[30/09] Jung Min's arrival in Taiwan News

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News mentioned that he is in Taiwan for a press conference on 30 Sept. Also mentioned that Hyung Jun will have his FM on 24 Oct.

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SS501 Park Jung Min arrived solo in Taiwan

South Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min arrived solo in Taiwan yesterday. His popularity has not reduced and has attracted around 500 fans to welcome him in the airport.
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Park Jung Min arrived in Taiwan yesterday afternoon, 6 staff and 16 South Korean media have followed along. He seen that there were lots of fan around, although he didn't make many stop, but he remained smiling throughout. He will be holding his press conference today, announcing his future expansion plans in the big chinese circle.
(omit news about JYJ)

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Brief trans of news
News talk about he arrived in Taipei solo and is met with full support from his fans. Around 200 fans went to welcome him in airport. News also mentioned that he will have his press conference today at Taipei Grand Formosa Regent Hotel. He came together with his manager, makeup artist, stylist and also 16 entertainment press from Korea.

More news from the video
SS501 members go on solo activities, member Park Jung Min arrived in Taiwan for the first time as solo singer and attracted about 200 over Taiwan fans to welcome him in airport. When he go into the airport hall, fans scream with their high pitch, shocking some travellers, he seen his many fans and expressed that he was very happy, he was full of smiles and waving to fans, in the midst of the chaos, he even shook hand with fans, creating another wave of screams. After he arrived in Taiwan, he went straight to Shinkong Mitsukoshi - XinYi Place to pick his attire for his press release on the next day, giving small contribution to Taiwan's economy, at the night, he had dinner together with his Taiwan producer Angie Chai.

During this trip, he is staying in Taiwan Westin Hotel, tagging along are his makeup artist, stylist, manager and also 16 South Korea media, the entourage is really huge!

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