Royal Avenue's Rabbit Gain gave birth to 5 new bunnies!

No wonder @RA_hwangtos tweeted last night that Ga-in is on maternity leave. (kekeke) Soon Royal Avenue will be filled with bunnies.

Credits to + (Chinese translation) no.43Park + (English translation) Josie@501wangja

Royalave New Members Born!
Hello~~Everyone ^^
An emergency news to share with everyone~
Royalavenue's Mascot Rabbit, our female rabbit "Ga-In",
Gave birth to 5 beautiful baby rabbits on the 9 November afternoon!!!

Chrismatic Daddy is our Rex!!
(Those who visited our store will know how crazy Rex is!! *-_-* haha)

This is really a shocking news right? haha
From the pets hospital, the vet informed Royalave that "Ga-In" gave birth to male babies... ^ ^

Congratulations to our family member "Ga-In" 's smooth delivery,
Also hope that the baby rabbits will grow up healthy~

ah! some reminders to friends who are visiting the off-line shop.

As "Ga-In" just delivered, she's still in a very sensitive state
For the good of "Ga-In" and the baby rabbits please try to keep the noise low~
Please do not use flash when taking pictures. Thank you.. (--)(_)(--) bow

Want to know how the baby rabbits look like? this is taken with a handphone
camera shortly after they are born.

At the moment its still difficult to take pictures of the baby rabbits looking healthy.
Please be patient. Thank you for your understanding. (--)(_)(--) bow

We will be collecting ideas for the baby names soon.
Winners will be notified on via the blog, special discounts will be given,
please do participate actively!!

Thank you ^_^*

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