[01/10] Official Notice from Hyung Jun's Official Japan Site

Credits to kimhyungjun.jp + (English translation) OnlyJun (kimhyungjun.net)


On 4 Oct 2010 (Mon) 18:30
[2011 Kim Hyung Jun Official Calendar] will be released for sales.

At the back of each copy of calendar, there will be 2 photos as gifts
If you purchase the SET, you are entitled to 4 photos as gifts! (4 types)
(There is no limit to the quantity you purchase. But if you decide to change the quantity anytime before making payment, please make a new order. If payment has already been made, then we will handle the order separately)

- Desk Calendar (Dimension: 160×220) 1,890 Yen (Tax included)
- Wall Calendar (Dimension: B2 size (728×515)) 2,625 Yen (Tax included)
- Set (Desk + Calendar) 4,515 Yen (Tax included)

Order by clicking on the banner on the index page.

※ CD with 2 songs, DVD and photobook in [Secret Packpage] is still on sale!


Note: Banner will only appear on 4 Oct on the index page for you to click to to be re-directed to the page for purchase, I guess

So many things to buy~~ And non-Japanese fans find it really hard to purchase when everything is in Japanese and there are no credit card sales, one would have to do bank transfer in order to get these merchandise.

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