[09/11] Shinsadong Tiger reveals photo of Park Jung Min’s album jacket photoshoot

Credits to Osen + vitalsign@allkpop

With SS501 Park Jung Min’s solo album due for release on November 25th, composer Shinsadong Tiger teased his comeback through a snapshot taken from his album jacket photoshoot.

Shinsadong Tiger, one of the composers behind Park Jung Min’s album, tweeted, “The scene of SS501 Park Jung Min’s jacket photoshoot…. He transformed very cutely.” The shoot took place on the 7th at a studio in Kangnam.

A representative of his agency, CNR Media, stated, “The photoshoot took place on the 7th, but we aren’t able to release official pictures yet. We know everyone is highly curious, but please wait a while longer. He will be returning with an improved side of himself. A lot of great pictures were taken, as one of the nation’s greatest photographers, Hong Jang Hyun, participated in the shoot.”

Park Jung Min will be starting his music video filming on the 14th, before preparing for a mini concert showcase on the 27th.

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