[07/10] Kim Hyun-joong to watch finale of "Naughty Kiss" with fans

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Korean idol Kim Hyun-joong will be watching the final episode of his drama with his fans, according to his agency KEYEAST on Thursday.

KEYEAST announced through a press release that Kim has planned a special event, where he will watch the finale of MBC's "Naughty Kiss" with about 2,000 fans at the Dome Art Hall located in the Childrens' Grand Park on October 21.

The screening event, which will begin at 9 pm, will also include a special performance from Kim as well as him speaking about shooting the show.

"Kim has planned this event in order to return the support that he has received from his fans," an official from KEYEAST was quoted as saying.

Kim made his debut as the leader of the popular boy band SS501 in 2005. He became a household name throughout Asia, starring in last year's smash hit series "Boys Over Flowers."

He is currently playing the role of Baek Sung-jo in the Wednesday and Thursday night series "Naughty Kiss," which is the Korean small screen adaptation of the Japanese comic "Itazura na Kiss."

Attending The Event is Available on Information Soo Kim's Official webpage (www.hyun-joong.com).
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  1. so sad! four more episode for PK only!! it is such a nice drama, especially like Hyun Joong in the drama. he is always nice to his fans... of cause his fans will always support him.