[12/11] Official Notice on Park Jung Min's Album Showcase & Fanmeeting Foreign Fans Ticket Method

Credits to PJM Official Fanclub + Quainte501.com

Here is SS501 Park Jung Min’s management company CNR MEDIA.

On the Park Jung Min’s official homepage, many friends responded that because of foreigner’s status is unable to make a purchase at Interpark’s website. Which is for Jung Min’s first fanmeeting hold on November 27.Therefore we decided to allow first 100 friends (except Japan) have a chance to place an order for the ticket.

1.Opening Date:2010/11/12 starting from 8pm.

2.Entry Admission:Please bring the identification to specify booking office on November 27.

3.Ticket Price:KRW 33,000(including tax), and please remember that we accept cash in KRW only.

4.Application:Please go to Park Jung Min’s official website’s freeboard, open a new forum which is called “Ticket apply from overseas” and write down your (1)Name(same as your passport).(2)Mobile number.(3)Nationality.(4)Email address(at least 1 above mailbox).

On that day, after completes the confirmation and payment, you can receive your ticket.

It is a lot of arranging and referring for Park Jung Min’s first showcase&fanmeeting. But we will do our best to make it. CNR MEDIA is appreciate for all your supports. Who attend this party, will get Jung Min’s 2011 calendar for present. Please come and enjoy, thank you.

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