[30/09] Fan Account - Saw Kim Hyun Joong @ Soon Soo

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Ok, girls, today was one of the most special days in my life.

As you know (perhaps?) I'm in Seoul at the moment. I planned going here a year ago. Actually I did apply for a practical training, where I will work as kind of tutor for Koreans to learn German. This is starting tomorrow. So, who reads me on twitter, will maybe have in mind that I tweeted in the morning: "Today is the last day to play around". (I came to Korea two weeks earlier, to get used to the country, city and people. Great idea!) So being a German SS501 fan, coming to Seoul I didn't go unprepared. I knew of some places the boys visit from time to time, for example the Beauty Saloon "Soon Soo".

I made my way there today, actually in the morning feeling like: "Should I really do this? It's not, as if there are big chances to see someone. But since I already had the address and nothing better to do anyway, I went. I searched for 2 1/2 hours to find that place. Guess what?:

I SAW HYUN JOONG THERE!!! And I got my Destination CD signed by him!!!

So now I write a Fanaccount to share.

After nearly 2 ½ hours of searching for the Saloon, I finally felt like giving up. It was SOOOO hidden… I asked already the third time. Before asking a last time I thought: You can’t give up now, you must already be really, really close. So I asked again where to find it. And I was nearly right in front of it then, 200 m left to go.
So I went there. After thinking some minutes and getting the courage I needed, I went to the counter, asking in rudimentary Korean.
“Is this ‘Soon Soo’ Beauty Saloon?”
“Ah… ok… uhm… Did SS501 members come here?” (her eyes were a little popping up, and I felt slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable then---)
“No, not today….”
“Ah… I see… Will they come again?”
“When… will they come?”
(Then she said sth I couldn’t understand, so understanding that I couldn’t ask any further, I asked: ) “Can I take some pictures of this place?”
“Well.. just here”, showing the waiting room and outside.
“Yes, of course”
“Thank you very much”

I went out after this, taking pictures. A friend that came with me, told me outside: “DID YOU SEE? Cordi Noona was sitting in the waiting room!”

I didn’t see her, when I was busy talking to the counter lady, hiding my embarrassment. So I took a look at the photo I took and yes, it was her. So something weird happening on the counter made sense now: When I was talking to the lady, a man next to me asked for Kim Hyun Joong. Only hearing the name my head turned automatically, but then I had to talk again. So now, Cordi Noona was there too and we knew he must be in there, despite the Counter Lady saying nobody of them came here today… So we got our CDs ready, with Edding-pen to write on it. We waited ca.5-10 minutes, in the meantime showing ourselves like busy with the Seoul map, trying to decide what to do next. Changing places, when the counter lady could still see us.

So then he came out, accompanied by Cordi Noona and we knew, now, fast… So we stood up, went there and in the first moment I looked at his eyes, I could see he didn’t expect us to be fans or sth. Just two foreigners who had lost their way, not knowing him. =)

I placed myself in front of him saying in Korean (And that was so fluent, I myself was surprised, like a record…)

“Annyeong haseyo. We are Germans. We are your fans. Could you please sign for us?”
While saying this, I noticed two things: First, his eyes pooped up a lot, when I said we were German. He was like: ‘REALLY?’ Second, he is damn thin now, looking really tired, worn out… I hope he can get some rest soon. Really, he needs it.

Anyway, while he was standing there in comfortable outfit (gray trousers and shirt, with green adidas sports jacket on) and with no make up at all, but newly colored hair, nicely done, agreed to our request without second thought and took the CDs and pen from my hand. When he had them, my knees and hand started to shiver…He gave signed CDs back to us, and the pen, and then my hands were already so shivering I couldn’t close the pen at first attempt… I asked for a photo too, but Coordi Noona and the Beauty Salon ladies denied. So we couldn’t take a photo, thanked again and went off, when they pushed him back in the Saloon again, probably fearing more fans would come. Don’t know. Shortly after that a Keyeast Car arrived, taking him. Strangly, Coordi Nona didn’t get in. We saw her walking to a taxi. Tried to ask her for a picture, but she denied again. So we just said bye and then went into another direction…

Really, we couldn’t believe our luck. It was PURE COINCIDENCE. It wasn’t planned at all. Just this day, when we decided to go to the saloon, taking like eternities to get there, arriving at the right time on the right day, where HE is there… HOW? This can’t be planned. That was God given. Thank you Lord!

When I talked to him, I didn’t screw up, what amazed me really deeply myself. But must have been, that I didn’t have any time at all to think. In my head I just felt the “now or never” feeling.

I still don’t fully realize… All took only about a minute, seeing him, speaking to him, sign, leaving. One minute of a 24 hours day. Please imagine… also fast… It’s my third day in Seoul now… There are other things I want to tell, but these aren’t accomplished yet, so can’t. Next time maybe.

I’m still fuzzy and smiling like an idiot… I’m happy.

Even though… Leader needs rest! I worry about him a lot now… Let’s pray he will get rest soon, ok? And thanks, Lord, for the day.

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