[02/10] SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon to debut theatre career with “Caffeine”

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SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon is rising as ‘Asia’s multi-entertainer’ after being cast for the leading male role in the musical “Caffeine.”

“Caffeine” has already enjoyed much recognition due to the involvement of its producer, actor Kang Ji Hwan. Yet the positive reception lies substantially within the musical’s witty and realistic comparisons between the romance of a man and a woman to coffee and wine. “Caffeine” has become particularly popular with audiences in their 20’s and 30’s.

Production company SH CREATIVE WORKS revealed, “Kim Hyung Joon will be performing in season 2 of ‘Caffeine’ with the support of Kang Ji Hwan.’”

Kim Hyung Joon begins singing rehearsals this week, and will perform by the end of 2010. He will also be going through physical training in order to keep up his stamina for the 100-minute-long performance.

Kim Hyung Joon stated, “This is my first musical and I feel that it’s an excellent blend of acting and singing. I’m also very nervous and excited as it is a work that has received much praise by musical critics. I’ll use my six years of experience as a background, and be working with the mindset of a rookie actor in order to put my passion and effort into doing my best. I want not only my fans, but my seniors as well to be proud of me.”

The producers of the musical praised Kim Hyung Joon, saying, “He’s shown great stage presence through various concerts as a singer. He’s also got exceptional dancing and singing skills, with handsome looks to boot. Kim Hyung Joon basically has everything a musical actor needs. Although it hasn’t been that long since practice has begun, we’ve fallen in love with his sincerity and passion.”

Kim Hyung Joon recently held his first solo fan-meeting in Singapore with 3,000 fans in attendance, and is receiving the courting calls of many Asian media companies.

“Caffeine” will begin on November 24th.

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[01/10] Jung Min arriving at Incheon from Taiwan

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[02/10] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun at Music High

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[30/09] Photos of Jung Min at the Press Conference in Taiwan

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[01/10] SS501 Tweets for the day

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LOL! Jung Min lost his bedroom slipper?

[01/10] Ratings of Playful Kiss Episode 10

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SBS Wed-Thurs drama My Girlfriend is Gumiho left amidst much claps.

According to AGB Nilson Research, My Girlfriend is Gumiho who has broadcasted its finale episode on 30th september recorded 19.9% of nationwide ratings as it reigned the Number 1 spot of its personal highest and beats out all other rivalry works.

'Fugitive PLAN B' telecasted through KBS2 recorded 17.9%, while MBC's 'Playful Kiss' that began 1 hour later due to Pro Baseball Match recorded 7.5% of ratings.

On the first episode of My Girlfriend is Gumiho it has recorded 10.2%. The total average ratings for its full 16 episodes is 12.6%.

-next paragraph ommitted, summarises the story of Gumiho-

According to TNmS Research Center, 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded 21.3% of ratings on its finale.

Credits to ntn.seoul.co.kr + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

-last paragraph that talks about ratings, all other paragraphs are about a storytelling-

Though this drama has already entered its 2nd latter half part, but due to the presence of KBS 'Fugitive' and SBS 'My girlfriend is gumiho', its ratings haven't been able to exceed the 10% stage as usual. Despite so, due to the broadcast of baseball match last 30th September, it began its broadcast 1 hour later, with that it has about an hour late of resting time, which was why eventually it managed to achieve 7.5% of its personal highest ratings (accoding to AGB Nilson Media Research center). This figure is actually twice the time higher than the episode on 29th September. Even if for now as the voices of netizens ring around the ears of the production team, they ask for the much support of everyone right till the end of this drama's telecast.

Credits to reviewstar.net + (English translation) ss501ode.blogspot.com

-last paragraph that talks about ratings, all other paragraphs are about a storytelling-

On the other hand, this day's Playful Kiss recorded 8.2% of its personal highest ratings according to TNmS research center, whilst same timing slot's 'Fugitive Plan B' recorded 17.3%, and SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded 21.3%.

[01/10] "SS501 Park Jung Min is here!".. Taiwan's passionate concern

Credits to SPN + (Chinese translation) No.43 Park + (English translation) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com

SS501 member came to Taiwan for interview which caused huge concern from media and fans.

On 30 September through Liberty Times etc Taiwan media whom released the information on Park Jung Min's interview in Taiwan on 30 September.

Park Jung Min's intention for this trip to Taiwan is to sign a contract with the No.1 Sales Record company in the Chinese industry Sony Music. There's around 200 reporters on the day of the press conference, total of 150 media companies.

Park Jung Min has very high popularity in Taiwan. More than 200 fans welcomed him at the airport when he arrived on 29 (Sep). Even when he left the airport, the camera lights still did not stop flashing.

Nothing else can be compared to his popularity on his trip to Taiwan. There's even fans who followed him from Incheon Airport all the way on plane and until Jung Min reaches Taiwan. This type of fans who will follow idol groups from the home country are called '사생팬'(sorry, I am not sure how to translate this term. will try to find out and fill it in later), from airport to hotel, restaurants and venues as such for 3 days 2 nights will just keep following Park Jung Min.

With regards to fans' passion, Park Jung Min expressed gratitude in simple Mandarin, and waved to express his thanks.

Also Park Jung Min will begin his solo activities starting this November, there are plans to promote in Asia and also fanmeeting in progress in future, solo activities will be in progress aggressively.

[01/10] Hyun Joong filming Playful Kiss


Aigoo, when he yawns I feel like doing the same.

[30/09] Jung Min at the Press Conference in Taiwan

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[01/10] Fancams of Jung Min Leaving Taiwan

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[29/09] Another fancam of Jung at Incheon off to Taiwan

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[30/09] Hyung Jun at Oh Bam Ah Episode 1

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[01/10] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun & Choco's Date at E! News Korea

Credits to poohlhl

This poodle is really very famous and so lucky having two famous and handsome oppas. Hyung Jun, noona wants a Burberry shirt, too.

Park Jung Min blurting I love you, scaring Lim Yu Chun

Credit : Chinatimes.com + Translated by : reena29shadow

Korea band [SS501] member Park Jung Min heads to Asia, signing his contract with Taiwan Sony Music.

30th September [Senior] Lin YuChun present him with album, handkerchief and other merchandise as gift, know that he likes hamburger, he also specially made a hamburger as reward, and not forgetting to put his cute little flag in top, stealing the limelight.

Park Jung Min teased Lin YuChun in Chinese, telling him:[I love you, your tummy is so cute.] After being told by Lin YuChun that he will bring him around Taipei, he said:[With you, I’m willing to go anywhere.] Causing Lin YuChun to panic and say:[I’m really shy being told that, but I’m also willing to do anything!] During phototaking, Jung Min purposely hid behind Lim Yu Chen somewhat big body, only revealing his face.

He is currently taking acting lesson and he wish to act as a villain. When being ask to act fierce, he shouted:[You are very cheap!] to DJ Ken, but it sounds a little sweet and playful instead of fierce, and later on blurted [foul breathe and you have body odour], and jokingly says that all of it were being taught by Tsai Zhi Ping. When speaking about to what extend he is willing to expose for filming, Jung Min who have recently lost 8Kg said: [Compare to upper half of my body, I’m more confident about my lower half. If the script is good, that is not a problem, you just need to mosaic it. I fine with revealing my whole back, my back is very beautiful.]

Him who are venturing into the Asia market also revealed that working alone is very lonely, but he is still keeping touch with other [SS501] members via Twitter and SMS, but because he’s busy recently, he still have not have the chance to watch [Mischievous Kiss] starring Kim Hyun Joong.

[01/10] Kim Hyung Jun and Choco's Date!

Credits : choidhm@empal.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Under the theme of All Star Pets! In SBS E!TV 'E!News Korea Reporter Notebook', you are able to see star's adorable family members.

Among the wide variety of pets raised by the many idol stars is SS501 Kim HyungJun's cute toy poodle.

As famous as Kim HyungJun, is Kim HyungJun's pet Choco. 'E!Star Korea' went to the filming scene of Kim HyungJun and Choco taking a stroll.

In fact, Kim HyungJun's puppy Choco was mistaken as a small toy poodle, but it grew rapidly, and is a famous puppy among the netizens,

Kim HyungJun whom we met at the filming scene where he took Choco for a walk, said defending Choco, 'Though it is true that she has grown a lot since we first got her, this should be the normal size for a poodle to grow into and she grew into a standard poodle.' After the date with Choco, he also parting kiss with her.

Kim HyungJun's mother, Kim HyungJUn and Choco's enjoyable stroll episode will be broadcasted on 01-Oct. Friday, through SBS E!TV 'E!Star Korea'.

Park Jung Min Talking about Bed Scenes and having a Sexy Back!

Source : NowNews Chinese to English translation by WonderrrgilrLiz501 / liezle.blogspot.com

Because the degree of openness in Taiwan is wider, Park Jung Min was asked by the Taiwanese media if he will accept any bed scenes. He smiled and said, " Because recently I have been working out, so I am very confident with the upper part and lower part of my body!"

The host fears that he might not understand the question well, so he asked again to confirm, " You are confident with the lower part of your body?"

Park Jung Min does not seem to know which part he is talking about, and innocently replied " YES! "

As long as it is for the sake of producing a good work it is okay, and he has confidence with his back, therefore even when asked if he will accept fully-naked back scenes, he readily says he can accept.

[Not only does Park Jung Min continuously use Chinese language to greet everyone, 
he also tries his best to use Chinese language to reply as much as he can]

Park Jung Min was asked by the media which Taiwanese female artiste does he know.
He smiled and said, " Barbie Hsu(Da S), Rainie Yang, Chai Jie (Chai Zhi Bing), Chai Jie, Chai Jie..."

The media asked if there is a bed scene, who will be his choice of partner? He started playing with the words with the media, laughing and said, " I will choose "no.4" Chai Jie" and even shouted towards Chai Jie, " I WILL WORK HARD! " which caused everyone to be fully impressed with his humor and interesting reply.

Even though Park Jung Min has been to Taiwan several times, but this particular time feels different. Even though he came alone, in order to let the fans feel his effort, he continuously tried to use Chinese language to reply whenever he could. At the moment, he can now already use Japanese Language fully when meeting with his fans and could express himself fully. Recently, he started working hard in learning Chinese language, hence he has already learnt quite a bit of vocabulary.

The host joked and said, "You can understand alot of singular words, but can you understand the questions that was being asked?" 

Park Jung Min's face is full of suspicion (in mischievous manner), " I don't know~", causing everyone to laugh again.

[29/09] Park Jung Min at the Press Conference in Taiwan and Inviting Angie Chai to Film Bed Scene

Credit: ChinaYes Media + (Eng Translation) Mini UFO @ PlanetHyun

Korean Male group SS501 Park Jung Min open his press conference in Taiwan today, officially sign his comprehensive contract with music company (Sony Media). His music company happily revealed, in future whether in movie, drama, album or concert, they will devise a most perfect plan for Park Jung Min, intended to push him towards the Asia Heavenly King's throne.

Park Jung Min officially signed his
comprehensive contract with Music Company

Music Company said that they want to
push him towards the Asia Heavenly King throne.

Upon going upstage, Park Jung Min greeted the mediae with mandarin, he said: "大家好,我是朴政珉,好久不見!" (Hi everybody, I am Park Jung Min, has not seen you since a long time ago!"). His accurate pronunciation, causing enthusiastic applause from down stage. Actually he has received formal training for mandarin only around 1 month, but as he has a flair in language, already able to capture some simple words. He revealed previously for a certain period he was actively involved in expansion in Japan, therefore his Japanese level has already reached the level in which he could directly communicate with his fans, now he is starting to study mandarin diligently, wishing to be able to not depend on translator, having great aspiration towards advancement towards the big chinese region.

Upon going upstage, Park Jung Min greeted the media in mandarin

His accurate pronunciation caused enthusiastic applause from down stage.

Park Jung Min is very cheerful in person

Park Jung Min showed his mischievious and cheerful side during the press conference. When the management company presented him with the eagle colour glass which symbolize a big eagle expanding its wing, he would frequently tried to kiss the eagle; when his senior Lin Yu Qin (nickname Little Fatty) specially came to support him, Park Jung Min even touched his tummy and kept praising its cute, Park Jung Min: 'I like you, because you wear my support colour (Korean artist has their specific support colour, SS501 support colour is pearl green), tummy is very cute! I love you! If together with you, I am willing to go anywhere." Little Fatty who was beside him seem to overwelmed by his enthusiasm, even shyly revealed: "I am also willing"

Park Jung Min trying to kiss the eagle

He is happy to meet with Little Fatty

Park Jung Min has loads of expression

Park Jung Min always don't follow the flow, making the press conference to have continous laughters. For a while, he will hide behind Little fatty and peaking left and right, another second he started to feed the host Ken Wu and translator fries, even suddenly blurted towards the host: "你很賤 (You are very cheap)", causing everybody to explode into laughters. Park Jung Min said he himself also don't really understand what is '很賤' (very cheap), and saying that all these were taught by his good friend Angie Chai, after that he even proudly revealed he had even learned '口臭' (bad breath), '狐臭' (body odour), etc, causing Angie Chai who was under stage to keep signaling him to stop talking.

Park JungMin don't follow the flow making the
press conference to have continuous laughters

He kept hiding behind Little Fatty and peaking left and right

Little fatty seems to be overwhelmed by his enthusiasm

Ever since SS501's contract with their management company has ended, they have each go on solo advancement, leader Kim Hyun Joong has acted in Korea version of 'Mischievious Kiss' recently, Park Jun Min said: 'Recently was too busy, so don't have time to watch his drama, when I have time I will definitely watch. Currently has met with the other members less often, only contacted each other via sms, most always contacted is Hyung Jun. After going solo, was a little lonely, but thinking on the good side, I have thoughts to work even harder.'

Park Jung Min revealed he is too busy and
therefore recently has contacted the other members less often

He even chase after the translator to feed her fries

Park Jung Min also revealed his wish to act in Taiwan, he wish to try a role which is almost similar to himself, but he also don't reject acting in a villiant role, because, 'I am originally that kind of person ah' said Park Jung Min. He also not forget to play a joke on Ken Wu, expressing: "You also looked quite villiant like."

Park Jung Min revealed his wish to act in Taiwan

Taiwan drama restriction usually is wider than Korea, Park Jung Min also follow the trend and reveal, in order to produce a good word, he has no problem with the restriction, even expressed comparing to his upper body, he has more confidence in his lower body; Even if wanted him to take a full back naked bed scene is also alright, as for wishing to work with which actress as the lead actress? After thinking for very long, disqualifying Barbie Hsu and also Rainie Yang, he said to Angie Chai: "That's you!"

He mentioned, if the script is good even fully naked is alright

He even said that he want to act bed scene together
with Angie Chai, causing her to burst into laughter