[16/11] Kim HyunJoong-brand Asian Games Theme Song, More Popular in Overseas

Credits to silk781220@sportschosun.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Kim HyunJoong-brand 2010 GuangZhou Asian Game theme song is popular.

Kim HyunJoong sang passionately the theme song ‘Sunshine Again’ at the 16th 2010 GuangZhou Asian Games opening ceremony on 12-Nov. This performance was broadcasted live throughout the world through satellite channels, and immediately afterwhich it generated huge responses overseas.

Fans were singing praises of him such as ‘It was impressive for him to sing in mandarin’ ‘He was really shinning brightly. His mandarin pronunciation is very good’. In addition, ‘Kim HyunJoong and Shinshine Again’ was listed as related words (i.e highly searched) in China portal site Baidu, and large numbers of relative videos being uploaded on youtube, etc, gaining popularity.

On 8-Nov, Kim HyunJoong won a China International Online popularity poll ‘2010 Hot Entertainer’ where he got number 1 with 181,151 votes, beating Park YooChun with 56,331 votes, showing his unchanging popularity.

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