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[15/11] Video of the MV Shoot for Jung Min's solo album

Credits to parkjungmin.net + cloverfiona18

[19/11] DJ Cristy of Rainbow Town FM meets Jung Min

Credits to ameblo.jp/christy516 + (English translation) rin_pochi @ liezle.blogspot.com

From 9pm, please stay in front of your PC!!
My program is ready for Ustream, you can see from all over the world!
Today I interview Mr,Park JungMin from SS501 who has been visiting Japan
for his musical.

(Introduce SS501 with HJL)

The musical that JungMin is participating is "Kizuna".

To my surprise, there were sooooo many flowers.
I couldn't stop asking myself if JM is main actor or not!
I felt fan's passionate Love so much!! I was so touched!!!
As he has so many passionate fans, it means he is so great person, right?

I was waiting for JM appearance but the rehearsal had been behind the schedule...
Could I meet JM!?
Waiting waiting with anxious thought.....my turn came at last!!!
Staff led me to the dressing room!!!

JungMin turned out!!!!

soooooooo hot!!!!!!!
He radiates an aura which is very different from the others!!!
And he has friendly smile!!!!
He deserves NO.1 idol!!!

As other Korean stars, he held my shoulder!
I want Japanese actors to imitate this kind of behavior...

Because we researched what to ask from fans yesterday, we could get great interview!!
Now interviewing!

He spoke Japanese very fluently as if he didn't need interpreter at all!
Thanks to him, I could do my job very smoothly and enjoyable!!
He not only answerd my questions but also he replied with funny jokes!!!
He has cool appearance with funny joke ability!?
It's perfect!!!!Am I right!?

(describing how cool he was)

I offered him to give autograph 3 sheets.
He was kind enough to sign all of the sheets!!
I also asked him to written something in Japanese, different phrase.
Which is I learned the method from U-kiss interview lol

Look!! How hard he tried to sign the autograph!!
Thank you so much!!!!

And during the interview, he sang a song~~~!!!
Before I met him, I asked his manager if I could ask JM to sing a song.
The manager answered me it depends on his moods.
I know I know that's right.
After his rehearsal, he must have tired out...
You can see how it went with radio program^ ^

At the end...Thank you so much JungMin-ssi!!!
Please come to our studio to give us that fan service!!!!
Thank you very much!!!!

Rainbow town FM
Time:8pm-9pm(JP Time) every Friday live broadcast

[18/11] Jung Min performing at Musical Kizuna

Credits to www点asian-hana点com + Baidu

Credits to http://ameblo.jp/christy516

[18/11] "Hallyu Star" Kim Hyun Joong, chic black suit style... hearts of women worldwide 'rocks'

Credits to Nate + (Chinese translation) YoYo@Hyunbar + (English translation) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

"Hallyu Star" Kim Hyun Joong, chic black suit style... hearts of women worldwide 'rocks'

On the 12th, standing on 2010 16th Guangzhou Asian Games (in short AG) Opening Ceremony celebration stage's actor cum singer Kim Hyun Joong's sparkling style has become the talk of the town lately.

On this day of broadcast Kim Hyun Joong along with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan's stars performed AG's anthem "Sunshine Again". Especially the elegant black suit that differentiate him from the norm which catches the attention of people from all over the world. The suit that Kim Hyun Joong worn specially for AG was MVIO 2011 S/S collector's series which is different from the usual suits, the cloth material was made up by metal components, the inner wear coupled along is black T-shirt with lip-red stripes, bringing out Kim Hyun Joong's natural fashion sense.

MVIO's marketing team Bang Geon Hyeok says:"After looking through MVIO's collection Kim Hyun Joong personally delegated the making of the suit, thus he is very satisfied" "Especially for the metallic material as embellishment has been the trend in ladies fashion of late, also pretty common style in men's fashion. It best portray the recent popular 'chadonam' style".

차도남 (chadonam) - it's an acronym actually, for : 차가운 도시 남자 = 차도남. Something like, a cool/cold city guy. In short, a cool guy who lives in a city. (Thanks to wonderrrgirl@twitter for the explanation^^)

Photos from Jung Min's MV from his First Solo Album

Credits to parkjungmin.net

[17/11] Kim Hyun Joong at Style Icon Awards 2010 (fancams)

Credits to mi-club + 3kimheopark4Jangki

Credits as tagged + 3kimheopark4Jangki

Credits to blog.daum.net/hj12260606/jadeka + 3kimheopark4Jangki

Details of Playful Kiss 6-DISC DVD

Credits to (Source)  YES24 + Innolife + (posted) moleqobsession.blogspot.com + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Pre-order Premium: 1 poster + 5 postcards!!
YES24 - 83,6600 Won
Innolife - 8,200 Yen

First Broadcast: 1st September 2010 Wednesday 9:55pm
Broadcast Time: Every Wednesday, Thursday 9:55pm
Scriptwriter: Go Eun Nim
Director: Hwang In Roe, Kim Do Hyung
Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Si Young

Sales Date: 29th November
No. of disc : 6disc
Sound: Korean
Subtitle: English
Region Code : 3

Special Features
Screen size: 16:9
■Audio: Dolby2.0
■Screen Time: 1157mins
(Drama 1,023mins/Special Footage 134mins)
■Region Code: 3
■Special Footage
1. Press Conference
2. Poster Phototaking/ Character Introduction
3.Making Footages
- On site Making
- Filming Making a
- Filming Making b
4.Photo Gallery

Jung Min's First Single Album 'Not Alone'

Credits to yes24.com + (Chinese translation) 笑儿 @ www.parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com

Album release on: 25 November
Price: 7,300won
Yes24 offer price: 5,900won (19% discount)

SS501 Park Jung Min 1st Single Album

*"I am not alone"
Showing various image of members changing to new agency within the short period and performing personal activities. Park JungMin who has always done his activities base upon the group, wanted to release wholeheartedly his own character.

*Became a chic guy
After 5 months of resting, working out to a firm and strong body, come back with more matured, strong and masculine image. Could feel the Chic Guy Park JungMin who know how to show his joy and sadness and how to convey his heart.

*Composing together wtih Sinsadong Tiger, Park JungMin that up the challenge as lyricist
Song and music, dancer group and others, has changed because of Park JungMin's exclusive personal style.

For the recorded songs in this album, JungMin has personally wrote the lyrics, has direct participate in it, put in a lot of hard work in order to complete the album.

*Title song 'Not Alone'
Sinsadong tiger composed the title song after meeting and having conversation with Park JungMin for several times. Although initially each other has different thinking and direction, having conflicting opinions, but after going through these processes, 'Not Alone' is created, wanted to convey the meaning of 'Although was standing alone, but there's always SS501 members and fans beside who give me support and cheers, because of the existance of people who love me, so I am not alone." Receiving rigorous physical training and the singing power resulting from the training harmonize with Sinsadong tiger special working style, resulting in an album which show the greatest musical sense, This album not only consists of dance song, but also comprises also medium, ballet and various genre. Also, in this album, not only Sinsadong Tiger, Loveholics' Dong Jung Min has personally wrote a Christmas song for Park JungMin, making the 2010 last winter even more romantic and sweet.

Song List
1. Not Alone
2. Do you know? (넌 알고 있니)
3. My day is everyday Christmas (내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스 )
4. Not Alone [Instrumental]
5. Do you know? [Instrumental]
6. My day is everyday Christmas [Instrumental]

Sites to pre-order JungMin's 1st singles (Korean sites):

International site:
YesAsia (USD10.99)

[18/11] Kim Hyun Joong "Give it all in for the preparations done during this period"

Credits to Nate + (Chinese translation) YOYO@Hyunbar + (English translation) elemama@501wangja.multiply.com
(Requested by Hyunbar not to repost to WGM related sites)

SportsKorea together with Hotsun has put up war support for examinations. SportsKorea together with gourmet group Hotsun has come together with a series of Stars supporting message for those taking the preliminary exams for entrance to University on the 18th November. Expressing the encouraging supporting messages from stars.

#Kim Hyun Joong

Finally this day has come. Now is the time to give it all in for the preparations done during this period.
As compared to the exam result, must ask yourself if you are satisfied with such outcome, please don't forget this important truth. After the exams, to enter which University, how to begin the studies, definitely cannot forget your initial dreams.
After becoming a University student and felt that everything has ended, this kind of thinking is not good. Should do your best in everything. Don't wish that everyone will become a grouchy undergrad.
Weather is very cold during the exam period, do remember to put on warm clothings and jacket when you go for the exams. Candidates, Fighting!

[18/11] Jung Min's Musical Kizuna opens

18th of November is the start of the Japanese musical Kizuna (Bonds of Boys) wherein our Park Jung Min is part of the cast. Thanks to Hiromi for the RTs. Not sure if the interview was done before the show yesterday or it was done on another day. But here are some photos and the link for the interview

Credits to christy516@twitter

Park JungMin Interview Radio video streaming on 19/Nov
blog ☆ http://ameblo.jp/christy516/
HP ☆ http://www.792fm.com/
USTREAM ☆ http://www.ustream.tv/user/RainbowtownFM

Here are some backstage photos tweeted by @DrMyStar

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's SuNeng Message 2010

SuNeng it the college exams in Korea.

Credits to Investigation KHJ + 3kimheopark4Jangki

[18/11] Naughty Kiss YT: Making Film2

Credits to ytkiss

[18/11] Hello? I am Jung Min..!!^^

Credits to parkjungmin.net + (Chinese translation) parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) josie @ 501wangja.multiply.com

Hello Everyone I am Jung Min..!! ^^ 2010.11.18 20:40:44

I am in Japan~! The 2nd show has started, I am now waiting for my turn to perform..!!^^

shoo~ although very nervous but I did a great job.!!

so~! All the Japan fans~ Thank you for the flowers that you all have given me~! ^^

and also everyone who came to give me support..!

Today everyone cheered loudly right?? ^^ I believe the outcome will be great~!!

ah~~ there are only a few days left till the releasing of the album~~!!^^*

The songs this time are very very very nice, everyone please anticipate!!^^*

I will let all of you see a completely different me~ eh hehe

also, I will also put in lots of effort in preparation for the Fanmeeting that is a few days away!!^^*

I will sing all three songs for all of you~!! my heart is already going pu thong pu thong nervously beating wildly..^^*

After the release of the album I will be meeting all of you from all over the world~~!

I will be here to leave message often~! byebye~!!^^*

[18/11] SS501’s Park Jung Min releases more solo album jacket photos

Credits to parkjungmin.net

Credits to OSEN + Supermar@allkpop

SS501’s Park Jung Min teased fans earlier with various shots from his upcoming solo album, and he’s recently revealed more photos through his official homepage.

Uploaded on November 18th, fans swooned over his sharp jawline and lean body as well as his ability to morph from mysterious and mature, to bold and provocative. The variety in his image changes left fans wondering how it would reflect his music.

A representitive from his management stated ‘We shot the music video on November 15th and 16th, and we are working our hardest with whatever time we have left before the comeback.‘

Aside from preparing for his album release on the 25th, Jung Min is also looking forward to the showcase and fanmeeting for the 27th, through which he will share his songs and various videos with his fans.

[17/11] Kim Hyun Joong at Style Icon Awards 2010

Wuri Hyun Joong has won the Popular Style Icon Award for the second year in a row.

Credits to agloos.com + 3kimheopark4Jangki


Credits to ameliepink.blog.me/130097461857 + as tagged + Baidu