Seungjo, and as Seungjo listes to her, he continues to show an arrogant attitude and does not show his inner feelings.

Playful Kiss that consists of a total 16 episodes is now left with only 4 more episodes to go. In this situation, the loveline between Seungjo and Hani all these while has been taking a choice to surface itself a little here and there as though it will appear and will not appear, and did not add on to the story development phase. To this, audiences left various comments like, "I am now tired to continue to anticipate their loveline already. Why is it always going around in circles, I seriously don't have a clue", "Don't tell me their loveline will only surface itself when its only 1 more episode to go before its finale? Don't get it", showing various reactions etc.

In particular, after Seungjo's 2nd attack kiss towards Hani and after their bed scene, it still only continues to show little traces and hints of the start of their loveline. However, because of the demand for these enticing love scenes between Seungjo and Hani that hasn't been shown yet, majority of the audiences are beginning to show dissatisfaction.

With Playful Kiss continuing to maintain at 5%-plus of ratings, it should consider its biggest disadvantage and that is its story development that hasn't been able to strike a common sentiment as most people. "Of course under the influence of strong rival dramas shown during same timeslot like 'President' and 'Fugitive' is for sure, but they actually possess a hidden card like Kim Hyun Joong yet ratings turn out like that, it's kinda ridiculous and unbelievable", "Kim HyunJoong and Jung SoMin's acting is barely credible", "Jung Somin's character seems to be degrading into a public-nuisance already", comments like these could be seen, too.

Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting in Taiwan Promotional Video 2

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Hyun Joong's Special Event with MVIO

Credits to MVIO + (Chinese translation) 彼岸&宸昕 @ www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com

Please select the best style of Kim Hyun Joong in 'Naughty Kiss'!
Using 80 words to write about the best style and giving the reason, 3 entries selected will be given MVIO 'Hoop'.

Activity Date: 5 - 18 October
Prize announce on: 19 October

In order to send gift to winner, please send message together with personal information (Name, age, gender, address, phone number).

Additional special activity!!
Other than scarf, there will be other addtional gifts.
Ticket for Seoul MVIO Fashion Showcase on 12.55pm, Friday, 22 October will also be given.
5 winners will be selected, each will be given 2 tickets.
In this Fashion Showcase, Kim Hyun Joong will personally be the model. It is a good opportunity~~!
Hope everybody actively participate!

[07/10] BTS video of Hyun Joong at the office in Playful Kiss

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Official Photos from Musical Cafe In webby

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Summary of information for Musical ‘Cafe-In’

Credits to Japan Official Fansite (kimhyungjun.jp) + Cafe In Official site + Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)

Hyung Jun’s Performance Dates for 2010

November: 24-28

December: 2-5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 23, 24

Disclaimer: Subject to changes, Not responsible if they decide to change schedule ok!

Credits to http://www.musicalcafein.com/ + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Hello. This is Musical Café-In.

Here is a simple summary of the play which will start on 24-Nov in Baekam Art Hall.

Venue : Baekam Art Hall
Period : 2010-11-24 (Wed) ~ 2011-01-23 (Sun)
Time : Weekdays 8pm / Saturdays 4pm & 7pm / Sundays Public Holidays 3pm, 6pm / Except Mondays
Ticket Pricing : R-seats 66,000won / S-seats 55,000won
Actors/Actress : HyungJun (SS501), Shin EuiJung
Enquiry Hotline : 02)3273-2223

Thank you.

Check out the official website for this musical http://www.musicalcafein.com/
And their twitter : http://twtkr.com/@musicalcafein

Seating map : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_1.asp
Schedule : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_3.asp
Baekam Art Hall location map : http://www.musicalcafein.com/sub/sub4_2.asp

Hyun Joong at The Face Shop's Webzine

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Hyun Joong's Thank You Notes to his different fan clubs

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To YES family (khj.co.kr)
Be careful of flu
I'll work hard right until the last so do keep guarding by me.. Hwaiting!!

To KHJ Perfect (cafe.daum.net/0606hj)
Thanks to Perfect I was able to receive much power amidst my drama shooting
I'll continue to work hard for the remaining episodes to repay you all.
Food was delicious enough.
-Baek Seungjo-
Ah Jjom!!!!!

For the congregation of people who love KimHyunJoong... (cafe.naver.com/1004hj)
So do you mean if they don't love me you won't be congregated like this??
Some time soon you won't be congregated already, then...humph k

To Miclub Powerful S (cafe.daum.net/khj-miclub)
Thank you always
I'll work hard..
-Hyun joong-

[07/10] Kim Hyun-joong to watch finale of "Naughty Kiss" with fans

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Korean idol Kim Hyun-joong will be watching the final episode of his drama with his fans, according to his agency KEYEAST on Thursday.

KEYEAST announced through a press release that Kim has planned a special event, where he will watch the finale of MBC's "Naughty Kiss" with about 2,000 fans at the Dome Art Hall located in the Childrens' Grand Park on October 21.

The screening event, which will begin at 9 pm, will also include a special performance from Kim as well as him speaking about shooting the show.

"Kim has planned this event in order to return the support that he has received from his fans," an official from KEYEAST was quoted as saying.

Kim made his debut as the leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. He became a household name throughout Asia, starring in last year's smash hit series "Boys Over Flowers."

He is currently playing the role of Baek Sung-jo in the Wednesday and Thursday night series "Naughty Kiss," which is the Korean small screen adaptation of the Japanese comic "Itazura na Kiss."

Attending The Event is Available on Information Soo Kim's Official webpage (www.hyun-joong.com).
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[07/10] SS501 card collection to go on sale on Oct 12

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A collection of cards featuring photographs of Korean boy band SS501 have gone on sale in Korea, according to a press release from the card's creator SBS Contents Hub on Thursday.

SBS announced that the cards titled "Star Collection Card," which went on sale on online shopping mall GMarket last weekend, will also hit stores on October 12.

Totalling 100 images, each card features never-before-seen pictures of the members of SS501, sold in a packet or a set. Each packet holds six individual cards.

"We had previously created these cards featuring the members of TVXQ and Girls' Generation which were quite popular. This time we produced the cards especially for the fans of SS501," an official from SBS Contents Hub was quoted as saying, adding that they have plans to make cards of other K-pop idols as well.

The cards are currently available on online shopping site Gmarket (http://www.gmarket.co.kr).

SS501, who made their debut with single "Warning" in 2005, has released numerous albums as a group as well as pursuing individual careers in acting and appearing in variety shows.

The members of the five-member band recently signed with different agencies since their contract with DSP Media expired in June this year. Kim Hyun-joong joined KEYEAST, Park Jung-min signed with CNR Media and Kim Hyung-joon with S-Plus Entertainment.

Other members Heo Young-saeng and Kim Kyu-jong have yet to make a decision.

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Kim Hyun Joong for MVIO F/W 2010 Catalogue

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