[19/06] Hyun Joong in another interview - MYX News

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Thanks to a follower in Twitter missrezi for the tip. Leader's answers are with english subs! Do watch out for 2:52. I almost gasp when I saw it. Can somebody translate directly from Korean? I just wanna know if nothing was lost in translation. I heard some complaints about Leader's translator in the Philippines.

I can screencap, but I don't want. You watch it. I don't want to stir things up, but somehow I think something was lost in what Leader is saying. I do believe that our boys still have a lot of plans for the group. Hyung Jun has said to watch out for the 2nd album. I think this is a temporary thing for now since they have not signed up with DSP yet or any agency.

Credits to MYX News + addicted2Kpop121590

Finally, I saw the correct translation of that "Answer" I was in doubt with.
Credits to (English translation) ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

Translations between 2:50 onwards about the 5th album thing.
The translations there are not truly accurate in some areas...
Especially the billion-dollar one: Solo Career
That's so wrong!!!
Solo career ≠ Solo Activities!
It's different ne.......

He actually said, Love ya promo activities have now ended, and not 'about to end',
also, he said that all members will be concentrated on
each's solo career -- dramas / movies (example) for now
(seems like that's what he meant for these following months)
Not that they will be going each's own way alr.
He ask that all of you look forward to it as they will talk more about it after they release their 5th album (not in the form of official full album)
So don't worry. If it was, it would have caused a huge hooha by now!!!
^ ^ ;;


  1. is it true?? after the 5th album, they'll have solo carrier??

    *teary eyes*

  2. To yen: there is indeed some inaccurate translation!

    Refer to http://ss501ode.blogspot.com/