SS501 at Newton's X-Concert Fan Meeting - Fan account on 13 June 2010

credit: ccfish0322@baidu + Translations:

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A video was played today
Maybe you girls didnt know, actually, I am a fan of the boys for only 7 months, starting from LLT
Always felt, I missed out alot regarding that 5 years
today, an editied video, members talked alot in the beginning
everyone knows, I don't know Korean, so didnt understand
but got the main points, the boys are very apologetic about the 5 years 1 Album issue
Hyun Joong didnt say much
but, after he finished, he apologised
our leader, wiped his tears~
first time I cried today

Mal today cried very sadly
Kyu Jong started crying first
that time Mal was facing us with his back
but can see he is wiping his tears
fans keep asking him not to cry
but~ Mal seems to have a lot of stuff troubling him today
Our Mal, actually, very tired right?
Hyung Jun also cried sadly, when he was talking about Kyu Jong, his tone changed~ seems to be saying, without you~ it's not 501 anymore~
Leader and Saengie is forever so calm
When Mal was crying, Hyung Jun went over to hug him~like comforting a child~comforting Mal~

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