[23/04] Fan Account at Haneda Airport

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Receiving Them in Japan 04.23, Airport

Skipped class to receive them at the airport today.
Unexpectedly, the five of them didn't take the morning nor the afternoon flights;
instead, they'd taken the plane that landed at Haneda Airport at 5:51pm in the evening.

My writing skill's not that good,
so will just briefly describe the situation when Aki was meeting receiving them at the airport.

When the screen showed that the flight departing Gimpo for Haneda had touched down at 5:51pm,
two men in suits and earpiece appeared
(The agency's really making it obvious... without being asked...)
Later when passengers started coming out, the manager who used to appear quite often came out???
(that one who's plumpish... ><)

Coz the plump one and his friend were going in and out frequently,
alternating between pulling the luggage out and giving out instructions to other staff...
At that time, the two men in suits looked at us who were looking like we're there to wait for someone(?)
and they said the seats we're sitting on were meant for passengers waiting for the limousine and their flights,
so they asked us to wait outside
(there's a place outside set up... for waiting fans....)

PS. It's barely even 10 degrees in Tokyo today, and it's raining too... (Real cruel of them...)

Some of the older and some younger fans really got up and went out,
and there were also others who pretended not to hear or know anything and just stayed put.

There's a tiny coffee place at Haneda Airport where there're stations for patrons to stand and drink
and that place happens to offer a good vantage view of the passengers coming out from inside.
So Aki ran to the coffe place, bought a drink and stood there.

Not long after, someone with a star's aura appeared.... wearing a cap (hat?)
Oh god, it's Hyun Joong.
He hid at the exit of the restricted area of the arrival hall, didn't come out yet.

But at that moment, Aki was shouting towards the obasan-fans excitedly, 'Hyun Joong, Hyun Joong..'
One of the two men in suits said a whole string of Japanese sentences towards me,
basically telling me to please go out.
Well, I could only look at him and said in English, 'I don't know...'
Watching at how he wanted to speak but was unable to... I was feeling somewhat sorry.

Later, someone skinny and fair with a very small face and wearing shades walked out.
It's Hyung Jun.
He had left everyone else behind him, and just walked out right ahead of them.

Then it's Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Jung Min.
The three of them stuck to one another very closely.

Hyun Joong was the last one.
Why was the first one to run to the exit of the restricted area the last one to finally emerge...?

All five of them were wearing shades,
All were not wearing any smile on their faces, and were walking very quickly.
Even the usually friendliest Jung Min didn't even so much as wave.

Aki was a total goner when she saw Hyun Joong.
Hyun Joong's face was so fair, so fair... and so handsome so handsome
I just could not utter a single word....

On the other hand, from the corner of my hand,
I could see a Japanese fan charging out to pass a gift to Jung Min.
At the very moment that the gift landed in Jung Min's hand,
one of the two men in suits reach out to pull both the arms of the fan and dragged her back.....

Everyone rushed out on the boys' heels.
The five of them walked to the bus waiting on the opposite side, very very qiuckly.
The fans who were originally waiting outside could only watch them afar from the other side of the road.

Everyone was screaming the five boys' names.
Then the door opened, Hyung Jun climbed out and we could see his upper body
He was waving at everyone.

The obasan-fans at my side kept shouting and saying やさし(gentle/tender)
But Aki too feel that Hyung Jun was really gentle...
Everyone braved the rain and was waiting outside,
and everyone too was very orderly.
So even a simple gesture like waving of the hands will seem oh-so-touching...

Later, someone who should be the organizer from the Hallyu Fancard came to talk to everyone,
"Does everyone wish to take pics?
Would you like to meet them?...."
said alot of things like that, and told everyone that they just had to attend the Hallyu event on 25th....

Aki's really really elated to have been able to see Hyun Joong,
even if it's just a matter of a few seconds.

Also, am really sorry, coz Aki had stayed inside the airport the full time
and would have been stopped and even thrown out if I had flashed my camera,
so I didn't manage to take any pictures.
I was only able to do a teeny weeny bit of recording towards the end when Hyung Jun came out to wave.
Forgive me

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Hotsun Chicken” Seven-Eleven Diary

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This diary was given out by 7-11 for buying Hotsun chicken lunch from the convenient store. You just have to spend as much as 30,000 won to own this.

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SS501 Park Jung Min @ OnStyle Magazine program “What Woman Want” episode 10

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Hyun Joong in MagazineS March 2010 issue

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MagazineS is given exclusively to Samsung Card VIP members. Seriously, I need to work on that Hallyu Credit Card.

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[23/04] SS501 off to Japan for the Hallyu Fan Card concert

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If you follow me in Twitter, you have seen the initial set of photos which I have posted there. (kekeke) I posted the 7th photo first and a lot of them mistook Jung Min for Hyun Joong and they thought the cameraman is Jung Min. As usual, the four boys came together and shot for Jung Min's OnStyle show and then Joongie followed rushing 'coz he woke up late.

Let this unnie fangirl for awhile, okay? Hee! Saengie looks so slim and hawt! Leader, what's with the sideburns? (kekeke) And Hyung Junssi, you got an iPad! This noona is terribly jealous.

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