Update on 21st Golden Melody Awards

Credits: 21st Golden Melody official website
Translated: fasintha / sgtriples.com

Regarding about attending Golden Melody ceremony, Kim Hyun Joong's representation said that Kim Hyun Joong is comfirmed not able to attend and felt sad about it. Taiwan Warner Music commented, recently had ask SS501 Korea's management company "DSP Media" to attend the ceremony and perform, DSP Media replied that though all 5 members contract ended, members will by using the method of temporary extension of contract, to compromise with all the activities till the end of June and will be happy to attend the Golden Melody ceremony.

But from the beginning where Warner Music wants to get information from DSP Media, DSP Media delayed in telling the details of the show, and they also further delayed the time to reply due to the members comeback in Korea, which causes serious inconvenience for both Warner Music and Golden Melody organisers. CTV said that the factors lie mainly on audience and fans, and thanks Warner Music for contacting and efforts made. As to these changes, they felt sad and regretful.

DSP Media today announced that SS501 members contract ended and their promotion activities ended in the mid of June. Currently all members had stopped their activities, DSP Media has nothing to do with the members, and hence not able to decide on behalf of them regarding about attending Golden Melody ceremony. The organisers request Warner Music to keep in contact with the rest of the members, and up till now, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun had agreed to attend. As for Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong are still reconsidering.

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  1. im hating this..

  2. what ?! My bias not going x.x I hate this . Okay fine , i still love SS501 (lol) I still feel bad only 4 members (probably) can perform ... and i hate DSP .. lol i got to calm down x.x

  3. Um I think the more accurate translation of Youngsaeng and Kyu's decisions is that they are still in the midst of being contacted by Warner Music. 'Cause 'reconsidering' kinda sounds like they're not very willing to attend and I'm sure that's not true...

  4. Sooo...they have their own representative now?
    So, DSP has nothing to do with all five of them?
    OMG..! Well, i'll support them all, no matter what.

  5. all I can say is wow! Way to screw up-DSP! I would be surprised if YS and KJ didnt go-we just have to watch and see. Sad news though because this makes the boys look bad and knowing how they are towards each other and to the fans-there has to be more to the story. Thanks for sharing.