Hyun Joong's Thank You Notes to his different fan clubs

Credits to (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

To YES family (khj.co.kr)
Be careful of flu
I'll work hard right until the last so do keep guarding by me.. Hwaiting!!

To KHJ Perfect (cafe.daum.net/0606hj)
Thanks to Perfect I was able to receive much power amidst my drama shooting
I'll continue to work hard for the remaining episodes to repay you all.
Food was delicious enough.
-Baek Seungjo-
Ah Jjom!!!!!

For the congregation of people who love KimHyunJoong... (cafe.naver.com/1004hj)
So do you mean if they don't love me you won't be congregated like this??
Some time soon you won't be congregated already, then...humph k

To Miclub Powerful S (cafe.daum.net/khj-miclub)
Thank you always
I'll work hard..
-Hyun joong-

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