[14/01] SS501 - ETN Entertainment Station

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Hyun Joong & Jae Joong @ Vancouver Airport

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[15/01] Hyun Joong & Jae Joong @ Incheon Airport

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Leader is back from his well-deserved rest. Spotted with BFF JaeJoong by TVXQ stalkers. This set of photos might confuse you, but can you tell where's Leader Hyun Joong?

[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Basic House” interview cut @ Section TV

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TVN eNews Superior Promising Star - Actor Kim Hyun Joong

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Kyu Jong & Hyun Joong on MBC Section TV Entertainment Communication

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Hyun Joong's photos from latest Hotsun shoot

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A chance for all 4 "Hanazawa Rui" to appear for Hunan TV's chinese new yr program?

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Remember that post I made two days ago about the 4 Hanazawa Rui's? Uhm... so the rumours are true that Hunan TV is indeed trying to get these four guys. 80% for Hyun Joong? I'm still not buying it. I've been singed with that year-end hullabaloo (have pity on those TripleS girls who went through a wild goose chase). 

Click on the link above for the news source. There are photos of the boys, too.

Earlier after the announcement of the popular auntie susan chang sha to spend the new year together, now Hunan TV's chinese new year program revealed that there's chance to see the 4 Hanazawa Rui of Boys over flower from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China at the program. This is one historic remix version of "beautiful boys" all together.

No matter is Japan, Korea or Taiwan, China,. the 4 handsome idol group will always create a wave of beautiful boys. Kim Hyun Joong , Oguri Shun, zai zai, 俞灏明, the various version of the " Hanazawa Rui" is even more the idol in many girls' hearts. Earlier the production team had indicated interest to bring in these 4 popular guys to gather for the program on 7th February night and now they are trying hard to get in touch with the 4 actors. If this performance make true, it will definitely make all the fans really happy.

From the possibilty, 俞灏明 who is from Hunan itself, the chances of appearing is almost 100%. KIm Hyun Joong who belongs to the popular idol band SS501, and earlier had before rumored to invite SS501 as performing guests for the night so the chances is about 80%. For Oguri Shun, who was also once a popular Japanese star but had no news of having expand his career into China as yet, the chances of him coming is only about 40%. The last is zai zai zhou yu min who perhaps gave us the deepest impression of hanazawa rui. But this hanazawa rui 's appearance is hard. His scandal with zeng baoyi is predicted that he might not have the energy to concentrate on his work so the chances is only 50%. If zaizai really appear in Hunan, there sure to have many interrgations from various press.

So from the possibility, the 4 hanazawa rui to appear is about 70% chances but the chances of all 4 appearing stil have chances. On the event that night, we will know it all

Hyun Joong & Jae Joong @ Airport [Fan Account]

CR: Mia Ng + (English translation) Alex Ng + UniNg @ www.onetvxq.com + ss501ufo.blogspot

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My friend's aunt was in Canada for a business trip and she met JaeJoong, HyunJoong at the airport. Here is her account.
Original text in French
English translation by Alex Ng.

Well, let see! Where should I begin?
It’s about my experience with meeting two famous Korean celebrities while waiting for my flight at a business launch in Canada Airport.

They are Kim Hyun Joong (Jihoo from BOF) and his friend, Kim YaeJoong. I’m an old chap, not a big fan of anything, but I do watch/listen to Korean drama and music. My two nephews are dedicated fans, so they keep me updated once in a while.

The two young men were sitting right across from my seat. Since I was busy working on my laptop, I didn’t noticed their presents until one of their travel companions dropped something on the floor.

KHJ looks quite young in person. His complexion is amazingly nice. He’s very fair, and very pretty. He looks ethereal, almost like an angel himself. His skin is as nice as a child‘s. Women would go for extreme measures just to have that kind of skin (so unfair).
Kim YaeJoong is also very handsome. He looks a little quirky, but that makes him sexy. I found Jaejoong a little more approachable and down-to-earth, since he does not have that “God” vide look as KHJ does.

Those two seem very close. They didn’t talk much, but the way they exchanged eyes contacts and shared a drink showed their closeness. I watched them from behind my laptop (he he … shame on me, an old lady). At one point, they made some loud noise and looked at me wary. I smiled just to reassure them. Jaejoong nod his head and I thought he said sorry. HyunJoong just smiled and shyly looked down. Right at that moment, I understood why they called him ‘prettier than flower’.

If I’m not wrong, Jaejoong is older than HyunJoong right? The younger one leaned on his friend’s shoulder and slept like a baby, while the older one sat till and even tried to put a coat on his young friend. I guess only Asian can show such affection to same-sex friends without the thought of been mistaken as homosexual. I found them really cute, and innocent.

I didn’t want to disturb or make them uncomfortable, I planned to wait to right before I leave for the flight to ask for their signatures, and pictures. Those will be great gifts for my two nephews. However, when I came back from the wash room, they were gone.

As a punishment for failing to get their pictures, my two nephews insisted me to write a fan account (?) to share my experience with all the fans. So, here it is, my first ever fan account. I hope you all enjoy it.
It was great to feel young, and being a fan girl once again. Thanks to the two gorgeous young men.

To my nephews, Lauren and Alexandra

With love, Mia Ng.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ranked no. 1 @ Korea Music site “Bugs” poll “The most expected Tiger star performance in this year?”

CR: newswire.ytn.co.kr + English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress.com

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The results of the poll ”The most expected Tiger star performance in this year?” conducted by 음악포털 벅스 (bugs.co.kr) , SS501 Kim Hyun Joong obtained the support of 38.76 percent ranked one.

Kim Hyun Joong of the group SS501 ranked one is expected to be the best hot icon in 2010. Last year, Kim Hyun Joong successful debut as a performer committed all the expression values in KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers”. The award Netizen selected again as for Best Male Star in Yahoo Buzz Asia Award in Korea, and after returning constantly in Asia has been linked with the situation. Many netizen people think “Year of 2010 Kim Hyun Joong’s year” of course is Kim Hyun Joong. All the minds of the Japanese women are hooked ‘Said interested because he is hot in the Fuji TV.

Second place is “Super Junior”

Third place is “2PM”

Fourth place is BoA.

Fifth place is Q-ri of “T-ara”.

Sixth place is Kim Dong Ryul.

SS501 The 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in SEOUL ENCORE Concert Details

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Credits to SS501.dspenter.com + (English translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + SS501UFO.blogspot.com

◈ Date:
1st Sat, February 27th, 2010 7:00 p.m.
2nd Sun, February 28th, 2010 5:00 p.m.

◈ Venue: the 1st gymnasium in the Olympic Park (gymnastics gymnasium)

◈ Ticket Price (VAT. included)
Standing ticket 99,000 won
R seating ticket 99,000 won
S seating ticket 66,000 won
A seating ticket 33,000 won
5% discount for Triple S 2nd members.

◈ Company : DSP Media
◈ Sponsor : MyNameIs
◈ Advance Purchase Date : 2010.01.27 (Wed) 7PM
◈ Advance Purchase : Interpark Ticket
*Please contact Interpark Ticket (1544-1555) for any enquiries on ticket pre-sale.

Important Details on Advance Purchase

1. Please take note that advance ticket purchase will open on 27-Jan at 7pm through Interpark Ticket only.

2. Each person can purchase maximum of 4 tickets during ticket pre-sale. (Max. 4 tickets in total)

3. To avoid congestion on the concert day, the pre-sale tickets will be mailed out, we seek for your understanding.
- Ticket Mailing Date : 09-Feb (*For ticket purchases till 8-Feb)

4. It is impossible to reissue tickets, in situations that your ticket is lost, there will be no way to enter the concert, hope you can keep your tickets safely.

5. For cash transfers for advance purchase, you must make the payment before 16:59:59hrs on the day after your purchase in order to complete the purchase procedure.
Please bear in mind that in cases that the money is not received in the stipulated time, your advance purchase would be automatically cancelled.
*Please take note that the time of transaction for transfer of money differs from each bank, please check prior to purchase.

6. For Triple S 2nd member discount, please confirm your name and membership card number before discount is entitled.
If you write the membership card in the card number portion, or in regards to card number enquiries, please enquire through (T. 2205-3006).
Please also take note that the 5% discount for Triple S 2nd members only entitles to the member and 1 accompanying person.

7. After advance ticket purchase, if you re-sell your own tickets to someone else, or received a transferred ticket, the company and organizer will not be responsible for any cases resulting from this.
In addition, you may be reject entry if your tickets are purchased through such means, so to avoid this from happening, we hope that customers can pay extra attention on this.

8. For advance ticket purchase enquiries, please contact Interpark Ticket customer center at 1544-1555.
Operating hours : Monday to Saturday 9am~8pm / Sunday & Public Holidays 9am~6pm
* If it is difficult to get though the phone enquiry, please send your enquiries to the URL below

9. Group ticketing is only available for A-SEATING, a minimum of 50 tickets per concert is required to apply for group ticketing.
We only accept enquiries and request on group ticketing through email. (maysent@hanmail.net)
Please send the email with title [단관문의], [단관신청].

Important notice on entry to concert

1. The entrance start time for this concert is 2 hours prior to concert start time.
In order to start the concert on time, please help to enter to the concert venue at least 10mins prior to concert start time.
Once the concert starts, we will refuse entry.

2. Video and audio recordings at the concert are prohibited.
If you are found to be recording at the concert, the data in tape/film/memory card, etc, will be deleted and you will be asked to leave.

3. R, S, A SEATING are assigned seats, please be seated at the seats that you have selected during the advance purchase.
After entry to the concert venue, you cannot sit on other seats that are not assigned to you, you must watch the concert at your assigned seat.

4. Please refrain from using LED placards, placards, firecrackers and other types of supporting props as it may obstruct the view of other people. The above mentioned supporting props will be confiscated upon entry to the concert venue.

5. We hope that you can use public transportation in order to ease the traffic congestion.

6. This concert will be cancelled if any natural disasters were to occur.

7. Company and Organizer will not be responsible for any chaos and accidents caused by failure to comply to the above notices.
We hope for your active cooperation to create a cultured concert-watching experience.

Thank you.

Important notice for standing audience

1. This concert has both standing and seated section.
There is no assigned seating for standing tickets, please choose the area A,B,C,D during your advance purchase and the chosen number will be the entrance number, after entering into the concert venue, you will be able to watch the concert in the area that you had chosen.
*Please note that it is not the seat number.

2. Entrance to concert venue will start 2 hours prior to concert start time, you must definitely queue up at the area that you had purchased according to your ticket number. After entry, the ticket numbers would be voided, so please be there before the specified entrance time to avoid any inconvenience.

3. For the convenience of standing audiences, we will provide free depository for their personal belongings.
For standing audiences, we would be grateful if you can deposit your bags and other personal belongings prior to entrance to venue.
* Company and Organizer will not be responsible for any damage or loss at the depository.

4. For your own safety during entrance, please refrain from running.

5. Wrist bands of different colors for different standing areas will be distributed, please wear these wrist bands.
This is a method to differentiate the area, and it is impossible to move over to other area.

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Credits to Triple S Singapore

Date : 7 p.m. Saturday, February 27, 2010
5 p.m. Sunday, February 28, 2010

Place : 1st gymnasium in the Olympic Park

This time round the organisation had arrange a tour+concert package for all overseas fans.

For Singapore fans:

TOUR PACKAGE DATE: Friday, February 26, 2010 to Monday, March 1, 2010
(for those who plan to go for a longer trip, it can also be arrange with the tour agency)

■ The local travel agent : 新加坡 CTS
■ The person in charge: 王敏敏
■ The contact number: 65-6532-2538
■ Price: SGD1,700

4D3N SS501 Fans Concert Scedule
Date: 2010.2.26(FRI)-03.01(SUN)

02.26 (FRI) Arrive in Seoul
Step on entry formalities and go back to Hotel
Accommodation: SUP Hotel

02.27 (THU) (includes lunch - Bibimbap)
Morning: free time
Noon: After having meal , we will go to the duty-free shop - international brands Duty Free Shopping
Evening : watch SS501 concert.
Go back to the Hotel after watching concert
Accommodation: SUP Hotel 

02.28 (SUN)
Morning : free time
Noon: After having a meal , we will go to the duty-free shop and visit the Korea Ginseng Store and go shoping at South Korea's well-known cosmetic store
Evening: watch SS501 concert
Go back to the Hotel after watching concert
Accommodation: SUP Hotel

03.01 (MON)
Departure from the hotel
Shopping at Korea native product store, then go to Korea's Incheon International Airport by car.

**Tour Package includes :
- 3 nights accommodation (Based on twin sharing)
- 1 day lunch
- 2 days concert ticket
- guide and bus service in a set for all of the 4 days schedule

more details for the encore concert can be found here:
(official notice will be out by JAN 15th 1PM!!)


China( the strating point : BEIJING, SHANGHAI )
■ The local travel agent : 楊子旅行社
■ The person in charge: 徐志炎
■ The contact number: 021-6261-1255

■ The local travel agent : 深圳中旅
■ The person in charge: 朱钦钦
■ The contact number: 0755)6162-5908
■ Price: HKD7,000

■ The local travel agent : 兴安旅行社
■ The person in charge: 车培华
■ The contact number: 8862-2581-4548
■ Price: TWD30,000

■ The local travel agent : 新世界旅游有限公司
■ The person in charge: 碧斯
■ The contact number: 604-657-9013/ mobile (phone): 012-4385823

Wah! I would have lots of sleepless nights now with a lot to think about. Will I go or will I go? Kekeke

[14/01] JeaJoong and Kim Hyun-Joong Trip to Canada

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Credits to Korean Daily News + (English Translation) Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com

Singers, Kim Hyun-Joong and JaeJoong went for a trip to Canada together. JaeJoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are traveling around the Vancouver and whole area of Canada from January 9th and spend the first holiday of the New Year there.

It seem that this trip was performed since Kim Hyun-Joong heard the news that Hero Jeajoong was planning to pursue a trip to Canada to enjoy and rest from the work. And Hyun-Joong wanted to go together with Hero. As for Jaejoong, he is traveling with few acquaintances and Kim Hyun-Joong appearance reflected on traveling alone.

The aide of two of them had described that, "Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong progressed a kind of relationship model of being-"younger and older brother". If there is a spare time, they meet up often and it is described that they introduce each other’s acquaintances which expands their acquaintances even more together.

Jaejoong visited Australia recently and right after his return to Korea, he faced toward Canada immediately. The reason of the trip is to rest from the hard work he had done in the past, last Decembers fan meeting plus multiple activities in Japan. Kim Hyun-Joong also worked hard both as an actor and a singer and left a good result last year, and the time to heal fatigue was necessary.

The aid mentioned that they were surprised to hear the news that the fans witness two of them being together in Vancouver, Canada. The news seems to be shown that the fans felt that it was unique that a member of TVXQ and SS501, two representative stars of Korea went for a trip together.

The aid also mentioned that two of them sent a message to the fans to say…..,

“We met some Canadian fans and they encouraged us and we were really happy to see them!”

(*Message sent to the fans from JJ & HJ. They specifically asked the aid to deliver their message to the newspaper editor. So that the fans would know that they were encouraged and happy.
Yep they love overseas fans as much as they love Korean, Japanese, China and Asian fans!)

Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyun-Joong are going to go back to their own country around January 16th.

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Another Fan Account of meeting Hyun Joong and Jae Joong in Pacific Center

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Credits to (source) freelucky8 + (english translation) steph@sharingyoochun + liezle's blog

My nephew’s diary when he met Jaejoong and Hyunjoong in Canada

My nephew saw Jaejoong and Hyunjoong too
After he called me, he was bragging a lot
When I went to his hompi
He posted about it so I’ll paste it here ^^



20:21 Diary Information: Seunga’s Diary

While I was shopping in the Pacific Center with Haein we rested because we were exhausted

We were going to Robson to eat dinner when we saw someone who looked like Kim Hyunjoong

I thought “It’s Kim Hyunjoong” but because I was hungry, I thought I was hallucinating. Then, Haein suddenly went “That person looks exactly like Kim Hyunjoong” so when I looked again, it was actually Kim Hyunjoong
Hyunjoong was looking for something in his pockets, taking his hand in and out again, with a very clear face

He looked like a baby that was just born. His eyes were so big… he was so pure.

After he looked around his eyes met mine and with a blank expression he waved his hand to me and Haein. He was so cool and cute.
Behind him was Jaejoong.

The first thing that came to my mind was, wow I’m looking at Jaejoong.
What in the world.. it was really Jaejoong.
I was so surprised my mouth wouldn’t close.
He was so dazzling. That’s the only word that comes to my mind…

Today, I was so lucky..^^
Maybe it was because there were no Koreans, because Jaejoong kept talking to us

I did a interview with him but it was too long
He was holding a camcorder and kept shooting us. It was embarassing.
When I hid behind the clothes counter he asked me why I was hiding and told me to come out. I kept pride-crushingly hiding again and came out. I didn’t want to be broadcasted.

Luckily they said they were going to Japan so I stuck my head out?
Anyway, Jaejoong asked Haein how many years she/he lived there and Haein said 5 years (it’s really 6 years) and asked me how long and I said 5 months (really 4 months) (I’m still not sure why we lied) Then said I must be really bad at english and I said I was good then told me not to lie

I was a bit scared they might make me say english but I was thankful they didn’t

But it was such a burden that they kept shooting us with the camcorder ㅜㅜ

Anyway after a few minutes I was walking around with Haein and we went down the escalator. Beneath us we saw Hyunjoong and Jaejoong again and Jaejoong started shooting us with his camcorder again. Since he was shooting from below I was a bit worried about my chin fat.

So I covered my face and said “We’re not following you, we’re trying to find the exit….we’ll go home”

and he said

“The exit is here. Where are you trying to get out? keke”

When I looked around, all exits were closed besides that exit and I was embarassed again.

Truthfully, we were following Jaejoong and Hyunjoong.
They’re hard to find even in Korea so we were so happy that we met them in Canada.

We went out together and walked together with Jaejoong and Hyunjoong to Hoe St

Jaejoong said there weren’t any Korean people there who were good at english so he asked us if we went to school, and if we’re not busy to translate for them.

Haein said she would like to kekekekekekekekekekeke

When they come out in a Japanese show I’m going to capture to them..
It said it was Nippon TV..

Anyway I was really excited but unfortunate (that we had to depart)..

After that, we went to eat because we were hungry. I was happy because there was another episode of me and Hain.
It was such an amazing event that we met Korean celebrities in Canada..Not to mention it was the the best DBSK’s Jaejoong and F4’s Hyunjoong..hehe

If my cousin Harin who is a major fan of DBSK saw him, she would’ve fainted.

When I called her in Seoul she kept screaming KyaKya~!!..keke

SS501 Vol. 1 - S.T 01 Now (CD+DVD) (Taiwan Limited Version)

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Credits to yenhersheytriples.blogspot.com

Click on the images to enlarge.

How do you best support your favourite band? By buying their albums, of course! And that's what I did yesterday once this little package had caught my eye. I wasn't supposed to go to the bookshop really, but I had this nagging feeling drop by and buy something. Well, no wonder, it's because SS501's very first Korean full album has been released in Singapore and had been waiting to land on my itchy hands.

This Taiwan edition includes a DVD with eight music videos. And here's the track list:

01. Existence
02. 4 Chance
03. Unlock
04. Again
05. Stand By Me
06. Sky
07. 膽小鬼
08. Man
09. Hana
10. Confession (笨拙的告白)
11. Bye Bye
12. Radio Star
13. 世界的翅膀
14. 警告 (Original Ver. String Add)
15. Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat.金世皇)

01. 4 Chance
02. Unlock
03. 膽小鬼
04. 警告
05. Never Again
06. Everything
07. Fighter
08. Snow Prince

So while my iTunes is converting the entire CD and synching with my iPhone, I did the scanning of the great looking photos included inside. I love Saengie's hair during this period as he looks very much like an anime. What was that rag that Hyun Joong wore? All I did was look at his face. Kyu's hairstyle is reminiscent of the the 80's pop era.