[19/06] Hyun Joong's Charity Concert Updates

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I did updates in Twitter and lovekimhyunjoong.com during the concert proper. Nope, I did not go to the concert. I'm just getting info from different tweets of different people. The timing may not be correct as I am just basing them on Twitter time and matched against Philippine time (yeah, same as SG time). There's a video after the 4 photos, it may take awhile to appear.

Order of performances: P-Pop girls, Beast, XLR8 and Hyun Joong. Songs he sang: Happiness, Thank You and Please Be Nice to Me. All the artists then sang Heal the World with the kids.

Credits to (photos) as tagged + (video) tweetynfriends + the following at Twitter: s2rene, babyshazam, pamuness, tvxqilove, tweetynfriends, ikayness, NeenaBanana and CherryPineda

9:30pm Good golly. They mention Kim Hyun Joong's name and people start screaming at the concert

9:45pm Triple S are wearing green!

9:51pm Beast said their goodbyes. Ppop now taking over stage

9:59pm Crowd's shouting: KIM HYUN JOONG :( that's rude Pinoys. Love your own.

10:03pm Kim Hyun Joong is up!

There was an interview on stage but somehow I can't put the timing.

10:05pm He is singing Happiness - all in white

10:10pm Singing Thank You

His hair style is of the Love Ya performance style... You know the flat one on the side

10:22pm Singing Please Be Nice To Me

Here's another comment from someone: Everyone's going crazy for HJL and lol they're not letting him go off stage. like after he sings, the mc attacks him with questions. XD

10:27pm They wished him Happy Birthday.

10:31pm Now singing Heal the World with BEAST and kids and local artists

I guess that's the end of the concert...

[19/06] Hyun Joong in another interview - MYX News

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Thanks to a follower in Twitter missrezi for the tip. Leader's answers are with english subs! Do watch out for 2:52. I almost gasp when I saw it. Can somebody translate directly from Korean? I just wanna know if nothing was lost in translation. I heard some complaints about Leader's translator in the Philippines.

I can screencap, but I don't want. You watch it. I don't want to stir things up, but somehow I think something was lost in what Leader is saying. I do believe that our boys still have a lot of plans for the group. Hyung Jun has said to watch out for the 2nd album. I think this is a temporary thing for now since they have not signed up with DSP yet or any agency.

Credits to MYX News + addicted2Kpop121590

Finally, I saw the correct translation of that "Answer" I was in doubt with.
Credits to (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Translations between 2:50 onwards about the 5th album thing.
The translations there are not truly accurate in some areas...
Especially the billion-dollar one: Solo Career
That's so wrong!!!
Solo career ≠ Solo Activities!
It's different ne.......

He actually said, Love ya promo activities have now ended, and not 'about to end',
also, he said that all members will be concentrated on
each's solo career -- dramas / movies (example) for now
(seems like that's what he meant for these following months)
Not that they will be going each's own way alr.
He ask that all of you look forward to it as they will talk more about it after they release their 5th album (not in the form of official full album)
So don't worry. If it was, it would have caused a huge hooha by now!!!
^ ^ ;;

[19/06] Hyun Joong in another interview - STARTALK

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Credits to GMA + gothicbetchai

Related news on the Golden Melody Awards

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Some Taiwan TS are actually devastated over this news and are actually appealing to TSPH to help convey a message to Leader (as he's in Manila right now). They want to appeal to Leader to come to the show. I really, really hope that the message will get to Hyun Joong soon enough. If not through a letter how about a huge banner to be flashed at the concert tonight? Leader, please come to Golden Melody Awards with SS501.

Credits to http://www.ttv.com.tw/ 台视全球资讯网 + (English translation) happiebb @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

Kim Hyun Joong, one of the members from Korean idol group SS501 who have been invited to to appear as special guests to present awards for the Golden Melody Awards, has confirmed that he will not be making the trip.

Due to the change of mind on the part of the agency from the Korean side, Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed to be absent for the award ceremony. The organiser, TTV, has expressed disappointment and regret over the fact that the Korean agency is unable to keep its promise.

The charisma and appeal of the South Korean idol group, SS501, have swept all over Asia and Taiwanese fans have been keenly anticipating the five boys' performance of their latest title track at the Golden Melody Awards. However, just before the ceremony, the organizing party, TTV has received a last-minute notification that one of the members, Kim Hyun Joong, is confirmed to give the ceremony a miss. This piece of news has taken everyone aback.

SS501's Korean agency, DSP Media has stated right from the beginning that although the five members' contracts have come to an end, their promotional activities will carry on till the end of June, and has agreed to their attendance of the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

However, when Warner Music Taiwan tried to seek application details from the Korean agency subsequently, the Korean side kept procrastinating and buying time. Regarding the performance items, they kept using the excuse of being busy over the new album and refused to give a reply; they also kept changing their mind over other coordination and logistics issues.

It was only on 18th June that the Korean agency made a declaration that they are unable to make the decision on whether SS501 will attend the Golden Melody Awards. Further, member Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed to be absent from the event. The broadcasting station for the said awards ceremony, TTV, has been notified of this latest news at the first instance, and they have expressed that they are very shocked. They also expressed that their primary concern and priority are the interests of the fans and the viewing public, and they also thanked Warner Music for their effort and hard work. However, they expressed disappointment and regret over the outcome of the matter.

TTV and Warner Music are still working hard on this. As of now, members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun have agreed to go to Taiwan, and they are also attempting to contact the other two members, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong. Both parties are trying their best and are hoping not to disappoint the fans.

Screencaps from Latest Hotsun CF

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Credits as tagged + Investigation KHJ
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[13/06] Jung Min at the Newton X-Concert cum fanmeeting - Crazy501

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Credits to Crazy501.com + ⑤②朴妖孽@BAIDU
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New SS501 Memory Card merchandise

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These have smaller capacity as compared to those that were previously released. I wonder what would be the free wallies installed in these cards.

Credits to 11st.co.kr + 00lanse@BAIDU
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[18/06] Love Ya is top of the charts at Music Bank

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Streaming is still so bad. We are raking it good in album sales, though. 5th column - Digital streaming, 6th column - Preference, 7th column - Album sales, 8th column - Broadcast rating

So for another win next week, we TripleS must stream some more.

Credits to (chart) 박정민 하루만 @ SS601 + (screencap) rmdkdl.com

Leader's Tony Moly Wallies

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I've seen this a long time ago but (kekeke) too lazy. Anyways, saw them again, so I'd post them now. Two are old already but Leader so nice, huh?!

Credits to Tony Moly + 仲夏小星星@Baidu

Scans of SS501 Anniversary Cards

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I've posted Young Saeng's one first awhile ago, here's the entire collection. If you want to know what's on the back, go here.

Credits as tagged + 러브야 @ SS601.COM

[ENGSUBBED] Kim Hyung Joon @ ProGamer Episode 10

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The entire show has been subbed by Teamliquid Fansubber.

Credits to nevake

[12/06] Hyun Joong focus fancam from Music Core

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Credits to 아소 @ SS601.com

[18/06] Account from Fan Meet session in Manila

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This was actually a live update but me too tired to tweet last nigh and feeling a bit lazy. 

Credits to SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun

6.20pm Just heard from my friends, Hyun Joong has arrived at the Fan meeting venue.
But he went backstage. My friends are now queueing to go into the event venue.

7:12pm Receive another call from my friend.
She said no taking of photographs but still can bring the hp in.
So I will try to update u as and when I have more info.

7:59pm Dinner was served. My dongsaeng said she was seating right infront of the stage!
Wowow!! Too bad photography are not allowed.
Else we can definitely get GOOD photographs!

There's total 12 tables. Each table consist of 10 TS.

8:07pm Now practicing korean Birthday song (led by TSPH staff),
guess they are going to celebrate his belated Birthday later. ^o^

sengil chuka hamnida~ sengil chuka hamnida~ I also can hear it~ ^o^

8:10pm My dongsaeng message me, now background song from 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' album ^o~

8:12pm My dongsaeng say TSPH will be presenting a watch as present for leader birthday

8:32pm According to my dongsaeng there's only few foreigners. Leader still not out yet~

8:35pm My dongsaeng sms me: "So damn handsome. My God" Kekeke.... our prince is out~

8:40pm He is wearing black long sleeves with vest

8:48pm Leader gives each TSPH admin a CD each. (Mini UFO: Hyun Joongie~ Where's mine?)

8:50pm They push out the birthday cake and give leader the present.
Leader was shocked to see the arrangement. He didn't expect this and was speechless.
Everybody sing birthday song for leader (in Korean).
(Mini UFO: Awww... so sweet, I want to see his expression)

After that cake cutting session, continue with photo taking session.....

Photo taking in groups.....
my dongsaeng told me after taking photograph with leader,
leader even say 'Thank you' to them in english.

Additional note:

When leader just came out, all stood and clap our hands to welcome him, he said "kumusta kayo" (how are you ??)
he is tall and so damn handsome, he is wearing a cream colored tee with black vest long sleeves, then the interpreter laura ask him a couple of questions:

Q1. Do u prefer foreign or korean girl friend? - he said as long as she's beautiful and kind and as of now he don't have any girl friend

Q2. Would u consider Philippines for your concert next time?
A2: Yes. He said sorry that Philippines wasn't included in their Persona but definitely will include Philippines next time

Can't remember other questions.

After questions session, the cake was brought out and we sang Happy Birthday song then gave him the gift a TISSOT watch then he was like rush to open it and was touched to see the watch and told us that he will be wearing it in Korea. You can see it in his face that he was really touched and shocked as TSPH gave him 2 cakes, one with leader's figurine and the other one with SS501 then the 5 guys figurines on it. We counted 3, 2, 1 then he blew the candle.

After the Birthday celebration, it continues with the group photo session, taken in groups of 35.

Liezle's Fan Account of Leader Overload

Ahhhh! I really wished I went. But seriously, I've got no time to spare for some chasing this time. So here I am terribly envious of reading accounts. I don't wanna re-post so go here and here.

Young Saeng's 5th Year Commemorative Card

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I saw somewhere that the shipment of these cards were actually a bit delayed, but here's one copy for now. A few hours before the boys' 5th year anniversary there's a countdown clock and when it struck zero, fans were led to select their fave member for a copy of an anniversary card.

Credits to SendMall + 리샘@rmdkdl.com
Click on the images to enlarge.

[18/06] Royal Avenue's Offline Menu & Lapin Carrot's Housing

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Oh the bunny house is so cute!

Credits to lapincarrot.co.kr + (English translation) ss501fighting.wordpress.com


This is for you offline
You can see it so come to shop
Much more diverse menu is ready, come over


Rabbit house fencing has been installed in the Royal Avenue ~ ^ ^
And at the freewheeling lifestyle …
Lex and Rokchang got in an accident ㅠ ㅠ
Fortunately, Rokchang is not injured greatly,
Our Rex’s legs is greatly hurt ㅠ ㅠ
It hurts a lot, please do as a favor pretty of You for a visit in store^ ^

Kim Hyung Jun singing FYAH @ Music High 19Jun10

CR: poohmuhigh @ youtube

i can imagine what his doing while singing this song...
hahahhha you funny hyunjung-ssi!

[16/06] Kim Hyun Joong Called AST*1's Hai Ming

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Credits to http://t.sina.com.cn/1780903601 + Baidu KHJ
+ (English translation) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun

Hyun Joong Leader gave a call to Ding Hai Ming, AST1 member who acted together with him in BOF
during the dumpling festival (Jun 16, 2010). He was very touched and posted it in his microblog.

English Translation:
Today 14:20 A phone call, a greeting, a word miss you.....
I am touched and cried.
Hyun Joong Hyung, please don't be so mushy next time. Ok. ~!

Today 17:23 Wow! Microblog is so incredible, I just post it in the afternoon.
Now even Korea also know about it..... o.o#
Causing some people to envy jealous hate and called to say me.
So with this I would like to sincerely say to Hyun Joong hyung who has called me during the Dumpling Festival,
Eli, Tae hyung, Gukju Noona,Gyeong Jin noona, and most 5 beloved members, I also missed you very much.
See you on July.. (Eli now this is enough right? Hahahaha!)

Today 17:25 Oh yes!
Also to my little junior sisters, Thank you! Wish you have great popularity!

Update on 21st Golden Melody Awards

Credits: 21st Golden Melody official website
Translated: fasintha / sgtriples.com

Regarding about attending Golden Melody ceremony, Kim Hyun Joong's representation said that Kim Hyun Joong is comfirmed not able to attend and felt sad about it. Taiwan Warner Music commented, recently had ask SS501 Korea's management company "DSP Media" to attend the ceremony and perform, DSP Media replied that though all 5 members contract ended, members will by using the method of temporary extension of contract, to compromise with all the activities till the end of June and will be happy to attend the Golden Melody ceremony.

But from the beginning where Warner Music wants to get information from DSP Media, DSP Media delayed in telling the details of the show, and they also further delayed the time to reply due to the members comeback in Korea, which causes serious inconvenience for both Warner Music and Golden Melody organisers. CTV said that the factors lie mainly on audience and fans, and thanks Warner Music for contacting and efforts made. As to these changes, they felt sad and regretful.

DSP Media today announced that SS501 members contract ended and their promotion activities ended in the mid of June. Currently all members had stopped their activities, DSP Media has nothing to do with the members, and hence not able to decide on behalf of them regarding about attending Golden Melody ceremony. The organisers request Warner Music to keep in contact with the rest of the members, and up till now, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun had agreed to attend. As for Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong are still reconsidering.

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[18/06] Kim Hyun Joong appears on Philippine TV

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Credits as tagged + fiona1111@naverblog
Click on the images to enlarge.

Credits to liezle11

Here's the Translation of Carla from ss501fighting.wordpress.com

Female host: we’re almost close to witness K-POP meets P-POP, again it’s a concert for young mothers with Korea’s favorite band BEAST featuring XLR8 and the Popgirls..

Male host: And now Pia(female hosts’ name) we are with the Korean Sensation, Kim Hyun Joong!!! (shouts from the audience) side comment from the male host: gwapo means handsome. :)
Hello Kim Hyun Joong! Welcome to Eat Bulaga(noontime show name), Welcome to the Philippines.

Kim Hyun Joong: How are you all?(politely coz he used “po”)

Female Host: wow, We don’t have to hire an interpreter but let’s still call Lora(Interpreter)

Male host: Interpreter..

Female host: Hi lora!

Male Host: how are you? welcome to eat bulaga! Uhm.. let’s just ask, Is it your first time in the Philippines?
Lora translates it in Korean…

Kim Hyun Joong:(translated by Lora) Thank You coming here and Thank You for welcoming all of the ….(sorry i can’t get what she’s saying in this part) and I hope to see you soon at the Araneta Concert for the mothers and ….. on June 19 at the Araneta. thank You so much!

Female host: Kim, are you surprised?
interpreter: I think he’s very surprised that all of you welcome him. He’s very happy and….

Male host: This will happen in june 19 at the Araneta Colliseum.
Female host: for tickets, you can call ticketnet at 9115555 or viva concert at 6877236 or .,,,,(i guess this part isn’t important though lol)

Female host: last kim, is there anything that you would like to tell your fans here in the Philippines?

Male host: kamsahamnida. thank you very much

Kim Hyun Joong: maraming salamat po!(Thank You very much!)

Male Host: maraming salamat.

Credits to liezle11

Here's the Translation by Liezle of the Interview

Nelson Canlas : Kim Hyun Joong doesn't speak English but this did not stop him to share what he wants to say. If you're this close with KHJ you would feel his sincerity. He even tried studying some Filipino phrases.

Leader : Kamusta po kayo? [How are you?]

Nelson Canlas : At first he's shy but as the interview goes on his smiles keep on increasing. He said that it's a bit hot in the Philippines but it's surprising that he likes the fresh air. I got a bit personal when I asked him what characteristics he wants in a girl.

Leader thru Interpreter [in English] : He loves to have girlfriend who is funny and comfortable to be with.

Nelson Canlas : In the concert KHJ mentioned that he will be with BEAST tomorrow and that fans have to watch for it since they've prepared numbers that will make fans giddy.

Leader : Maraming salamat po! [Thank you!]

Hyun Joong from the Latest High Cut (18 June - 01 July edition)

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Credits to blog.naver.com/chicganzi