TripleS L.O.V.E. Sharing - 3rd batch

Pls credit the sources and all translators/sites when reposting. Do not re-edit or hotlink the graphics.

Credits to SS601 (photo) +

Here is the last batch of the recipients of the Destination digital albums as well as the Soribada cards used to download the album. If your twitter ID is on the list, please check the email address you have used in submitting your entry. As some have no Twitter, please check your emails if you have sent me an entry.

Rules that has to be strictly followed:
1. Do not share your legal Destination Digital Album.
2. Use the Soribada Smart Music Card to stream Love Ya starting from the day you get the serial number. For the guide on how to stream, go here.  
3. You can dowload the 34 songs left in the Soribada card, but please ensure that you are not downloading songs of current bands 

Here's the list:
1. @stopdroprollz
2. @kyunicole
3. @salehaHj
4. @leehuiennn
5. @phungyama
6. @merrick_85, @merrickdlioncrt
7. @rima_1985
8. ....
9. ....
10. ....

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