[12/11] SS501 tweet treats

Young Saeng is excited about the fan meet - can't wait to dance. He also changed his avatar.

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[11/11] SS501 tweets on Pepero Day

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[11/11] Ga-in's little bunnies passed away

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Sorry, need to share a piece of bad news with everyone.

The baby rabbits of Rex and Ga-in, have went to heaven after 2 days from birth.

Because Ga-in is too young, first pregnancy doesn't know how to take care of babies, and also we staff also did not prepare well for Ga-in's pregnancy and delivery, with the babies leaving us to heaven we felt very sad too...

From now on, we will focus and concentrate on providing updates on Ga-in's health and safety. (Of course, we will write about other rabbits too....)

In future, before babies are delivered, we will prepare well and learn beforehand, hope to prevent having such bad news again.

Aigoo, it's so sad. Actually last night I saw the tweets of the rabbits. I translated using google and they're a bit telling that something has happened to the babies, but I I don't trust google translator so much so I waited.

[12/11] Naughty Kiss Seung Jo's Diary 4

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[12/11] Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong sang Guangzhou AG Asia Representative Official Themesong

Credits to Asiae.co.kr + (English translation) Wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong represents Korea at China Guangzhou Asia Game Opening Ceremony and sang the official themesong.

On the 12th, at 9PM, Kim Hyun Joong represented at the 2010 Guangzhou Asia Games Opening Ceremony with 4 other singers representing Greater China to sing the Asian Games Official themesong "Sunshine Again" passionately.

Today, before the climax of the opening ceremony's touch ignition, Kim Hyun Joong appeared on stage with Wei Wei (China), Tan Jing (China), Rong Zuer/Joey Yung (Hong Kong), Tao Ze/David tao (Taiwan), who are the 4 representatives of the Greater China, together they add to the splendid and perfect harmony and make known to the world about the Asian unity.

This has allowed Kim Hyun Joong to be known and recognised by the viewers as the position of Asia's greatest star indefinitely. Especially for Kim Hyun Joong's outstanding appearance and singing, which has gathered the attention of viewers from all over the world.

Especially Kim Hyun Joong singing at the Opening Ceremony, where through the broadcast, it has led viewers to react, saying "Kim Hyun Joong is so amazing singing up there", "His singing in Mandarin unexpectedly suits him" , "Seeing Kim Hyun Joong appearing there, I feel proud of him" etc, such reactions are stirring up hotly on the discussion boards.

--- omitted. Basically about the use of the water stage for the first time -----

[12/11] Hyun Joong at Asian Games Opening Ceremony

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[12/11] Official Notice on Park Jung Min's Album Showcase & Fanmeeting Foreign Fans Ticket Method

Credits to PJM Official Fanclub + Quainte501.com

Here is SS501 Park Jung Min’s management company CNR MEDIA.

On the Park Jung Min’s official homepage, many friends responded that because of foreigner’s status is unable to make a purchase at Interpark’s website. Which is for Jung Min’s first fanmeeting hold on November 27.Therefore we decided to allow first 100 friends (except Japan) have a chance to place an order for the ticket.

1.Opening Date:2010/11/12 starting from 8pm.

2.Entry Admission:Please bring the identification to specify booking office on November 27.

3.Ticket Price:KRW 33,000(including tax), and please remember that we accept cash in KRW only.

4.Application:Please go to Park Jung Min’s official website’s freeboard, open a new forum which is called “Ticket apply from overseas” and write down your (1)Name(same as your passport).(2)Mobile number.(3)Nationality.(4)Email address(at least 1 above mailbox).

On that day, after completes the confirmation and payment, you can receive your ticket.

It is a lot of arranging and referring for Park Jung Min’s first showcase&fanmeeting. But we will do our best to make it. CNR MEDIA is appreciate for all your supports. Who attend this party, will get Jung Min’s 2011 calendar for present. Please come and enjoy, thank you.

[12/11] Official Notice on Kim KyuJong & Heo YoungSaeng's Fan Meeting 2nd Ticketing Pre-sale

Credits to B2Ment.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


This is B2M Entertainment, the organizer for 'KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul'.

We understand that due to everyone's ardent support, 'KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Seoul' was sold-out in just 10 minutes.

We thank you sincerely and to repay you for the support, we have decided to add one more session of the event.

2nd open ticketing will include the additional session and the remaining tickets from the 1st ticketing where it is not paid for or cancelled.

Additional schedules are as follows, please read carefully.

* Additional session of event : 2010. 12. 04 (Sat) 3pm
* 2nd ticketing date : 2010. 11. 15 (Sun) 6pm
(Auction ticket http://ticket.auction.co.kr ,1566-1369)

We would like to thank all of you fans once again for showing them your unchanging love for their new beginning,
The replies for transportation booking for this fan meeting will be announced later through notice posted.
This is B2M Entertainment bringing you a great performance and good show.

Thank you.

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng AND Story in Thailand

Credits to TripleS Thailand + (English translation) Mel@Hyuniversal0606

Hello to all TripleS

Lots of you may have heard about the visit of the Two Snow Princes, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Yong Saeng on December 11th, 2010.

Here's the good news for all TripleS Thailand.

168 Entertainment has made it possible for you and will have a Pre-order Ticket session of "KyuJong & YoungSeang AND Story in Thailand" on November 14th, 2010.

Ticket price will be 4,500/ 3,500/ 1,500 and 900 baht.

Every ticket will receive a postcard made especially for this event and also will win a chance for activities on stage with them.

For those who purchase 4,500 and 3,500 baht ticket, 100 lucky winners will get a chance to win the Shakehand moment with the Two princes or 100 winners will get a Poster with their Signatures.

Get yourself ready for the two handsome Snow Princes who fight the shivering winter to give you the warmth of love for TripleS Thailand.

Let make this a memorable experience together ^^

[12/11] SS501 Park Jung-min to appear on Japanese talk show

Credits to 10.asiae.co.kr

SS501 member Park Jung-min flew into Japan on Tuesday to make a guest appearance on a Japanese talk show.

His agency CNR Media announced in a press release on Friday that Park, the first Korean singer to be on the show, will appear on Japan's Nippon TV's popular talk show titled "Odoru Sanma Goten" hosted by famed comedian Sanma Akashiya, which will air on November 23.

"Odoru Sanma Goten," in which Sanma Akashiya plays an owner of a fishery, invites 12 celebrities to talk about their personal lives.

"Even though Park had a hard time understanding the strong dialect of host Sanma Akashiya, he was able to finish recording the show as well as receive praise from the producers," an official from CNR was quoted as saying.

Park made his debut as part of the popular boy band SS051 in 2005. Outside of his group activities, he appeared in various television shows as well as starring in the musical "Grease."

He is currently putting the finishing touches on his solo album and preparing for his upcoming fan meeting and showcase.

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[11/11] Actor Kim Hyun-joong wins best dresser award in Japan

Credits to 10.asiae.co.kr

Actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong has won an award for best dresser in Japan, according to his agency KEYEAST on Thursday.

KEYEAST said through a press release that Sky Perfect TV handed Kim the award at the 2010 Skapa Awards held in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Sky Perfect TV, Japan’s largest satellite broadcaster, every year awards the best shows and artists among 10 popular TV genres that cover movie, animation, music, overseas drama, Hallyu (Korean Wave), entertainment show, sports, documentary and news.

Kim has been a popular name in Japan and throughout Asia since starring in smash hit Korean drama “Boys Over Flowers (2009).” His latest series “Naughty Kiss (2010)” will go on air in Japan starting December.

Kim, also a member of boy band SS501, has been invited to the opening ceremony of the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games scheduled for November 12, where he will be singing the theme song for games with his Chinese counterparts.

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[12/11] SS501 Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng Fan Meeting Tickets Sold Out After 10 Minutes From Opening

Credits tocox109@newsen.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

SS501 Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng's pre-sale of fan meeting tickets were sold out after just 10 minutes.

Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng will hold a fan meeting, their very first schedule after moving over to a new agency, on 4-Dec, 7pm at GyeDang Hall, SungMyeong University, HongJi-dong, Seoul.

This pre-sale of fan meeting tickets started at 6pm on 11-Nov and was sold-out after just 10 minutes. It shows how huge the fans anticipation for Kim KyuJong, Heo YoungSaeng and SS501 are. This is also an instance showing once again their undying popularity.

With regards to the fast sold-out (of tickets), their agency is considering to add one more session of fan meeting.

Before the 2 of them go on with their solo activities, they will hold this mini concert to meet with their fans. They will also release videos of their holiday trip when they were on hiatus, everyday life, etc.

Besides Korea, Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng is planning to hold fan meeting in Asia regions such as Thailand, HongKong, Singapore and Japan.

[11/11] Hyun Joong arriving at Guangzhou

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[11/11] Official Notice from KHJ Japanese Official Site

Credits to KHJ Japan Official Site + (English translation) miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

Today, Kim Hyun Joong has left Japan.

Hello, Everyone.

Today, Kim Hyun Joong has left after finishing his schedule in Japan.

On the 11th at the Skyperfect! Awards 2010, DATV program [Kim Hyun Joong~Just the way he is] has been nominated and at the same time, winning the Best Dresser Award. He himself is very grateful for winning the Best Dresser Award for the first time. We thank everyone for their support/cheering.

On the 12th at China, Guangzhou at Asean Game Opening Ceremony, he will be singing the main theme song 「日出東方(Sunshine Again)」. Please also look forward to this!
Please also give your continuous support/cheering.

[10/11] Hyun Joong at SkyPerfect Awards 2010 - Photos and Video

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[11/11] Playful Kiss YT Special - Episode 6 Driving is difficult!

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[11/11] Kim Hyun Joong talks about the impact of Youtube on the Hallyu wave for CNN

Credits to Casper@allkpop

Earlier this week, we revealed that reporter Anna Coren from CNN’s Talk Asia program would be doing a feature series on Korea due to the country’s hosting of the G20 Seoul Summit this week.

An interview was conducted with actor Kim Hyun Joong, who is the male lead for the international-hit drama, “Playful Kiss“. Since “Playful Kiss” is currently releasing special web episodes through Youtube as a response to the high demand from fans, Kim Hyun Joong discussed the significance of Youtube in spreading awareness about Korean culture.

Here's the full cut from CNN.

Credits to Yes + azi767

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[11/11] Gong Hyun Joo to appear in project drama with SS501’s Park Jung Min

Credits to Newsen + sweetrevenge@allkpop

Actress Gong Hyun Joo, who placed her career on hiatus in order to concentrate on her studies in London, will return to Korea soon as the female lead of a project drama.

Her management company, Tobis Entertainment, stated on November 11th, “Gong Hyun Joo will participate in a Korean project omni-verse drama called ‘Superstar-Meet‘ where she will act alongside SS501’s Park Jung Min.”

In this drama, Gong Hyun Joo will play the daughter of a mafia boss, ‘Soomin‘, who dreams of becoming a prosecutor. Naturally, her father is not enthused.

This 10-part drama will be directed by 10 famous Korean directors and will feature various top stars, each with their own individual stories. The drama has already finished negotiating with Thailand and Japan over copyright technicalities in airing the show.

Goo Hyun Joo is noted for her work in the smash hit drama series, “All In“, and her most recent appearance was in KBS’s “You Are My Destiny“.

Not much on Jung Min really but this is just further affirmation that the drama series Superstar will really be released soon. Aigoo, this drama has been in the can for so long already.

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[11/11] Kim Hyun Joong wins the ‘Best Dresser Award’

Credits to Asia Today + rhaldud@allkpop

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is known for both his swoon-worthy looks and his tasteful style, but was recently granted an award which entrenched his reputation.The multi-talented entertainer won the ‘Best Dresser Award’ from the ‘2010 Sky Perfect TV Awards‘, hosted in Tokyo on November 10th.

Upon receiving this honor, Kim Hyun Joong expressed his utmost feelings of gratitude and happiness.

Kim Hyun Joong will next head to Guangzhou, China where he is scheduled to sing the theme song at the ‘16th Asian Games‘ opening ceremony on November 12th.

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Hyung Joong at Goodbye Seung Jo from Official Site

Credits to hyun-joong.com + TherainaftershineMV

[10/11] Hyun Joong at SkyPerfect Awards 2010

Hyun Joong's "Just the way you are" show at DATV was nominated but it didn't win. He won the "Best Dressed" award for the night though.

Credits to sekkyss.blog.me/100116209613 + Baidu