[18/11] Hello? I am Jung Min..!!^^

Credits to parkjungmin.net + (Chinese translation) parkjungmin.com.cn + (English translation) josie @ 501wangja.multiply.com

Hello Everyone I am Jung Min..!! ^^ 2010.11.18 20:40:44

I am in Japan~! The 2nd show has started, I am now waiting for my turn to perform..!!^^

shoo~ although very nervous but I did a great job.!!

so~! All the Japan fans~ Thank you for the flowers that you all have given me~! ^^

and also everyone who came to give me support..!

Today everyone cheered loudly right?? ^^ I believe the outcome will be great~!!

ah~~ there are only a few days left till the releasing of the album~~!!^^*

The songs this time are very very very nice, everyone please anticipate!!^^*

I will let all of you see a completely different me~ eh hehe

also, I will also put in lots of effort in preparation for the Fanmeeting that is a few days away!!^^*

I will sing all three songs for all of you~!! my heart is already going pu thong pu thong nervously beating wildly..^^*

After the release of the album I will be meeting all of you from all over the world~~!

I will be here to leave message often~! byebye~!!^^*

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