[18/09] More photos of Jung Min at Japan Press Conference

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[18/09] More of Young Saeng at Friendly Artists Baseball by rmdkdl

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[18/09] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun sings Hurricane Venus at Music High

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[17/09] Jung Min at the Press Conference

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Jungmin's solo activity begins! "A hugging party with the participants"

Member of Kpop idol unit SS501 who is currently having a close with their activities Park Jungmin (23) held his press conference to announce his solo activities in Japan on the 17th. He mentions in Japanese without translation by himself that he is currently preparing to live in Japan. The press conference was held in an amiable environment with his Japanese that is a little weird at times along with his mood maker personality. The first series of his solo will be the appearance in musical "Kizuna" starring Lead as the protagonists (November 18~23 at 新国立剧场・中剧场, Tokyo). Park Jungmin expressed his aspirations as he expresses, "Musical is a combination of singing, acting and dancing, and that is very appealing to me. Though I haven't seen the script yet, I'm happily anticipating it already".

He also announced the holding of two fanmeets in December in Tokyo and Osaka respectively. "Since my aim is to be the No.1 male guy to be hugged for, is it possible for me to hold a hugging party with all the attendants then?", as he does lip-servicing with that.

His Japanese agency management Yamaha Music will also be producing his Japanese solo CD discography.

Credits to jpnews.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

S501 member Park Jungmin held his official press conference to announce his future Japan activities on 17th in Tokyo Minatoku's ANA International Hotel.

In the interviews with Japanese media, he made use of his fluent Japanese skills learnt during SS501's long-term stay in Japan back then for their Japanese activities as he made known that in future he will be developing as an actor and as a singer in Japan, hence increasing anticipation.

With response to the questions asked by the Japanese media, Park Jungmin did not make use of any translator to answer the questions but instead answered them by himself without hesitation along with his amiable personality in creating the happy atmosphere.

Regardless of the many flashes here and there coming from the cameras of each media, Park Jungmin expressed his gratitude for their attendance as he poise for the lenses to keep Fighting.

With regards to the question asked about his first solo activity in Japan, "I feel a little lonely now. It seems like there wasn't a time I've felt how wide a press conference's table could be. But it won't do if I don't say some things straightforwardly, so it's kinda complexed actually".

However his lonely expressions were for a moment only, "At the end of this month, I will be holding a press conference in Taiwan; in November, I will release a single in Korea and prepare for a musical & fanmeeting in Japan; while next year, I will also have a drama in Korea and Taiwan", as he describes his busy solo schedules and shows his strong confidence.

Yamaha A&R CEO Seumi Junichi who was the main organizer of this day's press conference who also attended to it expressed with regards to Park Jungmin's Japanese music activities, "Though it's aimed for December, we will slowly adjust according to his Korea music activities and then decide because looking at the situation now, we can't say for sure in detail".

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will be having a friendly appearance in the musical "Kizuna" (絆―少年よ大紙抱け) from November 18 to November 23 in Japan Tokyo.

'Kizuna' talks about the pure love story where - in order to win the hearts of a woman whom they both fell in love with, two high school students who will soon be graduating took battle on in calligraphy. Park Jungmin will be acting as a Korean exchange student Park Jeonsul who will be giving a powerful performance full of vigour on the stage during the graduation party ceremony. He will be starring alongside other Japanese actors.

In addition, 2 sessions of fanmeeting on December 22 and 23rd under the name of Park Jungmin's individual fanmeeting will be held for his first time in NHK Osaka Hall and Tokyo JCB Hall.

[17/09] Jung Min's Japan Official Site Opens

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Hello I'm Park Jungmin
My official Japanese fanclub has officially opened on September 7.
I've been studying Japanese hardworkingly
So I want to receive recognition from all of you, "Ah Jungmin is really working this hard to have achievements in Japan like dancing, singing, acting ne" , like that......
Do come to my official website and enjoy knowing more about me
Thank you
Also, there are quite a few events that are only made available to the fanclub, so please do visit the website ne~ Come come~
If so then let's meet in the homepage, I'll go and visit often too.
Because I do see those self statuses uploaded (what shall I do) (?) as well, so do leave many messages
I'll write in Japanese too. It'll be lovely if it will develop into a comfortable place that could bridge itself with your heart.
Everybody please visit often ne, Bye~~~~

Here's the link to Jung Min's Japan Official Site

[17/09] Park Jungmin signs on with Japan Yamaha..Discography releases November

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Group SS501's Park Jungmin has signed on with Japan Yamaha group as he officially begins his Japan activities.

Last 16th, Park Jungmin who left for Japan in discussion for his activities in Japan has now officially revealed his schedules and work plans in Korea & in Japan through his agency CNR Media who is currently undertaking his career in Korea and Japan.

On the 17th during the official press conference that he held with all Japanese media, if according to the revealed contents, Park Jungmin has already signed on with Yamaha Group's Yamaha Music Entertainment and will also open his official Japanese website, release pictorials and DVD, and will also hold a Japanese fanmeeting in December; in addition in 2011, he will also be releasing his first Japanese solo single &/or album.

Also before his Japan activities will begin, he will also be carrying out Korea activities prior to that - in November, he will be scheduled to release a discography (album) and is currently preparing for it, and will also hold a fanmeeting then.

On the other hand, Park Jungmin had signed on a full time contract with CNR Media to develop his asia activities full fledge.

Credits to sports.chosun.com + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

-last paragraph-

On the other hand, Park Jungmin will also soon release his plans for activities in the Chinese-speaking (great china) regions.

[ENGSUBBED] Mischievous Kiss Episode 7 Preview

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[17/09] Naughty Kiss further sinking ratings

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On the 17th according to TNms Ratings Research center, 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' recorded ratings of 50.8% for its final episode on 16th Sptember. This is after 2007's MBC 'Jumong' in 3 years time only that a drama reaps ratings higher than 50%. -next few paragraphs ommitted intro about Baker king- -last paragraph about Jangki ratings not accurate-

Credits to isplus.joins.com + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

MBC drama Playful Kiss has once again recorded low ratings. On the 16th, despite a kiss scene from protagonist Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Somin, according to AGB Nilson Media Research Center, it recorded ratings for its 6th episode at 2.8%. This is actually 0.5% lower than the previous night (15 Sep, #5)'s ratings.

Though this drama is directed by Hwang In-roi PD and stars 'Boys over Flowers' Kim Hyunjoong as it collated high anticipation beginning since its development stage, this drama's 1st episode only recorded 3.5% of low ratings, and continuously falls into a dipping state of ratings.

Credits to diodeo.com + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

-3rd paragraph-

However to take a peek by lifting this reality lid, Playful Kiss that began ratings of 3.5% on its first episode, and then subsequently 3.7% for #2, 3.5% for #3, 3.4% for #4, 3.3% for #5 and continuously reaches 2.8% in #6 (according to AGB Nilson Media Research) as it suffers constant 'insults'. This is the lowest of the lowest amongst all dramas broadcasted in this year so far.

The problem of Playful Kiss isn't just about the ratings. With KBS 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' taking the highest end of ratings, Playful Kiss who started out later could possibly due it to that reason for its tough battle that its currently fighting for. Though that is the case, another battle rival coming from SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' manages to record ratings around 10%-plus with its cheerful storyline as it garners the good raves of the young audience generation from and on the internet; whereas in contrast to this, Playful Kiss is receiving disregard from the same young audience generation, which is the problem.

Though criticisms targetting towards Kim HyunJoong, Jung Somin etc's acting and the too excessive fanciful manhwa-like production does not dip as usual, there is still a chance for them to be revived. The first and foremost reason would be because its strongest rival KBS 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' has ended its final run. Of course, because the follow-up work to KBS 'Baker King' is 'Fugitive Plan B' starring top stars Rain, Lee Nayoung, Daniel Henney, it will look difficult for Playful Kiss to take the better advantage side, but still for sure there is a little chance for it to improve.

With the drama's stage moving from high school students Seung-jo and Ha-ni to undergraduates as the story begins its official full-fledge development is a good sign. Hwang In-roi PD who focuses highly on the beauty of his works is also another good sign. Positive reactions and responses towards the drama itself, drama characters, Kim HyunJoong's change in style to Hye-ra who appears in Episode 6 is also getting more feverish by the day with anticipation building up.

For the sake of putting this opportunity to maximum use, MBC will be opening its "Watch Again" service for free beginning 24th September until 2 October through its official homepage. In addition, during the Chuseok period, there will be no replacement with other programmes and will proceed to air as usual.**

**Other tv stations will be replaced.
SBS my girlfriend is gumiho will be replaced with a movie
KBS Fugitive will also be replaced with a movie
Only MBC Playful kiss does not

Teaser for Hyung Jun's new TV Show "Kids in the middle of the night"

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Sep 30 ,12:00 am,
Mbc every1

[16/09] Fancam of Jung Min arriving at Haneda Airport

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[17/09] Park Jung Min signs with Yamaha Music Entertainment

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SS501’s Park Jung Min has signed with Yamaha Music Entertainment and will soon promote his Japan activities.

Before his Japan press conference, CNR Media revealed on September 17th, “Park Jung Min has signed with Yamaha Music Entertainment.”

Park Jung Min’s main website will be subsequently launched and then followed by the release of photos and a DVD. His Japan fanmeeting will take place this December, while his first solo concert will happen in 2011.

For domestic promotions in Korea, the agency plans to release his solo album this November.

CNR Media is a foreign media corporation and will support a wide array of international activities for Park Jung Min.

[17/09] Hyung Jun's FanMeet in Malaysia is Cancelled

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Geneses Dream Entertainment is very sorry to announce that we have decided to cancel Kim Hyung Jun Private Fan Meeting in Malaysia. Our company are currently lack of capabilities to handle this project and we are really sorry and regret to Kim Hyung Jun, HnB Company staffs, and to all the fans. It was our company mistake and Kim Hyung Jun is upset with this situation as well. We are very sorry for everything that happened.

To all the fans, Kim Hyung Jun might be coming to Malaysia under other company management so you guys can still meet him. Just have to wait for that company announcement.



Full refund will be made on 9th and 10th October 2010 OR 16th and 17th October 2010 with our refund booth opening at Berjaya Times Square, LG Floor, Hankuk Ramyun.
Please remember to bring your ticket and receipt to get your full refund.

For those who cannot come to the refund session, please send in an e-mail to onbook.gde@gmail.com with the title [REFUND] and fill in the form below.
Bank Name:
Account Holder Name:
Account Number:
Seat Package purchased & quantity:
Seat Number (if applicable):
Proof of purchase (scan or picture of receipt + ticket received)
Contact Number:

(*For overseas refund, please include your bank full details, address, etc.)
Full refund on the amount of the ticket purchased will be bank in fully on 18th October 2010.
Those that have sent in your refund e-mail before, you don’t have to resend it again.

[18/09] SS501 Tweet Tweet

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Looking at the tweet numbers, it seems that our dear Kyu was roped in real hard by Twitter. He pretty much enjoys communicating with his friends. I hope he finds time to start getting on with his career.

[17/09] SS501 Tweet Treats

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[16/09] SS501 Tweet Treats for the Day

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Always read tweet posts from the bottom and going up. I've put in the link in the photos wuri boys have posted so you can link it up to the tweet. So Young Saeng wants to go back to the states. Hyung Jun asked Hwang Bo to follow him back and she did. Curious as to who is that @hyeongjin2? He's their old manager back in the early days and seen accompanying Kyu Jong during the 3D VIP Premiere - see the fancam here.

[16/09] Jung So Min's Selcas from Playful Kiss Set

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Hello, I'm the actress Jung Somin. It seems like 2010 has become the unforgettable one year to me. After receiving much love as Hong Mone from SBS Bad Guy, I took on the role as Oh Hani in Playful Kiss. I already used to like watching Hwang Inroi PD nim's works, this time we are able to work together, I really feel so honoured.

Because the ages of most of our casts are similar and close, we joke often at the shooting set and also share many little chats as we shoot under such a friendly atmosphere. I still have much room for improvement as I'm still a newbie; From my partner Kim Hyunjoong-ssi to my father in the drama Kang Namgil sunbaenim, they have given me lots of help, I really feel so grateful to them.

Only last year, the matters which I couldn't even bear to think of has now happened as a part of my daily life, until now I still find it hard to believe. My daily life that is like this dream will now be revealed to you guys.

1. "Ddan ddan ddan~", uploaded the wedding ceremony with Hyunjoong-ssi. In the drama, finally Hani's one-sided love comes to a close, is she really getting married with Seung-jo already? In actual fact, it's actually an imaginary wedding. This is my first wedding dress worn ever since debut. How's it? Very compatible with me?

2. A shot of me in uniform! In the drama, Hani lives under one same roof as Seungjo, and because both of them attend the same high school, there are many scenes that I shoot with Hyunjoong-ssi ne. In the drama although Hyunjoong-ssi portrays a character as an arrogant guy, in actual fact he's affectionate and friendly.

3. The three musketeers in the drama who are always with me.^^ If you see Yunhwa unnie (middle) and Seungah-unnie acting it out comically at the shooting set, your smile will surface for sure. Especially Yunhwa-unnie as a gag-woman, she's always in charge as the mood-maker at the shooting set.

4. Lee Taesung-ssi whose role is 'tough guy' Bong Jungu who loves Hani single-heartedly. In the drama, he who shows his so strong Busan accent, and that one strand of permed fringe is so strong-impressioned, isn't it? His synchronization with that character in the original Japanese manga is 100%. I really give it to him! I admit!

5. Our teacher who has been suffering because of the country pumpkin Hani. An affectionate shot with Hwang Hyo-eun sunbaenim!

6. Jjan~ The script for #6. Do you see it already? 'Hani' is written at the far left and a small sticker is also pasted. Enlarge to view it~

7. My manager oppa shot this secretly at the shooting set. So what am I exactly looking at? I'm also not exactly certain. Though it was a shoot across the night, I was focusing fully and so did not feel any sense of lethargic~

8. For the sake of this scene where Hani is threatening Seung-jo to date her, I transformed into a bad student. Along with thick make-up which I don't normally put on, and the apparel that diffuses my tough girl charm whole body throughout. Do you see a tough girl there?

9. Why all that dissatisfied look? Haha. It's quite something that this scene now turned out so natural when it was such a wacky expression. kk

10. Namu-ssi (Kim Sunguk) who is a member of the loyalty gang with Bong Jungu in the drama. Is his yellow pama-hair a wig? It's real. Haha.