[13/06] Fan Account from the Newton X-Concert cum fanmeeting

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Credits to WantU501 @ BAIDU SS501 THREAD + (English translation) happiebb @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

just saw this from the korean sites:

1. said that the five of them all cried when watching the clip that the fans had prepared
(in particular, mal was crying the most, he was crying really quite badly...)

2. leader said not to believe those ruours (about the contract, about disbanding, etc),
leader wants us all to believe in the five of them.

Credits to 月光族达人 @ BAIDU SS501 THREAD + (English translation) happiebb @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

Hyun Joong said to believe in them,
and then everyone's crying got even worse--, including Park Jung Min,
and then he said things like for us to believe in 501
and to continue on this journey together.

Hyun Joong said, let's be together all the way till the 50th anniversary.

(Fan: just now I too heard the voices and sounds,
other than Young Saeng oppa, everyone was crying very badly
Especially Jung Min oppa, he was crying as he was talking.
Leader said not to believe in the rumours, just believe in them.
Our 501 oppas seemed hurt *probably referring to the rumours*)

Hyung Jun said to TS with certainty, that there will definitely be a 2nd (full) album,
and want us to wait!

Leader said they're sorry the promotional period is so short this time,
but in future, their (promo) activities will be long!

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