[10/11] Park Jung Min already has the "idol look" even as a child

We've seen kiddie photos of wuri boys already but I haven't seen this grad pic. Jung Min's eyebrows are already nice like that since young, huh? Doesn't he look like JoKwon on the third photo?

Credits to news.nate.com + star.mt.co.kr + (Chinese translation) 星儿 @ www.parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com

SS501 Park JungMin, 'Already has star look when young?'

Group SS501 member Park Jung Min adorable childhood photo big reveal.

On Starnews 10 November, Park Jung Min exclusively released his childhood and kindergarten period photograph, and also stories during his childhood.

In the photographs that he revealed, Park Jung Min and friends' youngish look and expression were totally different from now, but the smile on his face still remained.

'Already has the star look during childhood?' Kindergarten graduation.

"Kindergarten graduation photo, don't know why don't look very satisfied on this day,
looked back now it looked very comical, the look with a chubby face,
was the look similar to the current face?"

'Can you see that little kid that was making a bitter smile?' School play (Concert) photograph.

"Photograph taken after the school play (concert) had completed. Haha.
Maybe starting from then on I had the habit of bitter smile.
Seemed like he was a quite popular and obedient student."

"Took a close photo together with class teacher during the elementary school period"

"Last time when I was young, I specially liked to take photo.
This photo was taken together with my elementary school class teacher and friends."

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  1. lol.. i always thought he looks like Jo Kwon when he was a kid.. or izzit Jo Kwon looked like him? kekeekek.. anyway i love them both, especially wuri JungMin :)