[19/06] Hyun Joong's Charity Concert Updates

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I did updates in Twitter and lovekimhyunjoong.com during the concert proper. Nope, I did not go to the concert. I'm just getting info from different tweets of different people. The timing may not be correct as I am just basing them on Twitter time and matched against Philippine time (yeah, same as SG time). There's a video after the 4 photos, it may take awhile to appear.

Order of performances: P-Pop girls, Beast, XLR8 and Hyun Joong. Songs he sang: Happiness, Thank You and Please Be Nice to Me. All the artists then sang Heal the World with the kids.

Credits to (photos) as tagged + (video) tweetynfriends + the following at Twitter: s2rene, babyshazam, pamuness, tvxqilove, tweetynfriends, ikayness, NeenaBanana and CherryPineda

9:30pm Good golly. They mention Kim Hyun Joong's name and people start screaming at the concert

9:45pm Triple S are wearing green!

9:51pm Beast said their goodbyes. Ppop now taking over stage

9:59pm Crowd's shouting: KIM HYUN JOONG :( that's rude Pinoys. Love your own.

10:03pm Kim Hyun Joong is up!

There was an interview on stage but somehow I can't put the timing.

10:05pm He is singing Happiness - all in white

10:10pm Singing Thank You

His hair style is of the Love Ya performance style... You know the flat one on the side

10:22pm Singing Please Be Nice To Me

Here's another comment from someone: Everyone's going crazy for HJL and lol they're not letting him go off stage. like after he sings, the mc attacks him with questions. XD

10:27pm They wished him Happy Birthday.

10:31pm Now singing Heal the World with BEAST and kids and local artists

I guess that's the end of the concert...