[18/06] Account from Fan Meet session in Manila

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This was actually a live update but me too tired to tweet last nigh and feeling a bit lazy. 

Credits to SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun

6.20pm Just heard from my friends, Hyun Joong has arrived at the Fan meeting venue.
But he went backstage. My friends are now queueing to go into the event venue.

7:12pm Receive another call from my friend.
She said no taking of photographs but still can bring the hp in.
So I will try to update u as and when I have more info.

7:59pm Dinner was served. My dongsaeng said she was seating right infront of the stage!
Wowow!! Too bad photography are not allowed.
Else we can definitely get GOOD photographs!

There's total 12 tables. Each table consist of 10 TS.

8:07pm Now practicing korean Birthday song (led by TSPH staff),
guess they are going to celebrate his belated Birthday later. ^o^

sengil chuka hamnida~ sengil chuka hamnida~ I also can hear it~ ^o^

8:10pm My dongsaeng message me, now background song from 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' album ^o~

8:12pm My dongsaeng say TSPH will be presenting a watch as present for leader birthday

8:32pm According to my dongsaeng there's only few foreigners. Leader still not out yet~

8:35pm My dongsaeng sms me: "So damn handsome. My God" Kekeke.... our prince is out~

8:40pm He is wearing black long sleeves with vest

8:48pm Leader gives each TSPH admin a CD each. (Mini UFO: Hyun Joongie~ Where's mine?)

8:50pm They push out the birthday cake and give leader the present.
Leader was shocked to see the arrangement. He didn't expect this and was speechless.
Everybody sing birthday song for leader (in Korean).
(Mini UFO: Awww... so sweet, I want to see his expression)

After that cake cutting session, continue with photo taking session.....

Photo taking in groups.....
my dongsaeng told me after taking photograph with leader,
leader even say 'Thank you' to them in english.

Additional note:

When leader just came out, all stood and clap our hands to welcome him, he said "kumusta kayo" (how are you ??)
he is tall and so damn handsome, he is wearing a cream colored tee with black vest long sleeves, then the interpreter laura ask him a couple of questions:

Q1. Do u prefer foreign or korean girl friend? - he said as long as she's beautiful and kind and as of now he don't have any girl friend

Q2. Would u consider Philippines for your concert next time?
A2: Yes. He said sorry that Philippines wasn't included in their Persona but definitely will include Philippines next time

Can't remember other questions.

After questions session, the cake was brought out and we sang Happy Birthday song then gave him the gift a TISSOT watch then he was like rush to open it and was touched to see the watch and told us that he will be wearing it in Korea. You can see it in his face that he was really touched and shocked as TSPH gave him 2 cakes, one with leader's figurine and the other one with SS501 then the 5 guys figurines on it. We counted 3, 2, 1 then he blew the candle.

After the Birthday celebration, it continues with the group photo session, taken in groups of 35.

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