Plea to all SS501 Fans

Some of you might have already seen this appeal on some other SS501 sites. This was first posted by Korean fan Best501 on the site, appealing to overseas fans not to upload, repost & share the songs from the boys' new mini album. I share her sentiments that if you really are a fan, you would support your idol by buying their albums. This is a show of respect to the artist, musicians and composers who have worked hard to bring us the music of SS501. Do you want to commit intellectual property theft against your idol?

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[16/10] SS501 in Sweet Rehearsal, & Practising Mandarin Diligently

original in chinese: Lin Xiao Juan / TW liberty times 自由時報
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South Korean Idol Band SS501 will hold their first-ever concert in Taipei tonight. The five members have been practising their Mandarin, hoping to be even closer with their fans. In particular, member Park Jung Min will be performing the Chinese evergreen, Tian-Mi-Mi (甜蜜蜜) on-stage, and he also revealed that the Mandarin sentence he's most fluent in is "Mei-Tian-Dou-You-ng-ng-Ma?"

(happiebb: literally translates into 'Do you poo everyday?'
do note that the 'ng ng' here is a rather discreet way of saying 'poo'.... )

The Five Handsome Guys Joked about a Hawaiian Holiday

SS501's popularity in Taiwan is red-hot, their five albums and DVDs launched so far have surpassed the 50,000 copies. Due to this, Warner Music's president for the China market Sam Chen could not help but said smilingly during the press conference that the year-end bonus and staff holiday would depend on the boys.

After hearing this, the five members jokingly said, "So are we entitled to the staff holidays too? We want to go to Hawaii."

SS501 will be performing at the Taipei Arena tonight, and they made use of whatever time they had for final rehearsals. One of the members, Park Jung Min, has been practising the song Tian-Mi-Mi very diligently, and he even showed his prowess through a tongue twister.

Regarding how there were fans being pushed by the Korean security staff during the chaotic moments at the airport two days ago, they expressed that they hoped that the fans were safe and unhurt.

Kim Hyun Joong Lost Tremendous Weight;
But Thought He's Better Looking Now

Leader Kim Hyun Joong was down with the new flu virus H1N1 sometime back. He appeared to be somewhat lethargic during the press conference yesterday, his health was also brought up by the media as a cause for concern. He shared that he's fully recovered.

The weight loss is due to the hectic dance practices. However, he felt that the weight loss made him appear even better looking in front of the camera, so it was an unexpected 'gain'. As for why he was looking listless and tired, it's because he's an 'nocturnal animal'; he would come alive at night and become very energetic.

Leader Hyun Joong with his doraemon fan @ Incheon Airport

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Press conference in Taiwan

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[16/10] SS501 Helps Record Coy with Staff Bonus

original in chinese: CNA 中央社 2009.10.16
reposted from: Yahoo News
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SS501 Album Sales Red Hot
Year End Bonus... Record Company Worries Not

To create awareness and hype for their concert in Taipei tomorrow, Korean boy band SS501 greeted their Taiwanese fans in Mandarin during the press conference today. The record company said, SS501 albums have achieved outstanding sales performance in Taiwan, and their year end bonus this year will have to rely on SS501.

SS501's album sales in Taiwan have achieved five platinum records, and they held a celebratory media event at the Sherwood Hotel this afternoon. Warner Music's president for the Chinese market, Sam Chen presented the five platinum awards to the five members, who were immensely happy.

Sam Chen shared that amongst the Korean artists, SS501 has achieved the best performance within the shortest period, and that "Warner staff's year-end bonus will have to rely on SS501."

At the press conference, leader Kim Hyun Joong showed none of the tender and sad image of Rui Hanazawa (from BOF), and put up a tongue-twister item and became the spotlight amongst the media. He said that the new album puts together everyone's effort and they have achieved breakthrough in terms of visual and audio aspects. For instance, this is the first time he's sported such a short hairdo, and the other members wore smoky makeup, and he hoped that everyone would like it.

As for tomorrow's concert, Kim Hyun Joong shared that the special item that they will be presenting for the Taiwanese fans will be member Park Jung Min's rendition of the Chinese song, Tian-Mi-Mi (甜蜜蜜, literally translated into sweetness).

Park Jung Min said that he's already liked this song even from before. he also hummed part of the song at the press conference, which won the applause of all present.

SS501 will be holding their SS501 Asia Tour - PERSONA 2009 Taipei Concert at the Taipei Arena tomorrow. Other than presenting the entire program as per the Seoul leg, they will also be performing song/s from their new album, as well as one new song which has not been released to the public previously.

[16/10] Media Release by Warner Music TW: Sam Chen Shows Support for SS501 by Bringing XLB and Bubble Tea

original in chinese: warner music TW
translated into english: happiebb @SgTripleS

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(*Sam Chen - President for the China Market, Warner Music)

Keeping with their promise to hold a concert in Taiwan by year end, SS501 will be staging the Taiwan leg of their SS501 Asia Tour PERSONA 2009 concert at the Taipei Arena on 17th Oct (Sat).

The concert tickets are almost sold-out! Due to this, SS501 did not dare to take things lightly. For this trip, other than the few selected activities, they practically did not arrange for any other events or notices, and only focused on practising their dance, rehearsing all the way till midnight on their first night.

Sam Chen also specially paid a visit to the boys at the studio, and brought along XLB (xiao-long-bao, soup dumplings) that member Park Jung Min kept thinking about after the boys' last visit, as well as Japanese sushi, Hong Kong-style dim-sum (snacks) and bubble tea, in an effort to give them some encouragement. Park Jung Min, with the 'sweetest' mouth amongst the members, saw Sam Chen and the gifts he's brought (which included his favourite food), went up to Sam to give him a big, warm hug. The other SS501 members also said that with such sumptuous food for support, no matter how hard the rehearsals were, it's all worth it!

In the afternoon of SS501's second day in Taipei, they held a press conference at the Sherwood for their new album [REBIRTH] and also for the Taipei leg of their PERSONA concert.

SS501 officially penetrated the Taiwanese market from this year, and stirred up quite a storm. To-date, the five albums released by Warner Music who represents them here, have been warmly received by the Taiwanese fans. Album sales have gone five-platinum.

At the celebratory press conference, Warner Music's President for the China market, Sam Chen presented SS501 with the five gigantic platinum album awards. The gigantic platinum album required at least three people to lift it up, and all five members of SS501 were elated beyond words.

At the PERSONA concert this time, SS501 will re-create the contents of what they had previously performed in the Seoul concert; they also revealed that Park Jung Min will be singing the Chinese Song 「甜蜜蜜」 during the concert. He sang a part of the song at the press event, and his accurate Mandarin pronunciation surprised the media present.

During the press conference, Park Jung Min who appears to be rather good with his linguistic skills demonstrated tongue twisters in order to show his progress in the language. Lead vocals Heo Young Saeng also performed tongue twisters, and this too won the warm applause of all present. In addition, leader Kim Hyun Joong also did tongue twisters at the request of the media, and the effect brought on quite a few laughs.

This trip to Taiwan also brought the official announcement of the Korea-Taiwan simultaneous release of their brand-new mini album [REBIRTH] on 30th Oct.

Just a few days ago, the publicity shots for the new album jacket were released. The thick smoky makeup showed the boys' transformation into men, displaying sensuality and maturity, and immediately invited much excited discussion amongst netizens. In addition, they will also be performing a new single at the concert, allowing the Taiwanese fans a sneak preview.

Hyung Joon Message on REBIRTH, from Taipei

Original message in Korean: Hyung Joon BABY / DSP ENT
Translated into Chinese: Elsa菜
Translated into English: JesW21 @SgTripleS

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2009-10-16 4:44:46am

It's been a long time, really been very long
I have just finished our day schedule, and can't sleep in the morning (wee hours)
so... I'm here to say hello to everybody ^^

Has everybody been in good health during this period?
The 5 guys after 1 year and 7 months,
are just like the same as we've always been, we're back.
You must have waited very long right...
during this period of time is not just solo activities,
we also tried taking on new roles for our activities.
But when I thought of the 5 of us being back on the stage,
I'm really very excited/overwhelmed.
I'm already feeling nervous and anticipating as if everything has begin for album sale.

I know that many are being 'shaken'
due to the tireness, loneliness because of too long the wait.
But, we are starting again before end of the year as singer.
It's definitely not 1 person,
but it's Kim HyunJoong, Heo YeongSaeng, Kim KyuJung, Park Jungmin and Kim HyungJoon,
the 5 people who have been together for 5 years.
And to avoid disappointment for this period of time,
we hope to show our best to everybody, the feeling is same as before.
From now on, 5 of us will be together..please do stay by our sides okay?
our preparations are done, now its time to 'fly' (meaning excel) ? ^^

1 year and 7 months... I know this is definitely not a short time.
all of you (like our 'strong pillars') who have been waiting for us... TripleS,
and everybody who have worked together with us in music,
I have enough confidence to not let you say out words like 'I'm disappointed',
We are coming right back with mature and more professional music.

We've been thinking a lot, and worrying a lot,
In times of uncertainty, we are just waiting for this period and working hard for.
Really starting all over on 23 Oct.
Let the miserable feeling felt during those waiting time,
let's dump/throw it all readily.
Thank you.
It's all because of everybody's hard work and efforts that makes us what we are,
everybody knows that?
The charming 5 guys who are called SS501
wanting to make music that is truly called our music.
Made a great album, please do await with great anticipation.
I'm having the feeling of thankfulness/gratefulness and spent the morning happily.
We will do our best and smoothly for Taiwan concert,
and soon we can be with our forever partners (meaning the 5 of them)...
We'll greet TripleS on stage then.

Be careful don't catch a cold,
Health is no. 1 , okay?


see you on 23th Oct...


Leader Hyun Joong Making of CF 'Tony Moly' on 091017

The photos of the new Tony Moly CF have been released yesterday and gained people’s interest as they see their beloved kkotnam (flower boy) does some intimate pose with this S line model in the photos.

Tony Moly Rep,” The shooting was done last week in a studio at Gangnam-Seoul.”
Kim Hyunjoong was doing the 2nd half CF shooting for the cosmetic brand and has got his fan’s curiosity as the photos from the recent filming unveiled to the public.
Tony Moly Rep,” The shooting went all day from morning until late at night. Though Kim Hyunjoong seemed tired and all, he successfully finished the shooting without any NGs. Meanwhile, from the new Tony Moly CF you can expect a stronger image from him as well as his new looks.”

The new Tony Moly CF will be aired starting November whilst you can see the making of the CF as well as interview from the shooting set via KBS2 Yunyega Jungye (Entertainment Weekly) on Oct 17,2009.

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Hyun Joong, Young-Saeng, Kyu Jong Releases Pictorial Jacket photo

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CR: credits: sunnyskys @ soompi thread + ss601 + yahoo korea

The special-edition album already has 30,000 pre-orders! This just show how we're anticipating their comeback!

Just a reminder! October 20th is the album release, and also October 23rd for their comeback stage on KBS's Music Bank!

More Pictures of arrival at Taiwan Airport

credit: 中央社 & TW yahoo news + + SS601+ blackclip @ soompi thread
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they're soo cute! looks like they're having fun and love the warm welcome of the Taiwan fans...

[15/10] SS501 has been selected in China as the most popular international Idol!

[Sports Choseon News] SS501 has been selected in China as the most popular international Idol!

Chinese magazine "Most Idol/ Very Idol (Zhi Ouxiang)" conducted a survey among its readers to find out who is the best among overseas idols. SS501 obtained 7988 votes taking top spot, while Kim Hyeonjung grabbed third place with 6651 votes showing SS501's raising popularity in China.

The magazine featured Kim Hyeonjung across the cover, in relation with skin tips, body tips and whatnot. "I have no obvious special skin tips however I feel that it's best to strive for keeping your skin in a good, clean condition."

"I like Basketball a lot" he said in this enclosed interview revealing he should be spared the constant "naturally handsome" praise.

As well, in this past August release of "Very Idol" in Taiwan, SS501's Limited Edition "COllection Album" received praise, "Having songs of a variety of genres, bringing much satisfaction".

Lastly, SS501's new mini album "Rebirth" release has been announced in Chinese newspaper and medias, as they are continuously growing in popularity. Their concert will stop in Taiwan on October 17th, and they will hold a concert in Shanghai on November 14th, while ventures into Greater China will remain pending (On popularity?).
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Baby's Pictures at Incheon Int'l Airport Departure to Taiwan

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Interview with the Press in Taiwan

Leader Hyun Joong changed his hairstyle... he looks fresh!

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[15/10] SS501 arrived Taiwan to warm up for concert, 600 fans paralyzed airport

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Korea idol group SS501 come to Taiwan for the 2nd time on 15 October, attracted about 600 fans to pick up their flight, on top of that, another 50 Hong Kong fans also booked their flight to follow them from Korea to Taiwan, almost paralyzed the airport.

Once they check out, immediately caused their fans to shout and run, 5 member purposely stopped their step to greet everybody: "Hi everybody, we are SS501!"

A lot of fans have been waiting at the airport since early morning, in order to leave a lasting image for their idols, some even wore Korean costume, and also personally hand-made luminous placard.

Especially member Park JungMin, upon looking at the big head comic placard which was specially made by their fans, was mused to laughter, cheering up the atmosphere on site.
The organizer also treat them with utmost respect, sending them off to the hotel using black limousine.

Upon arrival in Taiwan, other than working on their final rehearsal, SS501 will also hold their 'Latest album 'Rebirth' & Taipei Concert Celebration' press conference in Sherwood Hotel, on 16 October.

For the 'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taipei Concert' held on 17 October, the organizer has spend tens of millions to build the stage, also specially prepared Hollywood star standard Fuji water to serve them.

The concert date is drawing closer, box office had announced an excellent ticket sales of 95%, causing all 5 members to work even harder to practice dancing. In order to get a good seat, some fans had already started queuing at Taipei Arena since last week. When SS501 knew about this, they felt very concerned and asked their fans to take care of their health, don't get sick and caught cold, and must used their best condition to celebrate together with SS501.

Credit: Yahoo News +

The boys are very thoughtful of their fans - so sweet. Young Saeng looks very much an idol. What's that Doraemon thing on Hyun Joong's neck?

'Flower Boy' SS501 Kim HyunJoong's popularity soar, Hallyu star status secure

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Who is the most popular idol-singer turned actors for this year?

Starting from the beginning of this year when KBS2TV start showing 'Boys over Flowers', male idol-singer started to go on screen. Among the competition up till now, idol-singer turned actor who has the highest popularity is the 5 men group SS501's Kim HyunJoong. Acted in 'Boys over Flowers' as Yoon JiHoo of F4, Kim HyunJoong accumulated high popularity, follow by the broadcasting of the drama in oversea countries one after another, his Hallyu star status is gradually secured.

However, among these idol-singer turned actors who are currently engaged in their singing activities, Kim HyunJoong and Uknow YoonHo is the most significant for their debut in acting and received high ratings for their acting. Both of them were casted as the lead actor and received valuable experience as an actor. As a responsible actor, they have rooms to go into activities in various other fields.

Credit: Sports Worldi + 601 + (Chinese translation)小洁 @ + (English translation) + XiaoChu @

[15/10] SS501 arrives in Taiwan, fans used all sorts of tricks to attract idol

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Taoyuan Airport was very busy today, this afternoon in Terminal 1, there was Hong Kong artist Angie Chiu, in the late afternoon at Terminal 2, Korea idol group SS501 arrived at the airport. SS501 has a huge group of fans. They started to form group to pick up their flight 2 days ago. Today, some were wearing Korean costume, some made poster, Thailand and Hong Kong fans purposely flew over to chase their idol. All of them made used of different tricks in order to attract SS501.

Holding their Asia Tour Concert, Korean Boy Group SS501 members upon arrival at Taiwan, Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin and Kim HyungJoon smile and wave to their fans. Their fans continued to chase after them throughout the journey, reaching the highest point of emotion, the passionate scene almost go out of controlled.

'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009' Taipei Concert is scheduled to hold on 17 October in Taipei arena. Shanghai and Hong Kong will be following this.

SS501 members greeting the fans at the airport

Idol stars quite surprised at the huge turn out of fans

Fans finding ways to attract their idol's attention

Loud cheers from the fans when the boys finally came out of the arrival hall

Credit: Epoch Times + TripleSTW + (English translation)
Source: Quainte (

If my family wouldn't be going with me to catch their concert in Hong Kong this December, I wonder if I could be one of those girls screaming and and waving some posters at the airport. kekeke

Kim Hyung Jun & Park Jung Min: Official SS501 REBIRTH Wallpapers

Official photos of Jung Min and Hyung Joon were now turned to beautiful wallpapers for you to stare at.

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SS501 Wallpapers by Mireene

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Kim Hyun Joong back for Tony Moly CF

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong has once again shown himself to be the healthy and clean "nice-guy" he is.

The singer/actor's popularity skyrocketed after playing the role of the "nice-guy" in
KBS 2TV's hit drama remake, "Boys Over Flowers."

Kim Hyun Joong has recently modeled in a CF for the latest make-up brand, Tony Moly.

By looking at the CF photos, one can see that Kim Hyun Joong is totally giving off the 'nice-guy' feel just by looking healthier and cleaner than ever along with the eye catching S-line of the sexy female model.

The representative for Tony Moly stated, "Kim Hyun Joong energetically worked hard with a smile on his face throughout the whole time even though the CF shoot was from early morning till late night. In this shoot, we have changed the whole image of Kim." Hyun Joong will reportedly take on a new charismatic and manly image which will satisfy everyone's expectation.

In other news, Kim Hyun Joong along with the rest of the members of SS501 are getting prepared because they will have their Asia concert at the
Super Arena which is located in Taipei.

In addition, SS501's mini album titled, "REBIRTH," will be released on the 20th of October with their comeback
scheduled for Music Bank next week.

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