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Some Taiwan TS are actually devastated over this news and are actually appealing to TSPH to help convey a message to Leader (as he's in Manila right now). They want to appeal to Leader to come to the show. I really, really hope that the message will get to Hyun Joong soon enough. If not through a letter how about a huge banner to be flashed at the concert tonight? Leader, please come to Golden Melody Awards with SS501.

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Kim Hyun Joong, one of the members from Korean idol group SS501 who have been invited to to appear as special guests to present awards for the Golden Melody Awards, has confirmed that he will not be making the trip.

Due to the change of mind on the part of the agency from the Korean side, Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed to be absent for the award ceremony. The organiser, TTV, has expressed disappointment and regret over the fact that the Korean agency is unable to keep its promise.

The charisma and appeal of the South Korean idol group, SS501, have swept all over Asia and Taiwanese fans have been keenly anticipating the five boys' performance of their latest title track at the Golden Melody Awards. However, just before the ceremony, the organizing party, TTV has received a last-minute notification that one of the members, Kim Hyun Joong, is confirmed to give the ceremony a miss. This piece of news has taken everyone aback.

SS501's Korean agency, DSP Media has stated right from the beginning that although the five members' contracts have come to an end, their promotional activities will carry on till the end of June, and has agreed to their attendance of the Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

However, when Warner Music Taiwan tried to seek application details from the Korean agency subsequently, the Korean side kept procrastinating and buying time. Regarding the performance items, they kept using the excuse of being busy over the new album and refused to give a reply; they also kept changing their mind over other coordination and logistics issues.

It was only on 18th June that the Korean agency made a declaration that they are unable to make the decision on whether SS501 will attend the Golden Melody Awards. Further, member Kim Hyun Joong is confirmed to be absent from the event. The broadcasting station for the said awards ceremony, TTV, has been notified of this latest news at the first instance, and they have expressed that they are very shocked. They also expressed that their primary concern and priority are the interests of the fans and the viewing public, and they also thanked Warner Music for their effort and hard work. However, they expressed disappointment and regret over the outcome of the matter.

TTV and Warner Music are still working hard on this. As of now, members Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun have agreed to go to Taiwan, and they are also attempting to contact the other two members, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong. Both parties are trying their best and are hoping not to disappoint the fans.

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