Royal Avenue has a miniblog for Chinese Fans

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting. Do not re-edit or hotlink the graphics.

This miniblog is like a Twitter account as well. If opened an account on that site too. If you want, you can follow me there: No entries for me yet (kekeke) I'm still trying to get familiar with the site. If you want to sign-up and speaks no Chinese, here's the tutorial from ode.

Credits to + + (English translation) @jacinthoriya

Royal Avenue's miniblog:

KimGamsa's miniblog:

Entry at Lapin Carrot

Jung Min's post at

"Hello! I'm Park CEO~ so difficult T T i'm gonna learn more chinese... Thank u~~ I love you all!!

안녕하세요 ! 박대표입니다~ 너무 어려워요 ~중국어 배울거에요~ 감사합니다 워아이니믄~~ (same as the above sentence)"

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