[02/10] Eun Jo's Diary Entry

Credits to (English translation) JINERS / SOOMPI PK THREAD + reposted from lovekimhyunjoong.com

I saw a very pretty girl at school. I didn’t know she existed till now. One day she just appeared in front of my eyes.

I was just staring at her during P.E. and got caught by dummy oh ha ni.

I don’t know what oh ha ni said to sara, but she was able to convince her to come over. I was so happy.

I showed sara my geometric toys, but she said they were boring and wanted to go home. I didn’t know what to do.

What do girls like?

Big bro came and played with us. Sara seemed to be having fun too and wanted to leave after eating dinner.

“ Oppa (big bro for girls), do you believe in love at first sight?” Sara asked my brother.

I was so happy. For sure I believed Sara fell in love with me at first sight. But…

“ will you wait just 7 years for me?”

It was my big bro that sara fell in love with at first sight. For the first time in my life I disliked my big bro.

I was always very proud of my handsome and smart brother but today I thought it would be nice if he was uglier then me.

Now I understood what adults meant when they say, “ don’t drink kimchhi stew.” No doubt in my mind kimchi stew will be very yucky ( I’m so sorry. I translated this word for word and I have no idea what he is talking about- Jiners)

“ Our eunjo is so handsome/cool~!” says my mom.
No matter how much she says that it wont work. Chi! I must be handsome/cool in her eyes because shes my mom. Sara has to be the one to say im handsome/cool for it to be real.

Sara only likes my brother. I’m really feeling down.

Even I’m JJang (the best) in school too. Why doesn’t sara like me?

I don’t ever want to see oh ha ni. I didn’t even ask her to do it but why did she have to bring Sara to our house and let her see big bro. Nosy dummy oh ha ni!!!

“ Eunjo, I think two people simultaneously liking each other is a miracle. Will that miracle ever occur for me too?”
Oh Ha ni is sincerely talking to me. Today she seems a bit like a normal person.

Because of my brother does oh ha ni’s heart hurt too?

Since I’m sincerely talking like this with oh hani. It seems as though I’ve grown a bit more (matured) tonight. As if I got taller after going through so much heartache.

Dummy oh ha ni left our house. Its so nice because its quiet. Sometimes it’s a bit lonesome because there is nobody to make fun of. It seems as if big bro feels the same way. Lately he plays with a weird cheap doll.

My mom has her hair wrapped up and just lays down everyday. She doesn’t clean or make food. Dad split the chores equally but I told big bro to do it all. I wanted to help him with the cleaning but I’m still slightly dislike him.

My tummy hurt really really bad I almost died. While mom and dad were gone I ate lots of pizza, drank lots of coke and played video games all day. I must have been getting punished. Luckily dummy oh ha ni came running inside and helped me.

After surgery it hurt a lot, but I met a new friend Nori so I was happy. Nori and I studied with big bro and had a birthday party too. Dummy oh ha hi comes everyday so its annoying. She tries to teach Nori even though she knows less than me. They put us in wheelchairs and while running through the hallways of the hospital the big sister nurse scolded us. Mae-Rong! ( what you say when Koreans stick their tongue out at people. Like seung jo did to hani after the kiss)

But it seems as though big bro has a lot of time on his hands too because he comes to the hospital everyday. Do college students not study?

Oh ha ni came back into out house. I got my room taken away again, but I can let that go. After all she is my life savior.

I lightly snuck towards oh hani and quickly said, “ I’ve troubled you a lot with this incident. Thank you.”

After oh ha ni came back big bro laughs to himself with excitement all day. But again for a couple days he doesn’t talk to anyone and is in deep thought all day. Whatever I ask him he doesn’t reply. What can the problem be?

My brother is leaving the house to live on his own. If it were me I would stay home because its much more comfortable. Big bro wants to go out into the world and try surviving on his own.

The day he left I stood at the door entrance to say goodbye.

“Eunjo, I’m going.” He says.

Its so sad I hand on to him and cry. Even though I’m hanging on to him big bro is not looking at me. Instead hes only looking at dummy oh ha ni. My big bro is weird. He doesn’t even say goodbye to oh ha ni. All he does is stare at her. Its really weird.

Last night I could hear oh ha ni crying in her room. I wanted to tell her to be quiet, but she was crying so sadly I just let it go.

It must be because of my brother. Since shes crying because of one of my family members I let it go. But why does my brother continue to make oh ha ni cry?

Does oh ha ni cry because my brother keeps teasing her? A couple days ago before he left the house he teased her a lot too. Truthfully I was the one who first discovered oh ha ni’s panties.
“Oh dummy oh ha ni,” I thought. If I went to give it to her I felt bad she might get embarrassed so I pretended like I didn’t see it and went into the room. But the weird thing is my grown up adult brother grabbed those panties with his hands and I could hear him teasing oh ha ni.

“did your growth stop in elementary school?” he teased

“when I see you I keep wanting to make it harder for you~!” he said.

Why would my brother do something that even I an elementary school student wouldn’t do.
Why does he keep making oh ha ni cry.

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