[25/09] SS501 Tweet Treats

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[24/09] SS501 Park Jung Min wishes to be praised as ‘Person with the Best Body’

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Belonging to the boy group which is currently resting, SS501 Park Jung Min who revealed last month that he has changed his Korean agency to CNR media, has also announced that his solo activities in Japan have officially started.

From Nov 18 onwards he will be performing at New National Theatre for the musical 『絆-少年よ大紙を抱け-』, at the same time, his Japanese official fanclub site http://www.parkjungmin.jp has been set up. Additionally, on Dec 22 at NHK Osaka Hall and Dec 23 JCB Hall there will be a fanmeeting titled Park Jung Min Japan 2010 First Fan Meet [Christmas Special].

Mid-September Park Jung Min received an interview when he arrived in Japan, speaking fluent Japanese, he answered fully in Japanese and at the same time showed a good degree of determination and confidence for his new beginning.

After switching agencies, is there any change in matters of the heart?
After signing on with the new agency, felt a little pressurised from having to adapt to a change from 5-men group activities to solo activities, but I still tell myself to [Keep fighting!]

Decided to perform for a Japanese musical?
(Because had the experience of musical performance in Korea) So very familiar with the schedule of musicals. Initially when I was informed of this news, I was a little lost, but compared to Japanese activities, Japanese Shibai (i.e. plays), this has more singing opportunities, that is why I decided to participate. Have already been introduced to other performers, and also made friends with many people of my age, I believe this is a good production.

Recently seem to be on a diet restriction
That is correct~ After watching our SS501 Love Ya comeback stage performance, I thought to myself [This cannot do], so started to restrict my diet intake. I want to allow myself to be praised at least once in this life [Your body shape is the best] (laugh).

Would you be travelling privately in Japan?
Currently no. Previously whenever I come to Japan I will bring my family members along, and together we will go to various places to play. If there is a chance, I would like to make a private trip again. Recently haven’t been to Osaka, or places like Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, really wanted to go there. Previously, when we released our first single in Japan (SS501), we visited some places many times, now I’m starting to miss those places already. Wish to eat the delicacies in Osaka, and also Nagoya’s chicken wings, then travel to Sapporo to drink beer (laugh), I miss chicken wings the most.

Japanese is quite fluent, are you still learning now?
Still diligently learning, first started out by learning from a book, but it gets a little boring (laugh), so now learning by watching television drama and variety shows. Recently I’m using television programmes as a means of revision.

What type of dramas and TV shows?
Recently watching [Gift ](A TV drama aired on Fuji TV in 1997), re-watched the subtitles in parts several times, so even when I sleep at night, scenes will still appear in my mind, [what is the meaning of using this word in this scene] and I would try to use it. As for variety shows I watch < Domoto Kyoudai> which has Yousona, BoA etc as guests to talk something related to Korea, and I also watched performances with Koreans as special guests.

Kinki Kids both use Kansai dialect right?
Yes, this is very interesting, learning dialect is also very fun. (Jung Min followed up by saying some dialects) [ええやん(very good)] [そうだべ (so this is the case)] [だべ (that’s right)] [ちゃうねん (that’s not true)] [まいど (really)] [まいう (delicious)]

Do you have anything that interests you recently?
Looking for apartment (laugh). Recently preparing to move house, so if time permits, I will visit the furniture stores, my ideas will be injected into my new home design too

What is fashionable to the Korean younger generation recently?
Mmm.. (thinking for a moment) I’m no longer considered as the younger generation (laugh), What do kids like to do these days… (laugh)

Then, what do you usually do when you hang out with friends?
My friends…not long ago they have been enlisted into the army…(laugh). But when I meet up with friends, usually we chat over drinks (i.e. alcohol), but if for those who don’t drink, normally will go to cafes, just like how other normal guys do when they hang out, only difference now compared to the past is that our conversation topics has evolved to become adult topics (laugh)

Jung Min can hold liquor well?
No, my liquor capacity is lousy, if I drink a little more, the next day would have hang over and be giddy! If drink within normal capacity, the next day I still wouldn’t be able to move, anyway just drink merrily, drinking to one heart’s content! (laugh) Also, my drunken look cannot be revealed to public.

How do you feel about Japanese Sake?
Japanese Sake “very good very good” (laugh), since Japanese Sakae is fermented using rice, so it is sweet and delicious; also like Korean’s ones since it is from my hometown (laugh); Korean rice wine mixed with Cider (Cider in Korea means 7-UP / Sprite) taste not bad as well, can be recommended to the ladies. Additionally, I also like Champagne.

When you are in Japan, how do you spend your free days?
Usually play alone (laugh). Of course, will also play with friends, but will meet somewhere close to my place (laugh), for instance [Meet at OO bus station, wait at OO bus station] things like this. If I’m alone, will go to the Ramen shop and Barbeque shop near the bus station. If together with friends, mostly eat steamboat, or will be at the nearby riverside to chat while admiring the scenery.

Tell us more about your near future plans
Plan to release a solo single in Korea in November, then come to Japan for musical performance, next year wish to act in either a Taiwanese or Korean drama. For this year, up till the end, because there is a fan meeting in Japan, looks like I will spend time busily.

Say something to your Japanese fans?
Hello my Japanese fans, I’m Park Jung Min. How are you? I’m doing well (laugh), please do not worry about me, I will do my best. Wish to meet everyone, so if there is any chance to meet up, please do come. I will continue to do my best, everyone please do your best for your work too. Please also give me your support, I look forward to meeting everyone. Lastly, please appreciate my solo single which will be released soon. I’m waiting for you to come and watch the musical!

[25/09] Kim Hyun Joong has an an appearance complex?

Credits to sweetrevenge@allkpop

You would think that with such a handsome face like Kim Hyun Joong’s, he couldn’t possibly have a complex about his appearance.

Yet on the 24th, this idol confessed during an interview on MBC Section TV, “I originally did not have a complex about how my shaven face looks. But since today’s technology is very HDTV-focused, I feel that people are finding out one by one secrets that I want to hide from the public.”

Furthermore, when the interviewer asked Kim Hyun Joong, “What parts do you feel are similar between you and your role as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss?“, the actor jokingly replied, “I think the part about his IQ being 200,” causing the interviewer to laugh.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is receiving attention for his role as “smart but hard-to-get-along-with prince” Baek Seung Jo. This is the idol’s second attempt as an actor after his appearance on ‘Boys over Flowers’.

[25/09] Hyung Jun at Music High singing "Im so fortunate"

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[24/09] Photos of Kim Hyun Joong filming at the lake for Playful Kiss

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[24/09] Hyun Joong filming at the lake for Playful Kiss


[24/09] Hyung Jun in Start Q10

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Kim Hyun Joong in Hanryu PIA Magazine

Credits to (scans) blog.daum.net/elley0606 + (Korean translation) http://blog.naver.com/metapho7/10094501278 + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

He who was borne as the much well-loved leader of dance and vocal group SS501 in 2005 - Kim Hyunjoong.

Over here in Japan too, he has had surfaced with a major debut in 2007 and sung to aplenty songs and captivated the hearts of many. And now, he is challenging as an actor where he similarly receives much love from his fans.

Last year, he challenged acting for the first time in drama "Boys over Flowers" as the very affectionate Jihoo sunbae where this role had everyone calling him the National Sunbae, proving the high popularity he's had garnered.

"To me, BoF was a work that allowed me to start developing interest in a new field as an actor. When I was acting it out, this thought always came onto mind, 'What if I'm Jihoo, how will I react (to this, to that)?'. The more you truly go into studying the character, the more it will actually be reflected in your acting. In addition, with that kind of way, with that kind of attitude where I will want to go further to study a character, it actually really allowed me to discover an unknown side of mine in the sense 'Oh, I have such a side too?' that kind. So this has really helped me alot in acting too".

He is now challenging a new drama 'Playful Kiss', in it he stars as an aloof teen with IQ 200, Baek Seung Jo. Despite so, he actually revealed that he originally did not have any thought to take on this role.

"Hahaha originally, I had already decided not to take on any high-school roles again after BoF. (laughs) This may be my biggest disadvantage, but to be honest, I'm one who will be very easily influenced by what others say... Like let's say buying clothes. When I go to buy some clothes, they may not particularly attract me at first, but if I hear the salesperson or friends around me who say that it suits me, I will then eventually end up buying those clothes. Just like this time's drama too, people in my agency kept saying, 'Very good suggestion ne', 'If you were to take it on it'll surely succeed', etc....And so because of that I ended up accepting this drama already (laughs)".

This popular role that is highly vyed for by many actors had eventually gone to Kim Hyunjoong, and with that, this truly looks like a Kim-HyunJoong-episode ne.

After deciding to take on this role, he will never look back but will instead try his best to perfect his role -- that is him.

If so, how does he then put in efforts into portraying this role?

"First of all, Baek Seungjo is a genius with IQ 200 and higher, so I had to constantly remind myself that 'I am a genius' (laughs). Also, because this is yet another manga-adapted character, in order not to tarnish the original image, I try my best to stick as close as possible to the original character. I'm also trying my best to show the kind of charm that only Kim Hyunjoong can possess, even if it may be just one charm. Whatever it may be, I just keep telling myself 'I am a genius', which is why I could thus naturally turn into Seung-jo. Yeah, I think of it that way (laughs)".

Moving into new agency, a vastly different environment

Whether it be Jihoo from Boys over Flowers or Seungjo from Playful Kiss, both are roles who initially does not care for anything at all yet eventually falling for a plain girl.
So what is his love exemplar like in reality?

"I'm the practical and strong-willed type. Will fall in love at first sight kind. If I like her, I won't hide but will tell her instead. The girls I like is those cool type. One who could easily and relaxingly communicate with me, and who could also happily allow me to go drinking with my friends. That is my ideal type".

Hyunjoong, one who is always so honest in every thing he answers.

Looking at the way he tranquiled manner he answers those questions, I then asked if there has been any difficulty or changes in the execution of work since he has now moved into Keyeast consisting Bae Yong-joon, after leaving his former agency.

"Obviously because I've changed to a new agency, my working environment has also changed too. Because of that, I will also feel it's not so possible to further execute work with those who has previously worked together with me. But then again, if I don't work harder than now, I will not have any better development in days to come, so I also make many preparations in each area. Only so could I possibly achieve what ever I want to do, that's how I think".

Bae Yong-joon who is in his new agency will come out to meet up with Hyun-joong at times, too. Amidst their conversations, Hyun-joong has learnt quite many things as well.

"Bae Yong-joon sunbae is very humane and realistic, and is also a superb person. Though we share talks together, we don't really talk about any absolutely special topics, but instead some daily life stories. Just that alone I could already learn many ways on how to treat people and attitude on life. I also will want to spread our Korea culture to more and more people in the world, to let them know. Furthermore, sunbae's self-management is also really thorough; he's really amazing".

Though he is such a Kim Hyun-joong, he does not milk down in his body training as well. During holidays, no matter how tired he is, he will definitely go to exercise, this is because he wants to maintain his body shape and fitness.

"No matter what I have on hand, I will go for exercising (laughs), and will also play soccer. Yesterday I had some free time, so I went to kick football with my dancers. Exercising may be really tiring, but in future when I reach 40 years old, my body can still maintain as it is, because exercising helps alot. That's how I think of it".

When we hear words like "wanting to show the maturity as a singer", the concert held last year by SS501 in Japan Budoukan comes onto mind. In the Solo Corner area, that body which Kim Hyunjoong reveals........ At that split moment when he tears apart his clothing, those shrieks coming from fans fill the entire concert hall.......

"I want to recommend exercising to my fans too. I had seen the documentary my fans made yesterday. In it wrote 'ahjumma fan' (middle-aged fans), in Japanese we call it 'obasan fan', after seeing, I didn't really like it. Japanese ahjumma fans often write things like 'I am apologetic you have such an ahjumma fan', but I don't agree with the way they see themselves. If only they could exercise regularly like normal girls do, and thinks of themselves as young ones, it'll be really good (laughs)".

"My gratitude towards fans has always been sitting itself deep down there in my heart. The love I get from my fans, I want to reciprocate them all. But not just by words, I want to also express it in my actions and in a concrete manner. I want to reciprocate them like that. Such a thought has always been in my mind".

Who knows if he will also be presenting any special present to fans in his upcoming DVD photobook to be released end of October. After which, he will also be attending to a charity event "Message to Asia" with Bae Yong-joon at Tokyo Dome on December 14. After current drama 'Playful Kiss' ends, fans who have been anticipating his singer activities will also get their wish granted.

"Had sung for Playful Kiss' OST, and is also doing preparations for my new album. I want to have enough time to go thoroughly prepare for an awesome album. To be honest I am also practising choreography for my new dance songs that will be inclusive in my new album. Though I am focusing mainly on drama for now, I still want to show everyone the side of a singer who has better matured, even if it may be just a little bit. So please, do anticipate much. Same for dancing, I will show even more hype in dancing".

That one sentence he recalls whenever he is lonely -- "So long as you go ahead to do it, you can"

He wants to give this piece of sentence to every friend out there who is in anguish.

Despite hitting the nail, he never does give up finding his road ahead -- and that is Kim Hyun Joong.

Be it as an actor, or a singer, he seems to be slowly slowly, little by little,

expanding his pavement ahead of him...

[21/09] Kim Hyung Jun at Gimpo Airport (fancam)

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[21/09] Park Jung Min After Suono Dolce Radio

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[24/09] Kim Hyun Joong Interview for The Face Shop CF by Section TV

Credits to http://hj0606.egloos.com/2603676 + leenongkan1

Credits to Rough translation by (Chinese translation) 可爱的公主病 @ Tieba Baidu KHJ + (Eng translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Hyun Joong: Today I am here as a cosmetic model, 4 years ago I have also endorsed a cosmetic, now my skin can consider more healthy.

Narration: In order to enhance the feel of the CF, there's also a beautiful lady model, although both look very awkward (with each other), but the result after filming is good, Hyun Joong's lady fans must be very envy right?

Hyun Joong: Up till now has not spoken a word (to the lady model), very pretty

Someone ask about Hyun Joong ideal type
They show a drawing which Hyun Joong drawn long time ago about his ideal type
Even make a comparison with the CF lady model

After that is the interview
Reporter: Hyun Joong-ssi, please try this apple, is it delicious?
Hyun Joong: Em.... it's delicious

Reporter: Recently acted in 'Naughty Kiss' as the IQ 200 genius, what is the common point between Baek Seung Jo and Kim Hyun Joong?

Hyun Joong laugh and said: Same IQ

Reporter: Kim Hyun Joong currently is a hanryu artist that is getting more and more popular

After that the reporter ask Hyun Joong about his opinion on Bae Yong Joon.

Hyun Joong keep praising Bae Yong Joon and expressed his respect towards him. And he mentioned that during the 1st time when he met Bae Yong Joon, he felt that there's a very shining light/aura surrounding Bae Yong Joon.

Official Photos from Naughty Kiss Site from Episode 8

Credits to iMBC.com

[24/09] Playful Kiss Episode 8 ratings dips

Credits to sports.chosun.com + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

MBC Wed Thurs drama Playful Kiss is once again facing the pain of a decrease in ratings in just a night.

According to AGB Nilson Media Research Center, Playful Kiss that was broadcasted last 23rd September recorded ratings of 5.8% nationwide. This was 0.5% lower than its 7th episode on 22nd September at its personal highest 6.3%. With KBS 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' having ended its run and SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' paused for a day due to Chuseok on 22nd, it managed to show an increase in its ratings as it surfaced as the biggest beneficiary. However on 23rd, with KBS airing the special programme of 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' and with SBS airing 2 continuous episodes of 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' (13th, 14th episode), inevitably, Playful Kiss has once again faced a decrease in its ratings.

KBS 'Kim Tak Goo Special' that was aired during the same timing slot recorded 16.8% (as per AGB Nilson) whilst 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' recorded 15.2% nationwide for its 13th episode.

On the other hand, on this day's Playful Kiss episode, Bong Jungu (Lee Taesung) who had been keeping that one strand of fringe has now cut it off and transformed into a neat and clean image as he expresses his heartfelt feelings towards Oh Hani (Jung Somin), attracting attention for that. Yoon Haera has also divulged her love for Baek Seungjo (Kim Hyunjoong). As Yoon Haera confesses to Baek Seungjo daringly and straight-forwardly, this 4-sided loveline thus begins its tension hereafter.

Credits to diodeo.com + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

According to TNmS Research, 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded an average ratings of 20.9% for the day which wasn't just the Number 1 amongst Wed-Thurs dramas but also the highest rated programme for 23rd September.

In particular, Episode 14 that began airing beginning 11pm on 23rd September has recorded 22.5% of ratings, which was its personal highest, while Episode 13 that began airing since 9.45pm on 23rd September as well reecorded 19.4% of ratings.

While KBS2 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' who had been reigning the Number 1 position for its drama ratings recorded 17.9% with its special edition. Variety 'Happy Together' that followed after 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo Special' also recorded 8.8% of ratings. MBC 'Playful Kiss' instead remained at 6.0%.

-next few paragraphs ommitted, about summary of Gumiho-

[20/09] Videos of Hyung Jun performing at Song SeungHeon's Japan FM

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[ENGSUBBED] Hyun Joong's 15s CF from The Face Shop

Credits to JangKiss Subbing Team + JangKissSubs

[24/09] Jung Min's Facebook posts

Credits to JungMin@Facebook + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

Jung Min got the Facebook apps for his iPhone, thus the comment that he can update using the phone too. The photos show how Jung Min likes to fiddle with the notebook. When reading Facebook posts, read from the bottom going upwards - same as in Twitter.

[24/09] SS501 Tweets for today

Credits to SS501@Twitter + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

So Jung Min got an iPhone.

Hyun Joong at Japan Magazine - Love! Korean No.35

Credits to (scan) blog.daum.net/elley0606 + (Chinese translation)妃茵@TripleSTW + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

Kim Hyun Joong 'Devoted and hardworking, dreams will definitely be fulfilled'
Kim Hyun Joong who came to Japan because of 'Boys over Flower' Alumni, our magazine did a thorough interview of his true appearance
Having a 'Walking Statue''s nickname, but actually is a good youth with a very cheerful smile.

(Only translate special interview section, Boys over Flower Alumni introduction ommited)

"Boys over Flower' open up his own acting route
-- Greatest change after acting in 'Boys over Flower'
Originally is going on a singer activity then with 'Boys over Flower', started to challenge acting skill for the first time. This work, not only stired up my interest in acting, but also give me good result after working hard. Also, feel that I have expand my personal acting route.

-- About Yoon Ji Hoo
Yoon Ji Hoo and I have completely different character. Just because of the complete difference, was a little distress when trying to interprete the role. I was thinking, maybe Yoon Ji Hoo was not really a lonely man.

-- About always having kiss scenes in the 1st scene
That's right. But, Boys over Flower's kiss scene was not the 1st scene, but considered within the first few scenes.

-- As an actor, aren't you happy for filming kiss scene
Every show the kiss scene was scripted differently. Currently acted as 'Naughty Kiss' Baek Seung Jo, because of the character of that role, the original script was going towards 'girl going after boy''s direction, so while filming kiss scene, also go according to the original script, having a mischievious style and joking element, just like a gentle peck kind of kiss.

Forever unstoppable Spiritual examination
-- Have you seen the Japan drama remake of 'Mischievious Kiss'
Have read the original manga. Never seen the Japan or Taiwan version of drama, fear that after watching will be affected by the actor in the drama. Wanted to create an Naoki Irie of my own style, so have done some research beforehand.

-- Similar to the previous drama, you are the lead actor, do you think that this role can only be acted by you?
When receiving 'Naughty Kiss''s script, have think over it seriously. Similar to the previous drama, it is also a drama scripted based on a manga, because of this I was troubled by it for very long. However, since I am still young, I guess I should be able to fully interprete the character who is based on the manga. 'Boys over Flower' Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and considerate boy, while this time I am acting as a cold and heartless Baek Seung Jo, both have great difference in character.

-- The greatest influence in life after become an actor
After acting, when seen some scene at certain place and different people, I will look and examine in my heart. Or else, will observe a certain person currently is under what kind of mood condition. For example, when there is a very wonderful place, I will think how to shoot beautiful photographs, this kind of thoughts.... Now I am interviewed by you, but in my mind I am thinking, this month end during 'Naughty Kiss' press conference, when meet with same question, I can also answer the reporter the same way.

-- The advantage of holding both the role of a singer and actor
As a singer, when standing on stage, mostly is to sing and dance. 3min 30sec performance, I think it is a type of acting. Just like when acting there are lines, although just singing, when reciting rap must control the rhythm and beat, must show heavy tone at certain part. Therefore I think singer and actor both are complementarily and mutually related. Of course, holding on both roles of actor and singer is a very difficult, must have very good personal management to control in the area of both spiritual and body.

Bae Yong Joon is an exceptional person
-- After joining the same company as Bae Yong Joon, have you met him?
We met quite often. Not to talk about work, but chatting about each others' interest and also topic related to people around us.

-- About Bae Yong Joon
Is really a very exceptional, and a person who can completely do a good personal management. No matter what he does, he will put in his whole heart and mind, very excellent. I am very admired toward Bae Yong Joon who is like this. My aim is to be a person like Bae Yong Joon, so I will seek his opinion from time to time.

-- When having the role of both singer and actor, do you have friends who have common interest whom you can interact with
DBSK's Yuchun. If there anything that I don't know about Japan, for example what to emphasize when dealing with Japan fans, what is their difference comparing with Korea fans, I will also ask Yuchun questions regarding Japan entertainment circle and etc. When together with Junsu, we are good friends to play soccer together. When with Jejung, I will consult him about his filming in Japan. Bringing up about Yuchun is because he is currently acting in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' which is broadcast on every Monday and Tuesday, luckily that my drama is broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday, different day from his, I have even told him that it is great that we don't need to meet head on. (Laugh).

-- Fans and media give a lot of nicknames, which is your most favourite
All also like (Laugh). I don't know which nickname is the best, but currently I am acting as Baek Seung Jo in 'Naughty Kiss', I hope everybody can call me 'Proud Boy'.

-- Most respect historian
In this world there are a lot of people that worth to be respected, it is very difficult to pick one only. Towards those that live life earnestly, not just only respect, even can just exceed them by a little bit, we must also work hard to achieve that.

-- Message for Japan fans
Perviously when came to Japan, my dream was to perform in Japan Bodukan, it was fulfilled during Persona Asia Tour. Then I wish to perform in Saitama Arena, it was fulfilled during April this year. Following by that, I was thinking if I can go to Tokyo Dome it will be great, it was fulfilled again. Although this round, it is not through singing or performing, but to participate in a charity program held in Tokyo Dome on December. There is a book in Korea named 'Secret', it mentioned that everybody will definitely able to fulfill your dreams in your heart, I am also agreed to that. Hope Japan fans also will hold a firm believe in everything, towards things that you wish to do, please be determined to practice it thoroughly.

Note: 'Secret' book official website: http://www.booklife.com.tw/secret1.asp

[ENGSUBBED] Kim Hyung Jun's BTS video for Japan Site

Credits to (English translation) kimhyungjun.net + OnlyJun87

[ENGSUBBED] Kim Hyung Jun is busy lately - CHANNEL U

Credits to Channel U + (English translation) kimhyungjun.net + OnlyJun87

[22/09] Gist from Hyung Jun's video released on his Japan Site

I don't have time yet to play through his Japan site and I do intend to join as well as Jung Min's site. I've joined Hyun Joong's three sites already. Aigoo, if each member will have one Korean and one Japan site, then we're looking at 10 sites! Since this video is "for members only", we're so lucky crazynoona is sharing some screencaps and translation of what wuri Maknae said on the video.

Credits to kimhyungjun.jp + (English translation) crazynoona @ kimhyungjun.net

2010 Sept 19

“Usually it’s 5 of us travelling together”
“Now I’m came here alone, I feel a little lonely”
“I’m here as Kim Hyung Jun for my own activities”
“Mmm.. seems like there’s less liveliness and the burden is heavier” (Crazynoona thinks he meant without his brothers, the atmosphere seems less lively and so the burden on him is heavier)
“I prepared a lot for this(performance) in order to present an awesome side of me to everyone”
“Hope everyone will look forward to it and be happy to see my performance”

[23/09] SS501 tweets for today

Credits to SS501@Twitter + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com & xiaochu@Quainte501.com

Kyu Jong changed his avatar. Fans over at Twitter we actually fussing that his photo is not as nice. Some said that the photo was actually given by a fan.

[23/09] Baek Seung Jo's hairstyle are making waves this fall

Credits to todaykorea.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

MBC drama Playful Kiss that stars Kim HyunJoong as Baek Seungjo is attracting attention from the female audiences for his hairstyle.

In the drama, Kim Hyunjoong displays the 'lovely perm' hairstyle as he transforms from a high-school student to an undergraduate.

With his lovely perm style on that natural haircolour along with some small curls, he portrudes a warmthly image.

A related personnel has mentioned, "We have made quite some inquiries with regards to his hairstyle to the hairstylists taking in reference from fashion related programmes and media", "With Baek Seungjo transforming into an undergraduate in the 2nd latter half of the drama, changes was made to his hairstyle because of the change in status, that is why, and so we are receiving much attention from netizens for that".

-last paragraph omit, talks about ratings and Boys over Flowers-

Photos of Hyung Jun from Shoot of Idols at Midnight

Credits to 5bamah@Twitter

[23/09] Battle between Baker King, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Playful Kiss Continues

Credits to star.mt.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' that ended last 16th with its 30 episodes will be coming forth to meet audiences again on the night of 23rd September with its special programme.

On this day's Kim Tak Goo special, main casts Yoon Siyun, Juwon, Eugene, Lee Young Ah etc will be releasing the BTS stories and each's special talents like singing that were never before revealed.

Yoon Siyun who sung for Kim Tak Goo's OST 'Only You' will be disclosing the footage of this for the first time. Also, Juwon who was borne a musical actress will be flaunting her sweet vocals as well.

Child actor Oh Jaemu who portrayed perfectly as the young Kim Tak Goo with his amazing acting skills will also be revealing his dance moves.

In addition, the casts will be talking about famous scenes and the kissing king as well, which attracts about attention. Apart from kissing, other famous scenes from romancing, aggrevation, grief etc will also be disclosed.

Kim Tak Goo who recorded ratings as high as 50% and who's collated much topic of discussions will be airing its special edition on this day, and with that, dramas vying for the same timeslot like SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' and MBC 'Playful Kiss' are worrying alot on that. After Kim Tak Goo ended its telecast last week, both the dramas have to continue battling for a war of the nerves with this day's special edition of Kim Tak Goo.

SBS 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' will still have their vying worth. Possessing a story element that could attract about a large group of audiences along with its story development, 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' who hasn't been able to shine because of Kim Tak Goo will be showing its 13th, 14th episode on this day continuously. This drama that will end on 30th that portrays the positive development between Daewoong (Lee Seung-gi) and Miho (Shin Min-ah) is inducing much curiosity from many audiences, and now with their continuous airing of two episodes, audiences will pay very high attention to them.

As for Playful Kiss, it is not facing a good situation. Having started out later than My Girlfriend is Gumiho and Kim Tak Goo, it's been recording about 3% plus of low ratings with each of its episode. Despite Kim Tak Goo ending its final run on 16th September, this drama recorded lowest ratings of itself at 2.8%.

With its strong rival 'Kim Tak Goo' gone, it managed to have a 2 times increase in its drama ratings at 6.3% according to AGB Nilson Center where it records its highest ratings of all time and sheds some light of hope. As KBS' big follow-up work 'Fugitive' awaits its telecast on upcoming 29th September, whether or not the ratings for Playful Kiss will be maintained at where it is now or not, it certainly needs to be encouraged further in such a situation.

On 23rd September, it is expected that Playful Kiss will be facing a real huge challenge coming from KBS 'Kim Tak Goo Special' and 2 continuous episodes of SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho'.

So how will this Wed-Thurs battle with Kim Tak Goo making its comeback end up like? Everyone is highly curious.

[22/09] Hyun Joong on E! Star Q1O

Credits to E! + Yes + iMissChievous

[23/09] Ratings for Naughty Kiss Episode 7

Credits to star.mk.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

MBC Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss has recorded its highest ratings of all time.

On the 23rd, according to AGB Nilson Media Research Center, Playful Kiss who aired its 7th episode on 22nd September recorded ratings of 6.3%.

As compared to the drama's last episode aired last week with 2.8%, it has now increased by 3.5%. For other dramas during the same timing slot, they were replaced by Chuseok special movies except for Playful Kiss which was scheduled to continue as per normal, which attracted the attention of everyone if its ratings will improve or not.

On the other hand, during the same timeslot, movie 'Sworn Brothers' broadcasted through KBS2 TV recorded 12.5% ratings, whilst 'Haeundae' telecasted through SBS recorded 13.6% of ratings.

[ENGSUBBED] Naughty Kiss Episode 8 Preview

Credits to JangKiss Subbing Team JangKissSubs2

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Kim Hyun Joong's Face Shop CF

Credits to iZomZaa + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

[Girl] The moment I see NATURE, I'm so nervous

[Boy] The moment I see YOU, I'm so nervous

Arsante Eco-Therapy Revitalist Serum

My love story -- with Nature~~

-Natural story, The Face Shop-

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[23/09] Ratings for Playful Kiss Doubled

Credits to Nate + heartfacee@allkpop

Revealing that there’s indeed potential for the romantic comedy, MBC’s ”Playful Kiss” doubled its ratings for today’s episode.

On the 23rd, it was announced that the seventh episode of this drama got a viewer rating of 6.3%. The last episode got a 3.0% rating, so it rose by a substantial 3.3%.

The boost could be because “Playful Kiss” is not up against any other dramas. “Baker King” has come to an end, and a movie was broadcasted instead of a new episode for “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.”

Unfortunately, even though it were only films that filled the usual time slots for “My Girl is a Nine-Tailed Fox” and “Baker King”, they still scored double the ratings than “Playful Kiss”.

Really, this drama was released at the wrong time. Hopefully, it will pickup audience attention now that Baker King is done. But this all depends on the writers and producers of this drama. There is an interest in this drama last night, but for me, it was such a lackluster episode. For somebody who just tuned in to the show, episode 7 is not something that can leave a huge impression on the viewer. It is evident on this episode though that Hyun Joong has improved on the acting department. But can the interest on wuri Leader sustain and keep this drama on the air and pull the ratings up?
Ratings has doubled, but then there's really not much audience share to begin with. I just hope that the script will make a huge turn for the better in the upcoming episodes. It's not nice if your ratings went higher because there's no other alternative for the audience to watch.

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[22/09] Jung Min at Gimpo Airport

Credits to PHeromin

Kim Hyung Jun at Channel U

Credits to Channel U + poohlhl