[11/11] Gong Hyun Joo to appear in project drama with SS501’s Park Jung Min

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Actress Gong Hyun Joo, who placed her career on hiatus in order to concentrate on her studies in London, will return to Korea soon as the female lead of a project drama.

Her management company, Tobis Entertainment, stated on November 11th, “Gong Hyun Joo will participate in a Korean project omni-verse drama called ‘Superstar-Meet‘ where she will act alongside SS501’s Park Jung Min.”

In this drama, Gong Hyun Joo will play the daughter of a mafia boss, ‘Soomin‘, who dreams of becoming a prosecutor. Naturally, her father is not enthused.

This 10-part drama will be directed by 10 famous Korean directors and will feature various top stars, each with their own individual stories. The drama has already finished negotiating with Thailand and Japan over copyright technicalities in airing the show.

Goo Hyun Joo is noted for her work in the smash hit drama series, “All In“, and her most recent appearance was in KBS’s “You Are My Destiny“.

Not much on Jung Min really but this is just further affirmation that the drama series Superstar will really be released soon. Aigoo, this drama has been in the can for so long already.

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