Park Jung Min blurting I love you, scaring Lim Yu Chun

Credit : + Translated by : reena29shadow

Korea band [SS501] member Park Jung Min heads to Asia, signing his contract with Taiwan Sony Music.

30th September [Senior] Lin YuChun present him with album, handkerchief and other merchandise as gift, know that he likes hamburger, he also specially made a hamburger as reward, and not forgetting to put his cute little flag in top, stealing the limelight.

Park Jung Min teased Lin YuChun in Chinese, telling him:[I love you, your tummy is so cute.] After being told by Lin YuChun that he will bring him around Taipei, he said:[With you, I’m willing to go anywhere.] Causing Lin YuChun to panic and say:[I’m really shy being told that, but I’m also willing to do anything!] During phototaking, Jung Min purposely hid behind Lim Yu Chen somewhat big body, only revealing his face.

He is currently taking acting lesson and he wish to act as a villain. When being ask to act fierce, he shouted:[You are very cheap!] to DJ Ken, but it sounds a little sweet and playful instead of fierce, and later on blurted [foul breathe and you have body odour], and jokingly says that all of it were being taught by Tsai Zhi Ping. When speaking about to what extend he is willing to expose for filming, Jung Min who have recently lost 8Kg said: [Compare to upper half of my body, I’m more confident about my lower half. If the script is good, that is not a problem, you just need to mosaic it. I fine with revealing my whole back, my back is very beautiful.]

Him who are venturing into the Asia market also revealed that working alone is very lonely, but he is still keeping touch with other [SS501] members via Twitter and SMS, but because he’s busy recently, he still have not have the chance to watch [Mischievous Kiss] starring Kim Hyun Joong.

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