Park Jung Min Talking about Bed Scenes and having a Sexy Back!

Source : NowNews Chinese to English translation by WonderrrgilrLiz501 /

Because the degree of openness in Taiwan is wider, Park Jung Min was asked by the Taiwanese media if he will accept any bed scenes. He smiled and said, " Because recently I have been working out, so I am very confident with the upper part and lower part of my body!"

The host fears that he might not understand the question well, so he asked again to confirm, " You are confident with the lower part of your body?"

Park Jung Min does not seem to know which part he is talking about, and innocently replied " YES! "

As long as it is for the sake of producing a good work it is okay, and he has confidence with his back, therefore even when asked if he will accept fully-naked back scenes, he readily says he can accept.

[Not only does Park Jung Min continuously use Chinese language to greet everyone, 
he also tries his best to use Chinese language to reply as much as he can]

Park Jung Min was asked by the media which Taiwanese female artiste does he know.
He smiled and said, " Barbie Hsu(Da S), Rainie Yang, Chai Jie (Chai Zhi Bing), Chai Jie, Chai Jie..."

The media asked if there is a bed scene, who will be his choice of partner? He started playing with the words with the media, laughing and said, " I will choose "no.4" Chai Jie" and even shouted towards Chai Jie, " I WILL WORK HARD! " which caused everyone to be fully impressed with his humor and interesting reply.

Even though Park Jung Min has been to Taiwan several times, but this particular time feels different. Even though he came alone, in order to let the fans feel his effort, he continuously tried to use Chinese language to reply whenever he could. At the moment, he can now already use Japanese Language fully when meeting with his fans and could express himself fully. Recently, he started working hard in learning Chinese language, hence he has already learnt quite a bit of vocabulary.

The host joked and said, "You can understand alot of singular words, but can you understand the questions that was being asked?" 

Park Jung Min's face is full of suspicion (in mischievous manner), " I don't know~", causing everyone to laugh again.

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