Scans of Trendy Magazine Issue No 13

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New Photos from Tony Moly Singapore

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I opened my Facebook and this is the first entry I saw in my timeline. Their watermark has improved (kekeke).

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[17/07] Young Saeng talks about Wings of the World Performance

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Okay I was actually sleeping, but I was awaken by someone. Aigoo, Saengie left a message and talked about his favourite song. We'll, wait for the translation. Oh, he left the same message in his cyworld too.

I added the video of the performance he was referring to.

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Credits to (Chinese translation) + (English Translation) @jacinthoriya

Before standing on stage

"Hyung~ I felt weird listening to Wings Of The World, it sounds as if it is protraying us..."
"Is it...? I also felt sad without any reason..."
"That's why... Listening to the song, (I) felt like crying... especially the bridge part where Hyung sang..."

At last.... Encore... Song...

“Rest if you are tired... Keep your tired wings for the time being...”
“Smile... (and you'll be able) to see...”
“Like a little candle light of the world...”
====("Wings of the world" lyrics)

“Please remember... we are... flying towards... the sky...
Facing... freedom... world... because of... goal...”

I can feel... that friend was crying...
No one realized it... only me felt it...
The words that we said before stepping on the stage...
Appeared in my mind for that moment...

“Able to do it... Always... dream......”
I can no longer control... tears just flow non stop of a sudden
Comparing the lyrics with the tears... actually there are other meanings

“Able to create... Full of... Happiness... place”

As a singer... Only expect... Prefect stage... and handsome looks
But the reality does not seems so...
What we want to do are so restricted

Though the song describe that we are flying towards the sky...
But we can't do that in reality...
Though description said we can do it... but we can't...
Seriously... can't raise (my) head with that apologetic heart...

The meaning of the tears at that time... maybe... maybe... until now is...
Only we two saw the tears...

3 and half years had past... 14 January 2007
Singing the last song... the meaning of tears flowing

At the last moment on the stage, holding on to the microphone tightly... tears flowed
Reason for not moving is...

I want to tell everyone microphone is a thing that accompany me for life
Wish to convey the decision of me singing till death
And... must... say one sentence...
But tears always flow... Really could not say it out...

The meaning of the tears that time...

"We present a deficient stage...
really sorry and also those who appreciate our stage... thanks"

You know I like to post different translations. Got this from soompi.
Saengie, no tears, okay? You will sing for TripleS 'till your very last breath. TripleS will be there to cheer for you until you can sing no more.

Credits to (English Translation) SS5014ver @ superstar subbing

2007. 1. 14…
Before going up on stage…

"Hyeong~ when I listen to "Wings of the World", it seems like what we want to say..;;"
"Is that so..? I too, for some reason, find it sad.."
"I seems tears will flow if that song is heard..especially the bridge part which hyeong sings…"

Final…encore song..

"Rest if you're tired..and fold those weary wings
Laught…it can be seen…
That world that's like a small candlelight…"

"I remember…we…flew towards the sky…
Towards a free world, for our dreams…"

I felt it..that friend is crying..
No one saw through it…I alone felt it…
What we said before we went on stage…
Flashed passed my mind…

"We can do it..always the same dream…"

I too, unknowingly…started crying uncontrollably
As compared to crying simply because of the lyrics..there was another reason…

"A place with happy smiles….we can make it…"

As a singer..we only pursue a brilliant stage…and good appearance..
But in reality it isn't so…
There're many restrictions on what we want to do…

Even though it was expressed in the song that we were flying towards the sky…
But in reality, we can't do it…
Even though it was expressed that we could do it…we couldn't…
To the people who listened to our songs…and watched our stage…
A sorry heart…really can't lift our heads up..
Only showing our tears…

The meaning of the tears then…probably..probably..even at this moment..
the people who know..
is just the two of us who cried…

3 and a half years ago…2007 January 14th…
As the last song was sung…the meaning of the falling tears…

Holding on tightly to the microphone until the final stage…tears fell
the reason for not moving at all…

I want everyone to know that the microphone is something that'll be with me for my whole life…
I want to express that I'll keep singing until I die…
And also..there's something..I want to say…
But the tears keep appearing..I really couldn't say it…

The meaning of the tears at that time…

"For having to see a stage that is lacking…sorry…
And also...for enjoying our lacking stage…thanks…"

Credits to (English Translation)

Before we went onto stage...

"Hyung~ When I listen to Wings of the World, it's like talking about us..;;"
"Really..? Me too, I feel sad for no practical reasons.."
"That's why.. Seems like listening to that song will make you cry.. Especially the bridge part that hyung you sing..."

Lastly.. The encore song..

"Rest to get power if you must.. Lay down your tired wings for the moment...
Just smile... do you see it...
That world shining just like a small candlelight..."

"Remember... We..... will fly... to the sky.... won't we......
For.. the.. sake.. of.. our.. dreams.. and.. for.. freedom.. of.. this.. world............."

I felt it.. The reason why that friend was crying...
Noone noticed it.. Only me...
Before standing onto stage, the words we said...
Flashed past my mind at that split moment...

"We can do it... Always... Dreaming.......... of our dream..................."

I don't know why too... Tears just trickled out the eyes ceaselessly....
The lyrics of song... actually had a different meaning than those tears....

"A smile with happiness.... A place filled with it......... We... can... make... that... happen... can't we......."

We as singers.. we're only expected of putting up an amazing stage.. and.. displaying our handsome sides...
But in reality, it didn't work like that...
There were so many limitations to what we wanted to do...

Though we sing in the song, we are flying to the skies... but
the us in reality, we're unable to do that...
Though we sing in the song, we can do it... but
the us in reality, we're unable to do that...
To the people listening to our song.. To the people watching our stage...
I really can't lift my head... because I feel so sorry in my heart...
Ended up only tears were seen...

The meaning behind those tears flowed at that time ... probably.. until now this moment...
If any one would have known,
the people who could have possibly known...
will only be the both of us who shed and saw...

3 and a half years have passed by... 2007 January 14...
While singing the last the meaning of those tears that flowed...

Right until the end, grabbing onto the mike so tightly.. and tears trickling by..
The reason why we weren't moving...

Because I wanted to tell everyone..
The mike will be the item I'll spend my eternal lifetime with..
I will be singing until I die... and I was letting this be known...
And.. there was this one sentence I wanted to say for sure..
But tears just kept flowing... It just couldn't come out of my mouth...

The meaning to those tears at that time....

'It was us looking at the imperfect stage ourselves... I'm sorry...
And our imperfect stage.. because you enjoyed it, I'm thankful...'

Scans of Postcards from SS501 Summer Holiday

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Since I'm bored and got nothing to do, I decided to open my SS501 Summer Holiday Photobook. I opened this thing only once and did a quick scan of the photos inside. I haven't even popped the CDs or DVDs included in the package into my computer. I guess now is the time to start scanning. 

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[17/07] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun Sings Curry in Music High

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[17/07] Kyu Jong on TOK TOK

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He got his eyes lasik fixed too? Is it the "in" thing in Seoul right now? (kekeke)

Credits to DSP site + 완두콩 별소녀@SS601 + (English translation)

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When rain falls and music plays, I...begin to think of you..^^
@ 3:30:26 AM

You've been fine right.. hahaha!! Because I just did Lasik, I was resting for a little bit!!!! ^^
@ 3:31:49 AM

uriah heep ... rain... The song I've been enjoying listening to these days.. Everyone go and listen to it !! ^^
@ 3:36:16 AM

It's a song that feels really great to listen to on a rainy day.. eum eum.. !!!
@ 3:37:23 AM

rain rain rain.. in my tears..Measuring carefully my years~~~
@ 3:38:42 AM

What I'm writing doesn't appear.. Aye seriously!! Heum heum!!
@ 3:42:04 AM

It,s raining outside But that,s not unusual
@ 3:43:03 AM

Wah indeed..
@ 3:43:11 AM

Amazing ........ All of you really know well !! Indeed !!!
@ 3:43:23 AM

Woke up from sleep.... The sound of rain was so loud..T Kept hearing thunder !! hh
@ 3:44:57 AM

But didn't everyone sleep? ^^
@ 3:46:46 AM

Aiyo go to sleep everyone~~
@ 3:47:53 AM

Besides dreaming of a nice dream, you should also make your fantastic dream come true right, hh!!!!
@3:48:12 AM

Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already Slept already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ 3:49:00 AM

Raining Raining..hehehe, pretties, sleep well o o o ^^ h
@ 3:49:52 AM

Wonderful song a a a a~~~ Really have to go, sleep well, hehe ^^
@ 3:51:51 AM

The Love (sarang) !! The Smell (naeeum) !! The Sight (bora)!! hh. No idea, it's difficult, I keep taking in the difficult stuff only...... ?!!
@ 3:55:01 AM

bye bye ^^ Always thank you !! Yeah!!!~~~~~ Fyah~~^^
@ 3:55:55 AM

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The rain came down … When the evil flows .. I’m with you .. I think .. [규종]

I’ll stay … Ha ha ha!! Having a little rest after LASIK surgery ^^ [규종]

uriah heep … rain… my favorite songs recently … now listening all the time !! ^^ [규종]

I play it when the rain came down.. it’s a good song.. Mmm..!!!! [규종]

rain rain rain.. in my tears… Measuring carefully my years ~~~ [규종]

I am writing and does not come up,… ahi really!! humhum!! [규종]

It’s raining outside But that’s not unusual [규종]

Wow, right… [규종]

Thank you for writing …. Good to know you!! Too!! [규종]

happening to sleep… big (don’t understand this part) .. T keep thundering!! heehee [규종]

But everybody not sleeping? ^^ [규종]

Ohya Come on sleep all ~~ [규종]

I’ll got beautiful dream decorated in dream yoyoyoyoyoyo hehe!!!! [규종]

Will sleep will sleep will sleep will sleep will sleepwill sleep [규종]

It’s raining it’s raining .. heeheehee Beauties good night yo ohohoh ^^ ha [규종]

Good song ahahahaha ~~~~ I’m going to sleep good night hehe ^^ [규종]

Love!! Smell!! Violet !! I do not know I am hard to keep up difficult things repeatedly [규종]

bye bye ^^ thank you as always!! Yeah !!!~~~~~~ firing~~ [규종]

Persona in Seoul Encore DVD Japan Edition Release Details

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Aigoo, I want a copy of this DVD. It's sort of my remembrance of those two fun nights in Seoul. But I'd wait for the Korean version with the English subtitle.

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What: February 28's concert -- 2 Discs + Mini photobooklet + Luxurious Box
Price: 6,090 yen [tax inclusive]
Release date: 2010 August 27 (Friday)
Subtitles: Korean, Japanese
Region code: All
Total duration: 150 minutes

*DISC 1*
-Concert footage

*DISC 2*
-Concert Encore
-Special Talk Time


--Disc 1--
04 4 Chance (remix)
05 Song calling for you (remix)
06 How are you (HyungJun solo)
07 NEVER LET YOU GO (KyuJong solo)
08 WUSS UP (KyuJong solo)
11 Because I'm Stupid
12 Only Me (JungMin solo)
13 KISS [with Rainbow] (JungMin solo)
14 U R Man
15 Only Our Memories (YoungSaeng solo)
16 FIND (YoungSaeng solo)
17 Please be nice to me (HyunJoong solo)
19 Haruman (Only One Day)
20 Love Like This

--Disc 2--
01 Snow Prince
02 Coward
03 Bye Bye
04 You're my heaven
05 Special Talk Time
06 OBSESS (Multi-angle)
07 Wasteland (Multi-angle)

[15/07] More of Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong at Vivito Launching Party

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[12/07] Seung Gi Vs. Hyunjoong Vs. Yoochun – Drama Showdown

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Nine-Tailed Fox reminded me of Naruto (kekeke).

Credits to (Source) Chosun Online + (translation) + reposted from MissChievous Land

Three top stars of the same age will be battling it out in our living rooms.

Singer Lee Seung Gi, SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong (Leader) and Tohoshinki’s Yoochun will be starring in dramas during the August – September periods. Lee Seung Gi was born in early ’87, and Hyunjoong and Yoochun were born in ’86 are of the same age. They will be competing on the acting stage to see who comes out tops.

Firstly, Lee Seung Gi. His comeback midweek drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” is scheduled to start airing on 11 August on SBS. He plays a man who lives with a nine-tailed fox spirit (Shin Min Ah) whose seal is broken after 500 years.

So far, Lee Seung Gi’s star quality in acting has been recognized via his dramas “Famous Princesses” and “Shining Inheritance.” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” will probably serve to establish his position as an actor further.

Next, Hyunjooong, whose acting debut was the role of Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui) from F4 in “Boys over Flowers.” He will be touching girls’ hearts again in MBC’s new midweek drama “Mischievous Kiss.” This drama, like “Boys over Flowers”, is adapted from a popular Japanese comic, and Hyunjoong’s character is expected to shine, just like the actual comic character.

“Mischievous Kiss” will be directed by Hwang In Roe, who also directed “Goong” and is expected to air in August after “Road Number One”.

Finally, Yoochun will be officially kicking off his acting activities in September with the KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” Unlike Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyunjoong, he will not be competing at the same time slots, but the pressure for his debut is still great. Together with Park Min Young, Soong Joon Gi & Yoo Ah-In, Yoochun will be part of “Chosun Dynasty’s F4,” helping to alleviate his burden.

“SungKyunKwang Scandal” has received much interest both locally and internationally, and distribution rights were sold to Japan even before production began.

After Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun’s drama are over, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Tohoshinki’s Changmin will be taking over. Choi Siwon will be featured in SBS’s “Athena : Goddess of War” and Changmin will be acting in “Paradise Ranch.”

T/N: Midweek dramas are actually called “Wednesday-Thursday” dramas, referring to the days that they are being aired on. “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox” and “Mischievous Kiss” will be showing at the above day slots, while “SungKyunKwan Scandal” will be aired on Monday & Tuesday.

Source: [Chosun Online]
Translation credits:
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[15/07] Successfully verified male lead of Drama - Kim HyunJoong

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I saw this write-up in Korean last night, but aigoo me cannot understand Kimchi language (kekeke) have to wait for the very nice people who do translation. I have inserted some of my comments, okay? It may be a bit long, for some, but it's a very good read.

Credits to + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Originated from Japanese comic ‘Mischievous Kiss’, has finally been made into drama in Korea too. Why do I say ‘finally’ is because it has already been made into dramas in Japan and Taiwan before. ‘Mischievous Kiss’ was made into drama in Japan in 1996 and in Taiwan in 2005, and received a lot of attention while it was broadcasted. Especially the drama made in Taiwan, a lot of records were broken when it was broadcasted, and the actor/actress for leading roles , Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin shot to their fame. And even after the drama ended, they made a sequel ‘Mischievous Kiss 2’ in 2007 owing to the constant requests from fans.

In other words, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is a drama that will be a huge success as it will secure sufficient fans in Japan (origin) and Taiwan (Chinese-speaking community) where the drama is already widely known. For the fans of the original comic and existing dramas, seems like a lot of them would like Group Eight, who has produced ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to produce this drama as well.

Boys Over Flowers and Kim HyunJoong

When producing the already successful original comic into drama again, selecting the actors/actress is definitely one of the most important considerations. In other words, because the original comic comprises of the romance fantasy of girls (as well as aunties and some guys), all the more the attention is on the lead actor/actress. Besides Taiwan and Japan, Korea who is the last to produce ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has gained so much attention Asia-wide, one of the reasons is because of ‘F4’, because they have the most similar quality with the legendary flower boys in romance comic reign in the original comic. The author of the original comic spread the news that he was satisfied with the cast when he met with them, and that stirred up even more among the fans in all countries.

‘Boys Over Flowers’ being his first drama as an idol turned actor, he has a relatively smooth success as compared to the other colleagues similar to himself. Why is that so is because the male lead of ‘Boys Over Flower’ possesses the absolute virtue. That is none other than beautiful looks. Acting as ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’ in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ produced by Group Eight, he met the visual requirements perfectly of the fantasies of fans of the original comic as well as drama viewers.

Kim HyunJoong who has exceptional beauty and has been nicknamed ‘Walking statue’, is just like someone who came out from the comic literally, who gives happiness (really ha? too much happiness) to many girls, noona, aunties and mother fans. Producer of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ had used him to a very effectively, they changed Kim HyunJoong’s hairstyle at an appropriate time, making the fans anxious and gently gaining back the varying viewership ratings. In other words, Kim HyunJoong is the most useful actor to the producers during the filming of ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

Kim HyunJoong and ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Exceptionally high attention is gained on the news that Kim HyunJoong being confirmed as the male lead for ‘Mischievous Kiss’. Because ‘Mischievous Kiss’ has already many fans locally and that it is a sensitive issue for Kim HyunJoong’s fans. After the huge success of his debut acting ‘Boys Over Flowers’, his second drama is very much important. And the role that Kim HyunJoong is acting in ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is much more important than ‘Yoon Ji Hoo’ in ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Sure enough that he is the leading actor in ‘Mischievous Kiss’, but he is also the only leading actor, and must portray the distinct character more than any other roles in the drama, and is engaged in the main love line in the drama. In other words, he has to match extremely well with the lead actress and is extremely focused on them, and there is no one who is in ally with him like ‘F4’ in ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Furthermore, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ made by Taiwan has gained quite a substantial number of fans locally and the lead actor, Joe Cheng has gained much popularity amongst the Chinese actors. Among the fans of Joe Cheng, a majority of them like him through ‘Mischievous Kiss’. In the drama, he showed an amazingly exact image of the character in the original comic. All these elements are making fans of the original comic and fans of drama a slightly anxious.

Investigating in advance, male lead character of ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Generally, for the case of the male lead in comic, he is a thoughtful, kind and warm-hearted handsome guy who does not feel any great tension around him, while in ‘Mischievous Kiss’, the male lead has a unique character which is out of the tradition, a bad-guy styled cold-mannered handsome guy who is very possessive. Of course, this character set-up will remain true to the original.

From a wealthy family, being loved and son to be proud of, tall and handsome, multi in sports and excellent academic results, attractiveness that sweeps you off, this is really a character who is likely to be found in comics. There is more here, one exceptional point better than the character in the comic is that he is more than just academically good but more of a ‘genius’. However, one point lacking is none other than the fragile character. Because he is too good, he doesn’t care much about his surroundings and never concerned about others, therefore he has no friends. Even so, though he felt uncomfortable, he will not feel lonely.

As much as the part on the ‘excellence’ of the male lead character will sweep the audience along, the female lead character should be of below-average. In ‘Boys Over Flowers’, the economic condition makes the greatest difference between the 2 lead characters, and in ‘Mischievous Kiss’, it is the ‘level of intelligence’. The female lead character is a really kind person, with good relationships with friends, and far more than clumsy, she is stupid. And so, the greatest fun in ‘Mischievous Kiss’ is the conflict set-up between an intelligent guy and a stupid girl. (Sorry, I know nothing about the manga or the dramas previously released, but are we going to see somewhat of a Jessica Simpson?) This is similar to ‘Boys Over Flowers’ where the greatest fun is the set-up between successor of a huge company and a poor commoner girl.

Male lead character is tall and handsome, multi in sports and possesses the mind of a genius, it is unrealistic to get a unhandsome (or can we say not strikingly good looking?) actor to take up this role which would definitely be rejected by the viewers, by the fans of original comic. However, for fans who have already enjoyed the comic and even the drama, they are anticipating and feel anxious at the same time when they learnt of news of this ‘remake’. Hopefully, the male lead actor’s ‘visual’ is not just all of it, but a drama that makes the ‘visual’ a complement for his character.

Let Me Be The One Went Platinum!

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Wuri boys' Let Me Be The One went platinum and the song's composer tweeted about it. Well, to celebrate TripleS suddenly decided to trend how much we love these boys.

Credits to AndreMieux@Twitter

Kim HyunJoong's message about the 1st Premium DVD & Photo Book

CR: exlley @ youtube

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haish oppa! its very HOT here in LA! and your making it worse! hahaha

Japanese Translation: miyo

Annyeong, I'm Kim Hyun Joong.
Though the hot weather continues, please take care of your health.
I will be having my first DVD & Photobook, please give me lots of support.
In addition, on 11th October at JCB hall, there will be the DVD & Photobook Sales Fanmeeting. Please also give your support.
That's all from Seoul, Kim Hyun Joong.

Jung Min and Hyun Joong's Ideal Girl

CR: liezle + BB @ lovekimhyunjoong + BAIDU KHJ BAR + source NAVER NEWS

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Here's Jung Min's description and drawing of his ideal type of girl in Inkigayo Take 7 Magazine.
Jung Min type is a lady with pretty collarbone, double eyelid, big eyes like deer and brown color hair.
Do you fit the description?

김현중은 “오랜만에 그림을 그리는 거라서 매우 어색하다. 이상형을 볼 때 제일 먼저 계란형 얼굴과 긴 생머리를 보는 편이다. 청순하면서도 섹시한 모습을 보여주면 더 끌리는 것 같다. 청순+글래머가 내 이상형이다”라고 말하며 이상형을 그렸다. 하지만 그림은 청순글래머와는 많이 달라 폭소를 자아낸다.


그와 달리 SS501 박정민은 “쇄골이 예쁘고, 쌍커풀 있고 사슴처럼 큰 눈과 핑크색 입술, 그리고 갈색 생머리를 가진 분”이라고 세세한 묘사와 더불어 “나와 대화가 잘 통하는, 너무 꾸미지 않으면서 자연스러움이 느껴지는 분이 내 이상형”이라고 말했다.


翻译 BY visitseoul_sina blog


Kim Hyun Joong said, "It's been a long time since I drew anything
so the sketch is looking somewhat weird.
For my dream girl, I'll give special attention to an oval-shaped face and long black hair,
am especially attracted to an image that's innocent and yet sexy.
Innocent/pure + Glamour (charisma) type is my dream girl."

As he was speaking, he sketched his own ideal girl,
but the sketch was so far from the innocent charm that it caused everyone to break into laughter.

On the other hand, Park Jung Min of SS501 said,
"Having beautiful collarbone, double eyelids, and eyes as big as doe's and pinky lips, and also long brown hair,"
and "Must be able to communicate with me on the same wavelength,
and no need to dress up deliberately and being very natural, that's my dream girl."

Celebrating Royal Ave's 100th Day Anniversary on 15 July 2010

CR: 501wangja

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oooh martinelli's apple cider! love it!

[16/07] Jung So Min to romance Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss

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Credits to allkpop

Days earlier, we revealed that Park Eun Bin and Jung So Min had emerged as the final candidates for the opportunity to be cast in the upcoming drama, Playful Kiss.

Well, the result has finally been revealed by Group Eight on July 16th who have decided to cast Jung So Min, who will now move on from Bad Guy and romance Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss.

This will also be Jung So Min’s second drama after debuting in Bad Guy. She had edged out 100 others who had auditioned which included Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, f(x)’s Sulli, KARA’s Seungyeon, Park Eun Bin, etc.

Filming will begin soon and it will air from September 1st through MBC.

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Possible Kissing Partner for Hyun Joong

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Woah! Seriously, with that long line of actresses to consider to be paired with wuri Hyun Joong they still can't confirm one? 

Credits to Nate + lily_wakaka@Baidu

If they really can't decide, how about this?

SS501 on KAC Airport Focus 2010 issue

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Wuri boys were airport ambassadors right? Well the photo used here is a copy we haven't seen before.

Credits to buki@SS601

[15/07] Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong at Vivito Launching

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Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong were spotted attending the brand launch of a professional make-up brand VIVITO. Here's the brand's website.

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